Host a Holiday Cookie Exchange at Work

December 7th, 2012 by Angel Mangiaguerra

One way to bring the holiday spirit to the workplace is a cookie exchange. It’s a great way to share recipes and taste some holiday favorites – both new and old classics!

Last year, our building hosted a cookie exchange. It all began with the e-vite, which included a sign-up page to help ensure a good variety of treats. The host also provided instructions on how to bring our goodies and what to expect since this was the first cookie exchange for some of us. It was great that we were not restricted to just cookies; we could bring other sweets and desserts as well. We had more than 20 people sign up to bring different homemade treats!

Wilton Employee Cookie Exchange

As one of the participants, the first step was to choose a recipe. I wanted a recipe that I thought would be a little different than some of the classic holiday desserts. I decided to make something I once tried at a work event, red velvet cake balls.

I baked red velvet cake and broke it up with a blender. I added White Ready-To-Use Decorator Icing to the crumbled cake and then rolled the mixture to form balls. Next, I dipped them in Red, White and Green Candy Melts® Candy to cover all of the red velvet cake balls.

Red Velvet Cake Balls

Before the Candy Melts could dry, I sprinkled them with Holiday Nonpareils and Jimmies from the Wilton Holiday 6-Cell Sprinkles. Once they were dry, I packaged two cake balls to each treat bag. Wilton has many ways to package your holiday treats from treat bags, boxes and much more.

Our hostess for the event displayed a Christmas tree, treat stands, and a gingerbread house for the tables to set the holiday scene. We also used place cards to write down the name of each goodie.

Cookie Exchange Table

Once everyone displayed their goodies, we went around the tables and placed a treat in our bag or container to take home. Some brought their own bags; others simply refilled the containers they used to bring their treats to the party.

Choosing Cookie Treats

One of my favorite parts of the cookie exchange was sharing all the great recipes. Some participants printed out their recipe and placed it next to the item they brought. We also saved a copy of our recipes in a shared folder at work that we could all access. It was so easy to choose our favorite recipes and print them out.

The Wilton Cookie Exchange Publication is a great resource to help guide you through creating the perfect cookie exchange. It includes delicious recipes, festive cookie designs, and fun party ideas. I can’t wait to make some of the new recipes I tried at the exchange for this holiday season!

Have you ever participated in a cookie exchange at work? I’d love to hear more about it.

Angel Mangiaguerra Angel first became very involved in cooking and baking at an early age as she grew up with her Italian heritage. Her mom taught her that everything is better homemade! With that being said, using her creativity, she has built a passion for baking. She loves baking for other people and all occasions to see the smile on someone’s face as they enjoy the treat. Her interests besides cooking and baking include playing sports, and spending time with family and friends. Angel is an Associate Product Manager at Wilton.

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  1. Sandy whittley says:

    This is the 27th year of my Christmas cookie exchange. Ten of us get together and decorate over 150 Santa cookies for Meals for the Elderly. Then, since we each baked 11 dozen cookies, we swap cookies, going home with 10 dozen of different kinds of cookies. The other dozen from each of us goes to the Soup Kitchen’s children’s party. We have a wonderful time doing something for others, and of course, it’s great to have so many good cookies to share!

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