How to make a Giant Fantasy Rose

July 17th, 2013 by Ella Buitrago

Top your next cake with a beautifully textured Giant Fantasy Rose. This gum paste flower is super-easy to create. I’ll show you how in this tutorial.

You need:


Start 3 days before you need to place the rose on your cake (to allow time for the rose to dry). Tint 3 ounces of gum paste in a light shade of the color of your choice. Roll a 1 3/8 inch ball of tinted gum paste and shape it into a tear drop 1 3/4 inch high x 1 1/4 inch wide.

Creating the Rosebud

Roll out the remaining tinted gum paste thinner than 1/16 inch and cut out 3 circles with the smallest round cutter from the 101 Cookie Cutter Set. Ruffle the edges using the Large Ball Tool and the fondant shaping foam.

Creating petal ruffles

Brush the bottom half of all petals with gum paste adhesive to attach as needed.

  • To form the 1st row of petals, wrap 3 circles tightly around the rose center so that you can’t see the top of the rose center.
  • Repeat for the second row using the small circle from the metal Circles Nesting Cookie Cutters. Wrap more loosely.

For Rows 3-6, cut 5 petals of each size.

  • For the 3rd row, use medium scalloped cutter from the 101 Cookie Cutter Set.
  • For the 4th row, use 2nd smallest circle cutter from the metal Circles Nesting Cookie Cutters.
  • For the 5th row, use largest scalloped cutter from the 101 Cookie Cutter Set.
  • For the 6th row, use 2nd largest of metal Circles Nesting Cookie Cutters.

Partial Giant Fantasy Rose

Ruffle the circle edges (for the bigger petals you can use the edge of your rolling pin as ball tool) and wrap them around the other petals. (Let the rose rest on the 3 inch flower forming cup while you are doing the other petals.)

Wrapping the Giant Fantasy Rose Petals

Once you have reached the size of the rose you want, place the rose in the Ball Pan and let it dry overnight. If needed, you can prop the petals with paper napkins.

Drying the Giant Fantasy Rose in the Ball Pan

The next day the flower will be semi-dry, and you will need to handle it with lots of care. Now we need to paint the edges. Mix 1/2 tsp. of lemon extract and 1/8 tsp. of the same gel color you used to tint the gum paste. Mix it until the gel is completely diluted into the extract.

Use a fine decorator’s brush and carefully paint the petals’ edges.

Painting Wilton's Giant Fantasy Rose Petals

Let it dry completely overnight.

Wilton's Giant Fantasy Rose

Now your rose is ready to place on your cake!

Ella Buitrago Ella is a former freelance cake decorator in Wilton's Decorating Room, and former Wilton Method Instructor. Originally from Colombia, Ella is pursuing her Master's in Information Technology at Harvard University. She loves to travel, dogs, photography, food and beautiful cakes.

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  1. Addie says:

    Gorgeous. Thank you for the photo tutorial.

  2. Karlene says:

    Ella, this rose is STUNNING!!! This is a job very well done.
    Thank you very much for sharing this tutorial. I may have to give it a try.

  3. Joanne says:

    Gorgeous. Can’t wait to try this on a cake. Even in the different stages, it would look terrific! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Amber says:

    It’s beautiful, Ella!!

  5. Can this flower be made with fondant instead?

    • Ella Buitrago says:

      Hi Patti, you can use fondant with gumtex but i’m not sure if plain fondant would hold the rose in place. With just fondant the texture would be too soft and i’m not sure if it would hold the ruffled edges, and the core would get little smooshed because it would’nt dry as fast as we need it to keep the nice shape.
      Off course you can try it! And if you want let us now your results! We now all our fans are amazing cake decorators and we can learn from you too! Good luck!

  6. Kathy says:

    Do you have to add some kind of support to the cake to hold the finished rose? It is very big and I would be worried that it may sink into my cake and icing.
    It is beautiful and I would love to try this. Please let us know if any kind of support is needed.
    Thank you very much.

