How to Make Candy Cane Doughnuts

December 19th, 2012 by Jo-El Grossman

During the Christmas season, I like to show my appreciation by giving homemade treats to friends, family members, neighbors … anyone. This year, I surprised my co-workers with homemade doughnuts. These treats are simple to make and decorate using Wilton products.

Doughnuts on Cooling Grid Wanting my doughnuts to have a fun shape, I selected the Candy Cane Doughnut Pan. Its iconic shape also made it easy to decorate. To fill the non-stick pan, use either a cut 12 in. Disposable Decorating Bag or a measuring cup. The doughnuts definitely baked up quickly, so I was able to make a dozen chocolate-flavored doughnuts and a dozen gingerbread-flavored doughnuts in no time flat.

After the doughnuts cooled completely on a cooling grid, it was time to decorate! For the chocolate doughnuts, I made a simple chocolate glaze, which I dipped the treat into. While I did the dipping, my son helped by sprinkling each with either Ruby Pearlized Sugar or Emerald Pearlized Sugar — sometimes both! (Zane loves to help out in the kitchen.)

Decorating the Doughnuts Using white Candy Melts® candy, I simply drizzled melted white candy over the gingerbread doughnuts. The creamy, vanilla flavor went well with the spicy doughnut, and it certainly looked impressive. Before the melted candy set, Zane sprinkled each one with Holiday Nonpareils. Wilton carries so many fun, shaped sprinkles that you can have a blast giving each one of your doughnuts a special look!

With my doughnuts made and decorated, it was time to wrap them up in something definitely festive! The Peppermint Cookie Plate Kit fit perfectly with my candy cane treat theme. And, my doughnuts looked great as I transported them to work.

Wrapped Doughnuts Sharing the Doughnuts at Work

The doughnuts were definitely a hit and very much appreciated. So, this holiday season, bring your co-workers some Christmas spirit with tasty holiday doughnuts!

Jo-El Grossman Jo-El is the Director of Editorial and Marketing Communications on the Creative Services team. Since her teens, she has loved baking and Wilton products, and now enjoys spending time in the kitchen with her son, Zane. In addition to baking and cooking, Jo-El enjoys reading and writing fiction.

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  1. Janet Plesek says:

    Enjoyed your comments on candy cane doughnuts. Nice idea.

    I just recently got a regular doughnut pan and have tried two different batches. In both cases, I baked them for the recommended time, however they did not brown on top. I hesitate to leave them in the oven longer, because I was afraid they would be too dry. They are definitely done on the inside. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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