Introducing the New Wilton Method Courses

June 4th, 2010 by Lee Mann

The more things change, the more they are the same

That phrase, by French novelist Alphonse Karr, aptly applies to our Wilton Method Classes.  We’ve always enjoyed the work of our enthusiastic Instructors who have engaged literally millions of students in the fun of cake decorating.  I’m very excited to announce that, on June 1, we switched from a collection of courses that has evolved over 35 years to a “refreshed” curriculum.  This set of three very interrelated courses builds on the excitement and fun our students always have felt.

So … why change something that’s successful?New Wilton Method Courses

Because the consumer changed … and she expects more from us.   The purpose of refreshing our already thriving curriculum is to continue the success of Wilton classes through experiences that will teach skills and inspire family celebrations.  Our older courses were designed by Baby Boomers … for Baby Boomers.  The updated curriculum will appeal to a new generation of moms as well as a broader market encompassing all ages and relationships.  The new consumer is more than just Moms.  It’s aunts, cousins, grandmas, even nieces … and maybe a few dads or uncles, too.

On top of that, close family friends are getting involved as well!  Our modern student is “busier” – MUCH busier!  She is looking for value for her  money AND time invested.  And, she is more family and group oriented.  She wants to have an active part in the end product.  She wants to “do it myself” so she can say “I made this!” and receive praise and adoration from friends and family.

What’s changed?

Actually, the vast majority of topics still are the same.  So there is a close correlation with the previous collection of courses.  The refreshed curriculum is designed to encourage your success and confidence; ultimately increasing your opportunities to move into techniques that expand the color, beauty and excitement you can create with your Wilton Method skills.

This new learning opportunity really is a “curriculum” … three courses that form an integrated whole which will take you from learning how to bake and ice a cake to elaborate showpieces with supple fondant features and elegant gum paste flowers.   With the refreshed approach, a new student would START with Decorating Basics, but then go on to whichever course suites her interests and needs:  Flowers and Cake Design or Gum Paste and Fondant.

Many of the skills taught in the legacy courses still are there!  They’re just re-sequenced to better fit the needs of today’s students.  The refreshed curriculum’s pacing is more even, allowing time for interaction and coaching from the Instructor as well as with peers in the class.  The skills taught are carefully planned so that you can feel successful throughout the experience.  The Decorating Basics course eases you into YOUR next step, whether it’s to Flowers and Cake Design or to Gum Paste and Fondant.  That makes class scheduling much easier for both the store and you.  The result will be a huge “WOW” from your family and friends!

Why don’t you number the courses anymore?

Despite what the old numbering system implied, it really wasn’t sequential.  Students always had the opportunity, once they’d taken Course 1, of going on to Course 3, Fondant and Gum Paste, or Course 2.  The numbering system actually confused more than it explained.  Plus, it caused scheduling difficulties in the stores, who acted on the assumption the courses had to be presented in order.  They didn’t.

What am I missing?


You’ll be “missing” a lot of duplicate topics, particularly between the old Course 3 and Fondant & Gum Paste.  There was some instruction on “tiered cakes” that is not in our refreshed main courses.  But, this Fall, we’ll introduce a “Tall Cakes” project class which will cover stacked cakes, two-plate assembly, combining stacked and two-plate assembly, transporting cakes, and more.  What you’ll gain with the refreshed curriculum is much more interaction with your Instructor than in the previous courses.  Added topics include:  cake design, work space preparation, and fresh, new techniques in a range of media from buttercream to royal icing, to fondant and gum paste.

Is it more than just an in-class experience?

Yes!  Today’s course participants like to be heard!  The refreshed curriculum gives plenty of opportunity for you to be involved.  We will have a website especially for these courses.  That site includes cake galleries, message boards, downloadable information, FAQs, hints and tips, and additional resources and links.  All of this is organized by course.

We’ll also tap into the classes themselves to draw out ideas and feedback.  In June, we’re implementing a special classroom technique, called “The Penny Jar”.  Each Instructor has the tools to implement this immediate-feedback program, in which you are encouraged to write “sticky” notes offering tips, ideas, praise, and questions.  These then are posted on a special easel stand, from which the Instructor can read and respond right there in class.  The Instructor also can forward any notes she/he wants to the Wilton office.  We’ll take those notes and compile them.  Then, we’ll share those thoughts online, along with further information and encouragement.  We’ve already tested it with our Wilton Method Instructions, who’ve really gotten into it!