    • Ella Buitrago says:

      I haven’t try the rose in a butter cream cake, i have place it in a 3 tier (4 inches high each tier) cake covered in fondant and the rose was at the lowest widest tier. The cake was dense and i covered the cake the day before. I didn’t have any problem but if you cake is not very dense i definitively would recommend to add a couple of rods and a little gumpaste plaque (to disperse the rose weight evenly in the cake surface)to the area where the rose will be placed to avoid any sinking. Thank you very much for your question, i hope my answer helps!

  7. Linda says:

    I was hoping someone would show how to do a giant rose.

  8. Robynn says:

    Are you able to supply the measurements of the cutters used, I am having difficulty sourcing (in Australia) the cutter sets used. I have the Wilton Metal Blossom Nesting Set of 4 cutters (2308-1204) and also the Wilton Round Cutouts (417-432).
    I would love to create this beautiful rose,

    • Ella Buitrago says:

      Hi Robynn! The largest cutter we used in this rose is 4 1/4 in in diameter from there you can just use the cutters you have graduating the sizes. The smallest cutter size is about 1 3/4 in. And to get the more organic looking effect don’t forget to mix cutter between plain and scalloped.

  9. Laura says:

    Ella, Thanks for the tutorial! Is there a way Wilton’s can make these pages “Printer-friendly” without all the Ads & Sidebars? I LOVE the web-site but some pages are not “Printer-Friendly” and if we want to save the environment, it would be nice to save on the paper and “ad waste”… 🙂

    • Ella Buitrago says:

      Hi Laura! Thanks for your comment. I will let the tech ladies know about your concern. For now i have a solution for this if you are using ipad, or Safari. If you look at the navigation bar in your browser (that would be where you write the web address that you want to navigate to) at the end of that bar you will find a tab that reads “Reader” you can click there and you should get a simple version of the page without ads of sidebars from there you should be able to print it. Good luck!

      • Charlotte Placko says:

        All I did was go to File, Hit Print and where it says “pages” Filled in print pages 1-4. I got pages 1,2,3,& 4, without any ads, just the directions. Pages 5-15 did not print. Maybe this helps you.

  10. Janet says:

    Thank you so much for the tutorial.

  11. Annette says:

    I would love to try this! Looks really nice!

  12. Monica Bowen says:

    Could you send some of your icing and cakes recipes. Thank you.

  13. Pam Edelman says:

    My daughter will be getting married and I have been looking at wedding cakes on the web, but I would like for her to have the same wedding cake as I had in 1978. I picked this cake out of a book (maybe the Wilton yearbook, but I am not sure. The cake had three layers. The first layer was I think a 16″ and then there was columns. In between the colums were irridescent bells and slipper. If anyone has the Wilton books 1978 or before, please look to see if you can find this cake and let me know. My email address is Thanks for all your help.

    • Ella Buitrago says:

      Hi Pam! I hope you find the cake! I would recommend you to place this same post at the Wilton’s Facebook page, i now there is lots of Wilton’s year book collectors that maybe can help you. I have some books from the 70’s and i will try to fin what you describe. Good luck!

    • Shannon Hildebrand says:

      Also, search eBay. I have seen a lot of older Wilton yearbooks for sale on there.

  14. rita says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. I have problems with breakage every time I try flowers. And when I’ve tried to make them thicker, the petals “flop”. How thick/thin do you roll out your gumpaste? Am I supposed to work with freshly done petals or semi-dry?? Not sure what exactly I’m doing wrong. Thanks again. 🙂

    • Ella Buitrago says:

      Hi Rita!!! You are very welcome!
      The gum paste should be rolled out thinner than 1/16 in. The petals should be ruffled fresh and your foam, petal and ball tool should be dusted with powder sugar-cornstarch mix to avoid them to stick together. I’m not sure in what part of the process your petals are breaking, you need to work with them fresh because you need to wrap them around the rose core. If you let them dry they are going to break when you try to fold them. In addition is very important that when you are adding the petals you place the flower in a flower former or the appropriate support to hold the flower shape until is dry enough to hold by itself. Please let me know if this helps you or if you want to let me know exactly how your flower are breaking maybe i can help you a little more. Good luck!!!

