Flower Cupcakes!

February 15th, 2018 by Desiree Smith


Flower Cupcake Cover

Spring is almost here – we promise! – and with the anticipation of sunshine and warmer temperatures comes beautiful flowers to light up your day! Get ready for your baked goods to bloom with the below tips on how to delicately pipe a flower atop your creations.

HOw to pipe a flower

You’ll need:



Hold your frosting bag at 45° angle to your cupcake. Touch cupcake with the wide end of the tip, keeping narrow end slightly above surface. Turn cupcake slightly counterclockwise as you move tip out toward edge. Relax pressure as you return to base of each petal, curving tip slightly upward to create a curved shape.

Cupcake STEP 1


Repeat this process with a second row of petals, slightly inside the first row. Don’t fret too much about keeping it all steady – flowers are all uniquely different!

Cupcake STEP 2

Step 3

Add a third row of petals slightly inside second row. Place yellow Sugar Pearls in the center for a finishing touch to your floral creation.

Cupcake STEP 3


And Voila! You’ve created a budding baked good worthy of Dionysus herself. Enjoy your baked delight as you listen to birds chirp outside your window, announcing the arrival of Spring!



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  1. PromocodeSG says:

    Oh my god this looks divine!! Would love to try it out but don’t have funnel. Could you please suggest an alternative for this or can i make it at my home.

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