Halloween – It’s for the Entire Family

September 10th, 2009 by Eric Erwin

Halloween–what a great occasion!  At Wilton we think we can help you create a fantastic party to celebrate.

Halloween Vampire IdeaWilton has always been the brand that helps families celebrate—the cakes, cupcakes, cookies  and candies we have helped consumers create bring big smiles to many faces, and many of those faces are young kids.  Halloween has always focused on ‘Trick or Treat’ and because of that it is “all about the kids”! Well, it is still about the kids, but this year it is also about the entire family and that includes adults having fun too.

This year Wilton will offer some unexpected yet terrific products that will help anyone have a successful Halloween party.  For drinking your “treats”, we have everything from scary sugar swizzle sticks and red rimming sugars to skull ice molds. As you would expect from Wilton, we have developed many innovative ideas to highlight your wonderful baked treats for the party—including the fun and colorful Haunted Manor Cupcake Stand which creates a spooky setting for these easy party favorites.

We will be posting some video for you to view some of the exciting Halloween products you can find at your favorite Wilton retailer. Make sure you check out the 2010 Wilton Yearbook and our Halloween section for more great Halloween party ideas.  Start planning your party now!

Happy Halloween!

Eric Erwin Eric Erwin, Chief Marketing Officer, is a 22 year Wilton employee, married to Barbara, and has two twin boys in college.

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  1. Nice info, I have bougth the new Wilton Year Book 2010 and I’m waiting for it to arrive, I live in Venezuela and a Freind is bring it to, can wait to check what is new there

  2. Chris Orewiler says:

    I have my 2010 yearbook, and just love it. Couldn’t find the pattern book anywhere and ended up ordering it from Wilton. There are some really neat Halloween cakes now all I have to do is decide which one I want to do?

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