And, that brings me back to the beginning … the profound enthusiasm of our Instructors and the unique value of our classroom experience.  In the next few weeks, we are going to see a new future unfold before us.  But, some things don’t change.  The true strengths of this program are the fun and companionship found in our classes as well as the thrill of making celebrations special for our families and friends.  Powering it all, are the wonderful Wilton Method Instructors.  These things truly are exciting!  We’ll never change them!

For more information, please visit our Wilton Method Courses Overview page.

Lee Mann I have been the head of Wilton’s Educational Marketing Department for 14 years now. I’m proud of what the Department has accomplished and very excited about our future. Every day we get up and help people creatively express themselves and celebrate life’s events. What could be better than that? My wife and I took our first cake decorating class the month before I started with Wilton; and, we still enjoy it. Pamela and I have been married for over 30 years, now. We have no children, but we do have two dachshunds, a wire-haired and a black & tan smooth coat. I’ve been the “training” business for over 30 years now, having started out in the business forms industry, then moving on to real estate, consulting, and hardware. Cake decorating is WAY more fun!!!

74 Replies

  1. Carmelo says:

    I’ve been asking about this course for awhile now. I’m very surprised how long it took before an official announcement. Too bad it had to come after my course I and II, so my course III will be from the new track.

    I can’t wait to take my course III. It’s been fun being creative.

    • Lee Mann says:

      Thanks, Carmelo! I’m sure you’ll enjoy the Gum Paste & Fondant course. Definitely, in the future, we’ll get these announcements out sooner!

  2. Katie says:

    I happy for the change but this comes rite in the middle of my 3 class starting! whos going to comp be on already buying my kits ad having to buy the new ones, and also will there be a way for people to retake these ew classes if the just did the old ones?! As of know I and my class mates are over wilton and not doing the new classes! There should be some comp for the ones I THE MIDDLE OF CLASSES! not just cut us off ad make us redo and rebuy kits!

    • Lee Mann says:

      Thanks, Katie. I’m glad you took Courses 1 & 2. In making this transition, we were very careful to make sure that — whichever curriculum was taken — everyone will learn to make beautiful cakes and treat their families and friends to something extra special. There’s no requirement to take the refreshed courses. You can confidently go forward with what you’ve learned to do great cakes. Also, check out for more information about the classes. We’ll frequently add updates.

  3. Diana Viera says:

    It’s nice to see something new. I’ve taken all of Wilton’s classes since January of 2010 and am extremely pleased with everything I have learned. I still have to master the Wilton rose, which I haven’t tried again, but it’s important to me that I do. Even though I have taken the old courses, I am happy to be taking the new ones.

    You only appreciate it if you enjoy the art of cake decorating.

    • Lee Mann says:

      Cool! I think you’ll achieve much better mastery of the Wilton Rose, because of the way the refreshed curriculum is sequenced. Thanks!

  4. carmen i gonzalez says:


    • Lee Mann says:

      Si! We definitely do! Please check with your local retailer. Or, go to, where you can search for retailers who offer Wilton classes. Then, you’ll need to call the store itself to see if they have classes in Spanish. There is a Spanish version of all the Lesson Plans. Or, contact me directly and I’ll help you look. Thanks.

  5. marsha says:

    I really enjoy taking the classes and would really like to see a more wider variety of cake decorating classes offered. So please come out with more things maybe more with holiday decorating and even the candy courses I would love take more on the candy making or even a candy buffet course!

    • Lee Mann says:

      Interesting ideas. Thanks! Do check with your store & WMI, because there are at least four “project” classes that can be offered. But, it depends on local store management. The topics are: Cookie Blossom (2 session); Cupcake/Brownie; Candy, and Gingerbread. We’ll have a “tall cakes” project class coming out this Fall, too.

