Gingerpops to Decorate, for Holidays to Celebrate!

November 29th, 2012 by Julie Rothenberg

Sleigh bells ring, snow glistens, winter’s in the air.
Lights shine bright, the trees stand tall, the spirit’s everywhere.
Frosty sits outside your house, and Santa’s on his way.
‘Tis the season for holiday joy to brighten up the day.

Whether looking for some fun or a yummy treat,
This activity is all for you, it just cannot be beat.
Want to decorate your cookies, but don’t have time to bake?
Here is the best option; you’d be silly not to take.

Gingerpops Cookie KitThis Pre-Baked Gingerpops Cookie Kit comes with everything, don’t fear.
Just provide your own spatula, to spread that holiday cheer.
Inside this little box, is a ton of holiday fun.
What a great activity to do with everyone!

Just follow the directions; Wilton makes this easy for you to see.
They are written in the box, in step one, step two and three.
Grab your scissors and your knife, and a table to sit behind.
Open up and unload, and here is what you’ll find:

  • 20 pre-baked Gingerpop cookies
  • White Ready-to-Use Icing
  • Black Ready-to-Use Icing
  • Green Ready-to-Use Icing
  • Red Ready-to-Use Icing
  • White Nonpareil Sprinkles
  • Decorating bags and round tips
  • 10 of each: treat bags, lollipop sticks and sticker ties

Lie out your ingredients and then move on to step number one.
Time to prepare the icing, the fun has just begun.
Cut the end of the bag, about 3/4 of an inch.
Drop the decorating tip inside the bag, it really is a cinch.

Cuff the bag over your hand, and squeeze the icing inside.
Twist the bag to shut it, or up the icing will ride.
Curl your fingers around the bag, and give it a little squeeze.
This will make the icing come out, with a lot of ease.

Step two gives you some tips, to enhance your decorating skill.
Just squeeze the icing out of the bag, and use a spatula to fill.
Outlines, dots, or zigzags will help with your design.
Then add a nonpareil to make your cookie shine.

Step three shows you how to create your cookies, they are fun and they are quick.
Santas, party hats, snowmen, Christmas trees and penguins on a stick.
Start with Santa; add red icing to white, to make his skin tone show.
Then create his red hat and shirt, and beard that’s white as snow.

Santa, Hat & Snowman Gingerpops

When you make the eyes, pipe dots with the icing tip.
It will come out fast, so make sure you have a grip.
Add the nonpareils to the beard and then onto the hat.
Don’t forget Santa’s mouth, ho ho, he’ll be needing that.

To make the party hat, ice the cookie green and smooth it down.
Then make red stripes diagonally; add white for the brim and crown.
Add the nonpareils again to make the hat stand out.
Now onto the snowman, frosty knows what it’s all about.

Ice the top and bottom smooth with green and fill the middle in with white.
Add red stripes to make a sweater, and pipe eyes to give him sight.
Dot the mouth with black, and use your red to pipe a nose.
Add the nonpareils to the top, to glisten when it snows.

Decorated Gingerbread Pops

The Christmas tree is next, add green and smooth the icing flat.
Pipe some white zigzags on it, and then you are done with that.
Add the nonpareils again to give your tree some light.
It will make your tree glow in the darkness of the night.

Last is the penguin, use the black all around and some green up at the top.
Make a white circle for the face, and his eyes and nose will pop.
Use these designs or create your own, you have 10 to decorate.
Then you are on to the last step, so you can celebrate.

Now take the rest of the cookies, there should be 10 more left for you.
These will be the backs of the pops, use your icing as the glue.
Ice the back of each plain cookie, and place a stick in it.
Carefully top with a decorated one, with enough icing it will fit.

That is it. No more steps. Your Gingerpop Cookies are now done!
Eat them up right now, or you can save them for more fun.
You can put each pop in a bag, and close them up, it’s neat.
There you have it, to save or give, a very special Gingerpop treat!

Julie Rothenberg Julie Rothenberg is a dietetic intern earning her MS in dietetics at Loyola University Chicago. She has always had a passion for baking, and creates fun recipes when she has the time. Julie loves giving her baked goods to all her family and friends to enjoy. Her time at Wilton has been well spent, and she has learned many valuable lessons about baking and baking products, that she hopes will enhance her baking experiences in the future.

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