Holiday Decorating is in Full Bloom

December 14th, 2010 by Cheryl Brown

The Christmas season is upon us. We’re decorating our homes inside and out. Christmas trees are going up all decked out and brightly lit, and of course party planning is in full gear!!!! This year, my baking and decorating inspiration is a seasonal favorite – the poinsettia.

Poinsettia Cookie BoxWhen decorating my home for Christmas, I always try to be very consistent in my colors and even the decorating theme. When planning my annual holiday open house, I try to keep the same theme in the party colors, food and decorations.

This year I am arranging a grouping of large fresh poinsettias as a focal point in my foyer. I will work from that grouping in planning my party and use poinsettias as the theme. Wilton has made that easy with all the new baking cups, boxes and ideas!

Poinsettia Pot Cookies It is always a challenge to decide what to do, but this year I think it will be fun. I have decided to use the new poinsettia baking cups as cups for mini sandwiches as well as make a poinsettia cake, and spice drop poinsettia cupcakes on a Cupcakes ‘N More® treat stand to look like a tree of poinsettias!! I will throw in an assortment of yummy appetizers – and of course poinsettia cookies – and we will be ready to party!!

I also like to give a gift to all my guests. This year I am going to use the small poinsettia box and fill it with assorted varieties of bark. To give it that finished look, I will line the inside of the box with our holiday parchment paper.

Poinsettia Box Bark Bark is truly one of my favorite items to make because it takes no time and is so simple and always a big hit. Also, you can add color and ingredients to make it your own, as shown in a blog posting from Nancy Siler last year. To make it even easier, Wilton has a peppermint bark kit that is another quick and easy gift giving item (which I will give for teacher’s gifts for sure this year).

Each year the challenging part of entertaining is coming up with a new theme and/or color scheme that is fun for my guests, and fun for me as well. Every year Wilton comes out with new ideas and products to help my planning become a little easier and always a success! Be sure to check our website for an array of different ideas and themes from snowflakes to holly & wreaths to help personalize your holiday celebrations!

Cheryl Brown Cheryl has been the decorating room supervisor at Wilton for 3 years and truly enjoys the fun and exciting projects that are produced daily in the room. Cheryl’s start in the cake decorating/ baking industry came young as her first job was in an in-store bakery helping the bakers and decorators. Since then she has had many roles in this industry from retail to management to sales and has loved every aspect of the business. Cheryl’s daughter is a decorator in the making and has taken a few courses at the Wilton School as well as decorating and baking at home with Mom. Cheryl also spends a lot of time as her daughter’s chauffeur. Between dance classes and riding and showing her horse, they still find time to visit Cheryl’s family and friends back in Canada.

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  1. Ingrid Lee says:

    I’ve never tried making peppermint bark, it looks fantastic in the box- I usually do assorted cookies as gifts in boxes, but I’m running out of time! These might help fill the box and look great. Thanks.

    • Cheryl Brown says:

      Ingrid….these have always been a great treat in any boxes or gifts i give….always a big hit!!

      Happy Holidays and Merry baking!!!

  2. I turned out a cake with poinsettia’s , it was beautiful! check out my website and its at the bottom, on my facebook link.

  3. sherri says:

    I tried the bark and loved it. It was easy and looked so pretty. Iwill make more to give to a few people.

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