  15. Nick Mahler says:

    This a very cool fantasy flower. In class we learned a similar fantasy flower and to make the edges stay up we used rolled paper towel pieces and they came out beautifully. I think we will have to make one of these giants for a wedding cake we are making in September for the very first paid cake 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us I always enjoy seeing new things to make better.

    Are there any plans for additional Wilton Cake CE Classes for the people who have take taken all 4 courses and Tall Cakes? I want to learn more techniques.

    • Ella Buitrago says:

      Hi Nick!!! Thanks for your message. I don’t have the information about additional Wilton Cake CE Classes but i will ask the cake ladies and i will let you know any information.

    • dika says:

      Hi Nick
      How would you use the rolled paper towel? on which stage

  16. Hanni Pflug says:

    Ella, the giant rose is absolutely gorgeous. I have a small 3-tired cake pan and I am going to make the rose to sit at the very top. I can hardly wait to make it. Thanks for the tips, also.

  17. Cheryl says:

    Ella, How Gorgeous is that Im going to try to make one tomorrow. Thankyou for sharing

  18. Mechale says:

    I have been looking for a way to make this beautiful petal cake I’ve seen online. Thank you so very much for posting this. I have never used gum paste, this will be a first for me. I’m actually fixing it for a household shower. I love this and can’t wait to try it. If you have any tips on gum paste use for those of us new, please post.

    • Ella Buitrago says:

      Hello Mechale! my tips about gum paste… do not work with it in a room with heavy AC because it will get dry very fast, I would recommend a fairly well ventilated room.

      When tinting the gumpaste i would recommend to first let dry a little piece of the gumpaste to check how turns out the color. In my experience the color in dry gum paste turns lighter that the same color in fondant.

      If you are using pink food coloring, after you finish your decorations let them dry in a well ventilated but dark place(with no UV rays). otherwise the pink will fade. (same for blue and violet.)

      Use vegetable shortening to make it more pliable, but don’t add it in big chunks because if your hands are too hot the gum paste will star to fall apart, so add it little by little until is soft enough based on your needs.

      when ruffling petals or working with foam and tools, lightly dust your foam, ball tool and gum paste piece with a mix of powder sugar and cornstarch to allow your tool to move smoothly over the piece.

      keep the gumpaste in a air tight container or in a sealed bag but not in a cold place, and when using the gum paste that has very dry and hard corners remove those small pieces before you start kneading.

      I hope my tips help. Good luck!!!!

  19. Luz Stella says:

    Absolutamente divina, gracias por el tutorial.

  20. Ernestine Cooper says:

    Now that’s a ‘WOW’ rose. Talking about a hand full…

  21. Rima says:

    This is a beautiful flower Ella! Thank you for sharing. It would have been nice to see it on an actual cake. Could you post a picture maybe? Thanks!

  22. Rona says:

    Thank you so beautiful

  23. maritza rodriguez says:

    me gustaria que me diera la receta como hacer la pasta goma para hacer flores , vivo en colombia

    • Ella Buitrago says:

      Hola Maritza la receta la puedes buscar en google, usando la frase (receta para gum paste ) en que parte de Colombia vives? si estas en Bogota puedes ir a la distribuidora la Orquídea que esta en la 45 y ellos venden el tylose que es Wilton GumTex, ese es es ingrediente esencial para la receta. buena suerte!!!

  24. Georgeanna Autrey says:

    I want to make this rose, It is so beautiful !! Thank you for showing us how to make one. I hope mine turns out half as nice as yours. Can I make a few ahead and keep them for later cakes ?

    • Ella Buitrago says:

      of course! keep them in a dark but well ventilated place. If you are going to use purple, blue or pink avoid the UV rays until the day of the event because the colors can fade. Do not place the roses in the cooler or freezer.
      Good luck and thanks for your question!

  25. Laura B says:

    I will try these tips. It’s looks pretty but trying it is something else. Much appreciated

  26. Alawode esther says:

    I love this,its beautiful ,it makes sense.

