Gingerbread Around the World: Mexico

December 20th, 2017 by Ana Figueroa

Around-the-world-BlogImages-MexicoWilton works with distributors all over the world. This year, we invited our international distributors to join in our holiday celebrations by decorating a gingerbread house for the holidays! Today, please enjoy this house from Ana Figueroa in Mexico. 

Christmas is a very special and exciting season for our family. One of our favorite activities during the Christmas season is baking!

My name is Ana Figueroa, I live in Mexico City, and I have two beautiful kids. Baking and decorating cakes and treats is my passion. I love Christmas because it is the perfect season to include the kids in the kitchen and share my passion with them.

I know sometimes -well most of the time I’d rather say – the kitchen is a mess when baking or decorating with kids, but we just need to take a deep breath and enjoy the moment.

Even though Mexico has typical Christmas parties called Posadas, and typical Christmas dishes and desserts such as ponche and Buñuelos, throughout the years we have become highly influenced by traditions from other countries, particularly those coming from North America. Baking and decorating Christmas cookies and gingerbread houses have become more and more popular, and we usually use local treats to decorate the houses to give them a Mexican touch.

One of our family traditions is decorating a gingerbread house. I love the ready-to-decorate kit that has all the goodies included. It makes it easier for everyone and less of a mess to have fun with the kids. Here are some easy steps and tips on how to make it easier for you, and fun for them.

  1. Assemble the house by piping icing at the bottom and on the side of one of the small rectangles and one of the sides of the house.
  2. Attach the cookies on the board and ask your child to help you hold them together, so you can continue with the other two sides of the house. Attach them together and let dry at least 30 minutes.
  3. In the meantime, decorate the roof of the house using your favorite cereal or candy included in the kit. Attach the roof using some icing and let it dry.
  4. Let your kids use their imagination to decorate the rest of the house.

It’s easy and I am sure you will have lots of fun sharing this experience with your family as I do.

Gingerbread Around the World: Mexico | Wilton Cake Decorating


Ana Figueroa Ana Figueroa has been decorating cakes since she was very little. She started teaching baking and cake decorating classes in her mom’s store when she was around 16 and sold cakes and desserts. She studied Business Administration and cooking diplomats and has taken courses in France, the U.S. and Mexico. Today she is a Class Marketing Supervisor for Wilton in Mexico. Ana knows a great dessert is the best way to reveal all kind of emotions, but mostly, it is the best way to celebrate love, friendship and life.

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  1. Aria says:

    These gingerbread looks so cute and wonderful!! Thanks for sharing!! Happy Holidays!! Happy new year in Advance!!!

  2. Aria says:

    These gingerbread looks amazing!! Thanks for sharing!! Happy Holidays!! Happy new year in Advance!!!

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