How to Make an Ombre Ruffle Cake Using Fondant

September 27th, 2013 by Ella Buitrago

Design inspiration is everywhere. Have you noticed the many exquisite cakes on Pinterest and other boards? You’ll find many ombre cakes with those amazing never-ending color changes, and ruffles are all over the place. Let me show you how easy it can be to create a beautiful cake with the tools you might already have at home.

You need:


  • Start decorating the day before you need the cake.
  • Cover your cake in a very light color; I covered my cake in white fondant. To achieve a tall and slender cake, I stacked two, 4-inch high cakes.
  • Place the cake on the plate that you are going to use to present it.

Tint 8 oz. of the remaining fondant in light yellow (only lemon yellow), other 8 oz. in medium yellow (mix of lemon yellow and little of golden yellow) and 8 oz. in darker yellow (mix less lemon yellow and little more of golden yellow) to achieve the ombre.

Yellow Tinted Fondant and Tools

Roll out the lighter yellow 1/16 inch thick.

Fondant Petal Cut-Outs

Using the large rose cutter, cut out the shape. Separate the petals using a knife.

Fondant Petals

Ruffle the petal top half using your gum paste ball tool. (Ruffle it as much as you can without ripping it.)

Turn the petal into its back and using a brush, apply water or watered-down piping gel on the lower part.

Making Ruffled Petals

Attach to the cake starting from the top with the narrow side facing down.

First Row of Ruffled Fondant Petals

Attach 4 rows of petals, staggering the petals on each row. Repeat the process with the medium shade yellow (3 rows) and continue with the dark shade yellow (approximately 2 1/2 rows depending on the height of your cake).

Adding Ruffled Fondant Petals

For the bottom row, cut out and ruffle your petals and cut the lower half. After you cut the lower half, use water or watered-down piping gel and attach it to the cake.

Adding Final Petal Row

We are almost done. Now you can add your preferred flower. Here I have two different flowers – one in red and one in gold – that gives my cake different effects. Which one do you like better?

Ombre Ruffled Petal Cake

Ombre Petal Cakes

Ella Buitrago Ella is a former freelance cake decorator in Wilton's Decorating Room, and former Wilton Method Instructor. Originally from Colombia, Ella is pursuing her Master's in Information Technology at Harvard University. She loves to travel, dogs, photography, food and beautiful cakes.

25 Replies

  1. Rita says:

    Very nice and easy. Much easier than with buttercreram.

  2. Very nice and easy. Easier than with buttercream.

  3. florencia says:

    precioso y muy original, felicidades y gracias por la idea

  4. Vicky says:

    it’s beautiful, awesome

  5. Nanan Tonato says:

    Seriously, I a big fan of cake decorations. The way all cakes are decorated they really amazed me to eat.

    Keep posting and keep tempting.


  6. Mia says:

    Can you make a cake similar to this but instead of covering in fondant just put the petals on a butter cream covered cake?

  7. Wanda says:

    Precioso, divino. Me encanto el efecto visual, 🙂

  8. María Concepción says:

    Lo haces ver sencillísimo. Felicidades. Está hermoso.

  9. Angela Bestele says:

    Hi. Firstly let me say that this cake is beautiful! Just two questions.
    1) What do you do on top of the cake? is t just left plain white?
    2) What flower do you use and how is t made?
    Thanks for your time!

  10. Caroline Campbell says:

    Can the flower petals be made of modeling chocolate? Not a fan of fondant.

    Thank you.

  11. Theepa says:

    Very nice

  12. nylle's kitchen says:

    What a wonderful cake.

  13. angela allan says:

    thank you for your time, now i know how to do

  14. angela allan says:

    thank you for your time.

  15. Anthea says:


    Does the cake have to be covered in fondant? Can i frost the cake and make the petals and stick them to the cake to create the ruffle effect?

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