  27. Evelyn Concepcion says:

    Esa rosa esta bella. Espero poder hacer varias.. Gracias por la orientación..Exito

    • Ella Buitrago says:

      Por nada Evelyn, me alegra mucho que les guste!!!! es muy bonito encontrar entusiastas que me escriban en español!!!!!!!!

  28. Jean Howard says:

    I live in the UK therefore I do not know what size cutters you are using for this magnificent rose. Would it be possible for you to let me know what size cutters you use for which petals. I might then be able to use some of my existing cutters and if need be try and buy some additional ones. I really would like to attempt this and have the bit between my teeth. Many thanks.

    • Ella Buitrago says:

      Sure! The largest cutter we used in this rose is 4 1/4 in (10.7 cm) in diameter from there you can just use the cutters you have graduating the sizes. The smallest cutter size is about 1 3/4 in(4.5 cm). And to get the more organic looking effect don’t forget to mix cutter between plain and scalloped.

  29. Isaline says:

    Thanks very much. I love this rose. I’d love to try to make this, but I find my patience is short….and I get cross if I make an error.

    Please keep up the good work. Thanks again!

    • Ella Buitrago says:

      Hi Isaline!!! dont worry this rose is very forgiving and you will enjoy very much putting it together. 😉 and please give it a try, you are going to love it.

      good luck!

  30. Isaline says:

    Thanks much for sharing. I wish I had the patiennce to decorate so beautifully. Keep up the good works.
    Thanks again.

  31. martha Sanchez says:

    esta muy linda la rosa voy a hacerla gracias por compartir .

  32. ana rojas says:

    todo lo que sacan ustedes esta hermoso me encanta todo lo de wilton

  33. martha Sanchez says:

    lei casi todos los comentarios pues es ahi donde se resuelven dudas gracias por enviarme este tutorial, seguire aprendiendo de ustedes.

  34. Doris de Soliman says:

    bellisima la rosa, gracias por compartir tan bello trabajo, espero hacerla en el futuro, gracias de nuevo

    • Ella Buitrago says:

      Gracias Doris! Estoy muy feliz de ver tantas decoradoras que me escriben en español! realmente emocionante!

  35. Doris de Soliman says:

    bellisima la rosa, gracias por compartir tan bello trabajo, espero hacerla en el futuro, gracias de nuevo

  36. Neusa Silva Lix says:

    Ella, it is really something this rose. I wish i could learn how to do it.
    This coming December i will be travelling to USA and i wonder if i would have the opportunity to this class in between my stay in New Jersey…. It would be wonderful… If you can send me some information i would’ve appreciated it.
    Thanks for the tips though!

  37. Angela Rueda says:

    Beautiful rose! thanks for sharing tutorial..Will be making this rose for my next cake!!

  38. Jane Beville says:

    Beautiful flower! Can’t wait to try it. I have a problem using gumpaste that maybe you can help with. I mix half fondant with half gumpaste, as taught in my Wilton class. If I work quickly and use it all up I don’t have any problems. If I have any leftover, I put a thin layer of shortening and wrap well in plastic. The next day it will be lumpy and sometimes sticky. This often will happen towards the end of the project. I have to throw it out which can be expensive. What am I doing wrong? My Wilton instructor
    doesn’t know what the problem is. It’s even happened in class.

    • CJ Julian says:

      Jane: Don’t put shortening on it, just wrap it up in plastic wrap, then seal it in a ZipLoc plastic bag … Then seal that plastic bag inside another ZipLoc plastic bag. You can store it in the fridge like that for up to a week (I’ve stored it up to 2 weeks) and then just put it in the microwave for about 5 seconds when you take it out of the fridge. You’ll have to work it for a few minutes in your hands to make it workable again, but I’ve never had any problems doing this.

      When I make flowers like this, I use straight gum paste (no fondant) and they dry much quicker. Make sure you’re using something to put your petals in while they’re waiting for you to use them so they don’t dry out before you get a chance to use them.

