35 Awesome Halloween Treats For Kids to Make

These fun Halloween treats are easy to make with some help from the kids. Whether you need some spooky Halloween pretzel rods to pass out at a small party or want to make a batch of witches hats to have on hand for a private family monster mash with your own boys and ghouls, these easy Halloween desserts are no trick, all treat! So get your food coloring and edible candy eyes ready!

This collection of Halloween food ideas for kids is sure to satisfy everyone’s need for some spooky sweets this season. 

Easy enough for the kids to help make and a great way to help them express their creativity, these Halloween desserts could be a perfect way to celebrate before trick or treating this year. (Or could even be a way to get in the spirit without having to go trick or treating at all!)

Halloween Emoji Cupcakes

1. Halloween Monster Cupcakes

With an assortment of fun faces, these cupcakes are all dressed up for Halloween fun. With easy-to-make characters like ghosts, pumpkins and zombies, kids will have a blast making these Emoji-inspired treats.

2. Witch Hat Cone Cupcakes

Cast a spell on your guests with these cute witch hats. Made using the Cupcake Cone Rack and Color Mist Food Color Spray, these cupcake cones are great for Halloween and magic-themed parties.

Emoji-faced jack-o-lantern cookies

3. Halloween Pumpkin Cookies

Dress up these simple pumpkin cookies with your favorite emoji face. Fun for kids of all ages and decorating levels, these simple Halloween cookies are fun for the whole family to do together!

4. Easy Halloween Cupcakes

All eyes will be on these cute and easy Halloween cupcakes. Simple enough for kids to decorate with a parent, these monster, pumpkin and mummy-themed cupcakes are perfect for parties or a Halloween night spent in with the family.

Candy bark featuring Halloween candy like gummy worms, chocolate bars, and candy eyeballs

5. Halloween Candy Bark

Have some leftover Halloween candy on hand? Put it to good use with this fun Halloween candy bark. Use Orange and Dark Cocoa Candy Melts candy as the base, then let the kids have fun topping the bark with gummies, chocolates, sprinkles and more!

6. Easy Halloween Sugar Cookies

Trick or treat, we’ve got something good to eat! Made using our delicious roll-out cookie dough recipe and topped with premade cookie icing, these Halloween sugar cookies are cute Halloween treats kids are sure to love. Suitable for kids of all ages, these cookies use very easy decorating techniques (and sprinkles!) to create fun Halloween cookies in iconic shapes.

Royal icing decorated shaped halloween cookies

7. Here’s Looking at Boo Eyeball Pops

Eye spy a fun project for the kids! These sprinkle-covered candy pops are great for parties or an after-school activity. Simply melt Candy Melts candy, then pipe it into circles. Have the kids top the candy with whatever sprinkles they’d like, then set them aside to harden.

8.Gross Guy Halloween Donuts

Start fright night off right with these cute Halloween donuts. Homemade donuts are decorated using a strawberry filling and candy eyeballs for a fun breakfast (or dessert) kids will love!

9. Leftover Halloween Candy Tart

Who needs ghouls when you’ve got ganache? Topped with a variety of Halloween candies and sprinkles, this chocolate tart is a great way to use up any leftover candy you may have lying around. Let the kids help decorate with sprinkles and nonpareils, then enjoy with a big glass of cold milk.

10. Halloween Pretzel Rods

Here’s one for all you sweet and salty fans. These Halloween Pretzel Rods are dipped into melted candy, then coated with a mix of Halloween sprinkles. Top each stick with a funny-faced candy wafer for the perfect finishing touch.

11. Candy Eyeball Rice Cereal Treats

These cute rice cereal treats only have eyes for you! Decorated using Candy Melts candy and candy eyeballs, these rice cereal treats are a fun dessert or snack for any Halloween or monster-themed party.

12. Witch Finger Cookies

Easy enough for kids and beginning bakers and decorators, these easy Halloween cookies are a fun addition to any spooky celebration!

13. Halloween Party Cookies

If you’re more of a cookie fan than a candy fan, you’ll love these cute and classic Halloween party cookies. Large enough to satisfy even the hungriest of cookie monsters, these treats also make adorable edible party favors for kids and adults alike.

14. Purple Spider Halloween Cookies

Kids of all ages will love making these cute spider cookies. Decorated using Candy Melts candy, these cookies are an easy addition to any treat bag or sweets table. Though we used Lavender Candy Melts candy here, you can make spiders in any color you’d like using our wide assortment of candy colors.

Candy Melts spider cookies

15. Funny Face Halloween Brownies

Make Halloween just a little sweeter with these funny face brownies. A fun way to dress up homemade (or store-bought!) brownies, these treats are a Halloween party must-have!

16. Ghost Sugar Cookies

Quick and easy, these Ghost Sugar Cookies are a great Halloween treat! Use our tasty roll-out cookie recipe to start, then ice them with White Cookie Icing.

17. Pumpkin Faces Brownie Bites

These tasty brownie bites are sure to add a pop of color to your Halloween celebration. Topped with bright yellow, orange and purple buttercream, these easy Halloween treats for kids are further customized using black icing and candy eyeballs. Kids will love making their own funny faces on these treats!

18. Candy Corn Edible Glasses

Have your drink and eat it, too with these fun Candy Corn Edible Glasses. Made using Candy Melts candy, these candy shot glasses can be filled with whipped cream, pudding, mousse or ice cream.

