Give the Gift of Christmas Cookies

December 18th, 2012 by Beth Veltman

This Christmas season, I wanted to create a small and yummy gift for a few of my co-workers. My son Garrett wanted to give his teachers a homemade gift as well. Together, we decorated Christmas cookies and picked out gift boxes to share the treats with my office and his preschool teachers.

My practiced skills are in cupcake baking and decorating, but I wanted to do something new and different. So, I decided to try out the technique of “flooding” sugar cookies.

I used a Wilton snowflake, Christmas tree, and circle cookie cutter to make the cookie cut-outs. Once baked and cooled, I began decorating them with Wilton’s 6-mix holiday sprinkles, white sparkling sugar, and cookie icing in red, white and green.

Preparing Cookies

First, I poured several choice sprinkles onto multiple small paper plates so I could dip the iced cookie into the sprinkles. I then warmed the cookie icing per the directions on the bottles.

Next, I started outlining the edge of a Christmas tree with green icing and let it set. I went on to outline a few more while I waited. Once it was set, I flooded the inside of the outline until it ran thin to the edges.

Decorating Christmas Tree Cookies

Picking up the cookie carefully, I set it flat down into the green sprinkles. I picked a few stars and circles out of the 6-mix and using a toothpick, placed a small dot of icing like glue to decorate the tree with sprinkle ornaments. Placing a dot of red icing for the trunk, I carefully dipped it into the red sprinkles.

For the snowflake, I drew lines or dots from point to point and dipped them into the white sparkling sugar.

Decorating a Snowflake Cookie

For the wreath, I drew a circle around the cookie using the green icing, let it spread just a bit, and then dipped it into the multicolor jimmies. I also gave the wreaths a decoration with the sprinkle dots from the 6-mix.

Decorating a Wreath Cookie

Garrett even helped by topping some additional sugar cookies with his favorite Wilton sprinkles!

Decorating Cookies with Sprinkles

While the cookies were drying, I assembled the packaging. The Red Cookie Sampler Box Kit for the teachers went quickly, but the Gifting Treats & Sweets Treat Boxes for my co-workers took a few minutes longer. They fit tighter and needed a bit more persuasion. But, overall, both sets were easy to use and gave the festive look we wanted. Once the cookies were dried, Garrett picked out (and sampled) the cookies he wanted to give his teachers and I packed all of ours in their boxes.

The next day we made out deliveries and were thanked by all!

Sharing the Cookies

Beth Veltman Beth Veltman is a Demand Planner for Wilton’s Forecasting team. She attended the Illinois Institute of Art & the College of DuPage where she earned two degrees in Retail Merchandising & Marketing, and Fashion Design. Outside of work, Beth enjoys family time with her son Garrett, crafting or sewing, and baking. After taking the Wilton Method classes, Beth developed a passion for creating delicious and gorgeous cupcakes – challenging herself to experiment with flavors and decorating mediums!

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  1. Betty Veltman says:

    Wow, I didn’t know it could be so easy! The cookies look beautiful and although I haven’t tried to make them yet, seem fairly easy to do. Thanks Beth for the great tips and hope you bring some of them for Christmas! Mom

  2. Faith says:

    Wow Beth, so helpful and beautiful!! I hope to read more from you on here.

  3. luz nellie gregory says:

    Hello, Please can you tellme if you have store of this products in Colombia? I need too many things, I make cookies, cakes, and I like all what you have. Thankyou very much!!!

  4. Gary Jones says:

    How can one make the Wilton decorating icing, that comes in a tube , thinner so it becomes a flood icing?


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