    • Ella Buitrago says:

      Hi Jane!!!! yes i use too what we call 50/50. This mix is good when you need thing to get hard fast but not that fast and you need a harder consistency that the one you get with only dry fondant.

      When i place in the same bag fondant and gumpaste and they touch each other the next day they will be sticky but if you mix very well the two of them the fondant shouldn’t react.

      Your 50/50 gets lumpy because you are not kneading completely the (gumpaste/fondant) and you are having some air leaks.

      The 50/50 should look even in color and texture. when you store it and the medium is really warm and moist do not add the shortening, just wrap it in the plastic and place it in an air tight container or bag. for 50/50 with very strong colors like black, brown, red, try not to add the additional shortening because the coloring make them soft enough. If you are going to use again the 50/50 and you find really hard spots, warm it a little in the microwave oven (15 sec) and check them again (do not knead yet) if the very hard spots continue in the 50/50 just remove them. If for any chance you mix continues to get sticky add to it more gumtex to stabilize it.

      when the weather is cold or too dry you need to add little shortening to the 50/50 before you wrap it , otherwise it will get like a rock by the next day. but if the weather is hot and dry or hot and humid or just humid if you add too much shortening to the 50/50 it will melt.

  39. ARLENE JONES says:

    Love the giant rose, it’s one of my favorite wilton flowers mto make. I will love using this one on some of my cakes! Thank you, for tutorial!!

  40. CJ Julian says:

    This is beautiful … I’m going to make one of these tomorrow !!!

  41. Becky Brockman says:

    Thank you for the tutorial, these are becoming very popular now days! GORGOUS!!!! I agree with you, if putting directly on BC…I would use a small round cake board for more support, makes sense to me! Thanks again! Wilton is the best!

  42. charms says:

    I have learnt so much from Wilton. My daughter will be getting married
    soon and I will be doing the cake.Thanks for this idea. Loving it”””””””

  43. Anne says:

    Beautiful flower – thanks for sharing.

  44. judela says:

    so nice Beautiful thanks for sharing god Bless you all

  45. Debbie says:

    Great work. Have to try this.

  46. Amanda Alvarez says:

    hola Ella grasias por tan bonito tutorial; rosas tan grandes para mi siempre han sido dificiles de hacer.

    Muchos exitos con tu carrera.

    Saludos Amanda

  47. josephine says:

    Ella, thank you so much for sharing this tutorial. God bless you more.

  48. martha valerio says:

    en los cursos que tome del metodo wilton todo me parecio muy interezante pero esta rosa se merece un 10, voy intentar hacerla en una pastel que tengo para el 26 de agosto espero que con tus consejos que he visto me quede espectacular, gracias por compartir tus ideas y conocimientos, que DIOS te bendiga.

    • Ella Buitrago says:

      Gracias Martha! espero que tu rosa sea un éxito! si necesitas mas instrucciones solo déjame saber por aquí en el blog! Dios te bendiga también a ti!

  49. josephin says:

    it is so lovely thanks for sharing the knowledge

  50. Donna Deters says:

    Well done

  51. Debbie Russell says:

    I can’t wait to try it!

  52. Ana Clarisa says:

    simplemente me encantóooo!! 🙂 felicidades.

  53. julie says:

    amazing, beautiful

  54. HATTIE LAW says:


  55. Florence says:

    I love to be or member in learning more of cake I like what I am seeing

  56. chizoba says:

    I love this! I can’t wait 2 try it out myself. More of God’s grace.

  57. jimki Ladigbolu says:

    It’s so lovely nd sounds easy to make. Thx for sharing

  58. gloria luciane says:

    sou brasileira e amo os trabalho da wilton, sou apaixonada como os profissionais dessa empresa traduzem os sentimentos das pessoas, em forma de bolos, decorações,… enfim sao dadivas de Deus e assim desejo a essa grande familia que o Senhor continue a usa-los levando alegria atraves deste maravilhoso trabalho. Parabens.