19. Jack-o-Lantern Cake

Need some easy Halloween desserts for kids? Look no further than this simple Jack-o-Lantern Cake. Iced with buttercream frosting and decorated with orange and black candies, this simple Halloween cake will be ready for your fall celebration in no time!

20. Mini Halloween Cupcakes

Create a frightfully fun feast of little bite-sized cupcakes with these cute mini Halloween treats. To make these fun cupcakes, all you need is your favorite cake recipe, some colorful buttercream frosting, and an assortment of Halloween sprinkles and icing decorations. Don’t have Halloween-themed décor? Top your cupcakes with candies, nuts or chocolate chips!

21. Candy Corn Cookies

A quick dip in sprinkles is all these cookies need to become fun and sparkly Candy Corn Cookies. Quick and easy, these Halloween cookies are sure to please even those who hate candy corn!

22. Meanie Marshmallows

These Meanie Marshmallows may look tough on the outside, but they’re softies underneath! Decorated with Candy Melts candy and Color Mist Food Color Spray, these marshmallow kabobs feature a monster, a pumpkin and a vampire.

23. Intestine and Brain Cupcakes

For gory Halloween parties, these Intestine and Brain Cupcakes are a unique treat! Great for beginning decorators, these easy Halloween cupcakes use simple piping techniques and can be made using your favorite cake recipe.

24. Quick and Easy Halloween Cauldron Donuts

Something’s brewing in the kitchen! Great for Halloween morning, these Halloween Cauldron Donuts are a fun and simple project for kids. Start by dipping a batch of homemade donuts into melted Candy Melts candy, then top with green sparkle gel and green chocolate candies.

25. Frankenstein Cereal Treats

Whether you’re gearing up for Halloween or a monster movie marathon, these Frankenstein Cereal Treats are sure to be a hit at your party. Use icing colors to tint your cereal treat mixture green, then decorate your treats to look like monsters using black icing.

26. Cute Kids’ Halloween House

Kids are sure to love decorating this cute Halloween cookie house. Great for doing with the whole family, this edible Halloween centerpiece will keep kids entertained on those exciting days leading up to trick-or treating.

27. Spooky Halloween Spider Cupcakes

These easy spider cupcakes are perfect for your Halloween party! Bake your favorite cupcake mix or recipe, then use candy eyeballs, mini chocolate sandwich cookies and ready-made frosting pouches to decorate in no time at all.

28. Mini Donut Halloween Treats

Dress up a tower of mini donuts with this Mini Donut Halloween Treats project. Easy to make using homemade (or store-bought!) donuts, this quick and easy Halloween treat is sure to bring a smile to the face of all your little pumpkins!

29. Pumpkin and Ghost Halloween Mini Cakes

Topped with bright purple, blue, yellow and orange buttercream frosting, these Pumpkin and Ghost Halloween Mini Cakes are sure to bring a pop of color to your Halloween celebration. Small enough to serve as a single-serve cake, these mini Halloween cakes are a cute and fun alternative to a large cake or batch of cupcakes.

30. Spooky Face Halloween Sugar Cookies

A little food coloring gives these Spooky Face Halloween Sugar Cookies a fun base color for easy decorating. Once baked, use black tube icing and black sugar sprinkles to add funny faces to your cookies.

31. Spooky Ghost Cake

Sure to be loved by boys and ghouls of all ages, this Spooky Ghost Cake is here to happily haunt your Halloween party! Made by carving layers of round cakes into a ghost shape, this cute Halloween cake is then iced with white buttercream. Add a cute face using black frosting and you’ve got a spooktacular treat in no time!

32. Candy Corn Frosting Cupcakes

Simple and easy to make, these Candy Corn Frosting Cupcakes are a great project for kids and beginning decorators. Start by baking your favorite white or vanilla cake mix in yellow cupcake liners, then top with swirls of orange and white buttercream to complete the look.

white and orange swirled cupcakes

33. Mini Bloody Eyeball Cupcakes

I spy, I spy with my little eye something sweet! Topped with bright and bold shades of blue, orange, green and pink buttercream, these Mini Bloody Eyeball Cupcakes are a quick and easy treat kids will love to make. A bloody candy eyeball decoration makes the perfect topping to these fun bite-sized Halloween treats.

34. Halloween Candy Corn Mini Donuts

Mini donuts on a stick take candy corn as an inspiration for a Halloween goodie everyone will love. These little donuts are baked in a mini donut pan, then dipped in Candy Melts candy for easy decorating. Serve on a lollipop stick for a great grab-n-go treat.

35. Monster Mouthful Cupcakes

These cute Monster Cupcakes are enjoying a literal mouthful of candy! Decorated using pre-colored decorator icing and candy eyeballs, these monster cupcakes are a great project for kids – and a fun way to use up any leftover candy from trick-or-treating.

35 Awesome Halloween Treats For Kids to Make

These fun Halloween treats are easy to make with some help from the kids. Whether you need some spooky Halloween pretzel rods to pass out at a small party or want to make a batch of witches hats to have on hand for a private family monster mash with your own boys and ghouls, these easy Halloween desserts are no trick, all treat! So get your food coloring and edible candy eyes ready!
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