Handwriting Woes Inspire New Punch. Cut. Decorate!™ Messaging Tools

January 11th, 2012 by Traci Chapple

Do you remember practicing penmanship in grade school? The teacher would stand over your shoulder as you meticulously wrote each letter. It was a great day when you got a gold star on your paper, wasn’t it? If you were like me, though, you didn’t get many gold stars.

However, with today’s technology, how often do you use your best handwriting? It’s easier to send a “Congratulations” email or to call someone to wish him or her a “Happy Birthday.” Now, there are certain times when you cannot rely on technology, and perfect penmanship really counts.

The message on a cake is one of the most important parts! It’s the way to truly say how much you care about the person you are celebrating. The pressure is on when you’re standing over a cake, bag and tip in hand, dreading the squiggles you’ll create instead of “World’s Best Dad!” And, like many of you, I’d rather not write anything on my cake then risk ruining it.

That fear became the Wilton Design Group’s inspiration for designing our new Punch. Cut. Decorate!™ messaging tools. But, where did we start? It always begins with research. We asked ourselves, “How do other crafters solve this problem?” We then observed craft stampers decorate faux “cakes” with scrapbooking paper and rubberstamps.

PCD Research Table

Every single crafter had a message at the heart of his or her design—just like any cake decorator—but even experienced craft stampers were dissatisfied with the results. The letters were not evenly spaced, or they didn’t line up. Or, because they couldn’t see where they were stamping, they didn’t get the look that they were going for! Check out a few faux “cakes” from our research experiment:

PCD Faux Cakes

The Design Group took what we learned from our observations and experiments, and we went to work on creating the perfect messaging tools for cake decorators. Of course, what’s the unique difference between craft stamping and cake decorating? It’s FOOD!

Wilton’s Punch. Cut. Decorate!™ messaging tools are specifically designed for food use. Everything is 100% food safe and even better yet, they’re easy to clean! And, that’s not all:

      • Each

letter stamp

      is designed to have exact and even spacing between the letters, no matter what word you’re spelling!

• The letters fit into several available cake stamping blocks for perfectly lined up words, and they slide from side to side for easy moving and adjusting! Spell-N-Stamp™

• The unique Spell-N-Stamp™ cake stamping block allows you to message in a circle, perfect for those round cakes!

• Clear cake stamping blocks allow you to place your finished stamp in the exact area you’re shooting for — you can actually see what you’re doing!

• Oversized cake stamping blocks give you plenty of room for applying firm, even pressure for a uniform stamping effect!

• The custom Wilton Dab-N-Color™ edible color looks beautiful on Sugar Sheets!™ edible decorating paper, fondant or gum paste.

You are going to have so much fun using our new tools! So, go ahead … message your cakes with reckless abandon. No perfect handwriting required. Your cakes will always be gold stars! PCD Stamped Birthday Cake

We’re excited about the latest additions to the Punch. Cut. Decorate!™ line and invite you to a live Web Chat on Thursday, January 12 from 10:30-11:30 a.m. CST. Wilton decorating and product experts will answer your questions about our Punch. Cut. Decorate!™ tools and Sugar Sheets!edible decorating paper, including our new stamp sets and new Punch. Cut. Decorate!™ publication. Please submit your questions now, or join us live on January 12.

Please visit the Punch. Cut. Decorate!™ section of our website to find links to videos, project ideas and decorating techniques.

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Traci Chapple Traci is a User Experience Designer. Traci researches decorators' needs to help make the experience even better. By studying how decorators use our tools, she works to improve our current products and introduce new items that can help you get to the fun of decorating faster! Her favorite part of the job is design research and Cakestorming™ (Wilton’s version of a brainstorm). She loves to answer the question of “What COULD it be?” and to push our development teams outside their comfort zones. When she’s not at Wilton, you can find Traci running marathons or practicing yoga.

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  1. Martha T says:

    The Spell-N-Stamp block shows lower case letters, but I am not finding them. Is this something that is available now or will it be a future item? I have lots of stamps that I bought specifically for use on fondant and I love Dab-N-Color – just wish it weren’t quite so pricey.

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