  59. afere elizabeth says:

    i love this

  60. Tamara Mendez says:


  61. Tamara Mendez says:


  62. adetutu says:

    nice one

  63. Ruth says:

    This is one beautiful rose,can’t wait to try it

  64. patience edeke says:

    Ella,the rise is really beautiful. I am looking to trying my hands on it. I trully wish to connect further. Am a cake baker and decorator but need to learn more. Thank you.

    • Ella Buitrago says:

      Great Patience! i hope yo can do this and many more, everything is about practice! this rose is very easy to do and is very impacting! you will enjoy this project.

  65. Can’t wait to try it out for my coming birthday cake on Sept 8th 🙂

  66. i Can’t wait to try it out for my birthday cake on Sept,8th next month 🙂

  67. Sharon Keith says:

    This actually looks like maybe I could do it! Thanks.

  68. Uche says:

    This is really beautiful, I luv dis

  69. aloyinlapa o a says:

    this is fantastic. i am going to to try it right away

  70. DELFINA Martinez says:

    How can I get the. Informaition in. Spanish

    • Ella Buitrago says:

      Hola Delfina, hasta ahora el blog siempre ha sido en ingles, pero le puedo preguntar a la directora del blog si puedo hacer una versión en español. Esperemos a ver que me dice. Gracias por tu pregunta!!!!!!

  71. Bridget Solomon says:

    you are a wonderful teacher, simple and easy to follow.

  72. Fanegan Oluyemisiyemisi says:

    This is great, and thanks for blessing us by shearing !

  73. jadira says:

    soy una apasionada de la decoración de tartas, disfruto tanto haciendo porq me relaja muchisimo. me agradaría que facilitaria la receta para hacer el glaceado en su punto, es cuando lo hago siempre tengo q agregar mas y mas azúcar glas porq se funden las figuras o flores q sobbre la tarta.

  74. Maria Chong says:

    Hermosa y se fácil de hacer

  75. paola says:

    me encanta este trabajo.

  76. can’t wait to try this but don’t have the 101 cookie set. I do have 2 sets of round cutters that are different sizes. can I still make the rose with the 2 sets that I have? I don’t want to have to purchase the other set if I don’t have to as I won’t have any use for them. please let me know. I’m sure some of my customers would love to have this rose or roses on their cakes.

  77. Yarah Gomez says:

    Preciosa…Gracias por compartirlo.

  78. lois says:

    wow thats so beautiful

  79. lois says:

    wow beautiful

  80. wanjun li says:

    Looks like a bit difficult for me! but it is realy unique. practice!
    i just follow another great article on the facebook:
    Baking Cupcakes 101 -Tips

  81. Lea Campos says:


    • Ella Buitrago says:

      Hola Lea! ya varias personas nos han pedido que lo publiquemos en español y yo ya pedí autorización a las administradoras del blog. Ahora solo nos falta esperar a ver que nos dicen. Gracias por tu comentario!

  82. sally enaw says:

    that was a wonderful rose , i love it and will like to try it. i bake and decorate cakes but will like to learn more from you. thanks sally.

  83. Norma Chatellier says:

    Love the rose – the instructions make it seem so easy to do – will try it soon. Wish Wilton had a centre in Bombay, India. I had an opportunity to visit your centre at Mississauga, Canada but as I was not staying long could not attend the classes there.

    Thanks – your book and web site are very informative and helpful.

  84. Gay lynch says:

    I love this rose, can’t wait to make it …. Thanks for sharing.

  85. Esmeralda says:

    Loved it.I wish I could work hand in hand with you. I loved the wilton courses and my vision is to be part of the team tonot only teach but to learn even more. Beautiful rose you made. Thank you for sharing it.

  86. I’d like to find out more? I’d like to fiund out
    some additional information.

  87. nylle's kitchen says:

    This rose is fantastic, beautiful cake

  88. kachi says:

    That’s a nice job I would want to know more

  89. Hazel Baptiste says:

    Love this video,now I can try it out

  90. Karen Joy says:

    Just beuatful!Can you tell me how the bottom of these large flowers can dry?Ive made a few and let them sit in a bowl overnight but the bottom is thick from all the petals and doesnt get air so how do we dry them?You cant place it upside down?

  91. MarryG says:

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