  6. Tracy says:

    I have taken all of the wilton cake and decorating courses that were offered at my local craft store 3 years ago. I’m planning on taking the masters course next year. Honestly, will these new tecniques be covered in the masters course. I would think for $950 that your soon to come ,”Tall Cakes”, course could also be bypassed for those taking the masters course. Also I love the changes that you have made at the wilton school, I will be there for many more classes

    • Lee Mann says:

      Yes, the Masters Course covers everything in the Wilton courses available from retailers … and a whole lot more! I’m so glad you like the changes. The Wilton School is a very cool place to learn! The Director, Sandy Folsom, is a former Wilton Method Instructor … and super at her job, too! We’re very proud of her accomplishments.

  7. Kat says:

    Just wondering when these will be available in Australia? I was about to book in for the next series of courses at my local shop but will hold off on doing that if they are going to change their format soon. I would certainly prefer to do the “new and improved” course to save me from having to re-do it at a later stage!!

    • Lee Mann says:

      Shawn Broda, the head of our International Class Marketing, has contacted you directly about this.

  8. Lim says:

    A group of us just finished our course 3, moving on to fondant and gum paste… what are we going to miss, if we just take the new course 3??

    • Lee Mann says:

      Check out the description of the “Gum Paste and Fondant” course at: .

      We combined the legacy “Course 3” and “Fondant & Gum Paste courses,” as there was considerable duplication. We added more info on gum paste, cake design, the Mum, as well as the Calla Lily (a SUPER COOL flower for a cake!!). We cover the lily nail in “Flowers and Cake Design.” And, we’ll cover stacked cake, pillar, and 2-plate construction in the upcoming “Tall Cakes” project class. We left off lace, sotas, brush embroidery and stringwork. But you still can find instruction on those in the Yearbook as well as here on Just enter those words into our helpful search function.

  9. shelley says:

    I absolutely have enjoyed the courses I have taken so far. I am looking forward to the new way of doing things. I will take the last one in September when the kids are back in school. I am baking, decorating and loving every minute of it!

  10. Seema says:

    I am happy for the new line of courses that you started but the problem being i did all my wilton course with the old syllabus and spent how much of $ no count buying kit and supplies and fees.The issue is there is no 1 day class for old students for free to get the tips and just a demo of how to do new flowers and techniques.You cant expect us all to spend again to learn the new technique will be not fair.Also because you introduced the new course we were informed the certifcates mentioning old course titles were discontinued and i didnt get my certificate either…all in all i am not happy and would recommend friends to take courses from local cake store who are fairly reasonable and if new ideas introduced conduct demo classes..

    • Lee Mann says:

      Thanks for your thoughts, Seema. Please contact me directlly ( and I’ll personally see to it that you get your certificate. BTW, as I noted in an earlier reply, no one is required to take the refreshed curriculum courses … although I’m sure that anyone will enjoy and benefit from them. My team is working on a “what to buy” list for those who already have an “XYZ” kit and want to take the correlating refreshed curriculum course. I believe that will be posted in a few days.

      • Annie says:

        Can anyone from Wilton head office help me as I am facing similar problem as I have spent over $1000 in Wilton products just to learn everything and bought all 4 levels kits and paid full fee in Michele’s back in 2013/214 and since then I have this issue going on. Due to some personal reasons I just had a chance to finish my level 1 course and hot certificate for that…lady instructor is still same in local store but some how they are unable to teach me for the courses I had paid for and I suppose to get proper training as that was mentioned the time I was spending my hard-earned $$$ to buyng all those offered classes, products, paid fee I. Full, and now everything had been changed and doesn’t make any sense at all . I hope someone can contact me to help me I went to local store today and not really sure what to do as they don’t have course 4 anymore and not even giving g full training for level 2, level 3 either.

  11. Beverly Mackreth says:

    Hi I attended course 1 of the ‘old’ course but can’t seem to find anywhere near my home in the UK (Bristol) to attend any more as the person who took the course has now left. Is there any way i can purchase all 3 books without attending the courses?

    • Lee Mann says:

      I’ve asked Shawn Broda, the head of our International Class Marketing, to contact you directly about this.

  12. Jane says:

    Will there be any new courses on teaching tiered cake assembly? I think that was taken out of the new classes and I was hoping to eventually take that course. (I am currently in the Decorating Basics Class)

    • Lee Mann says:

      Sure! This Fall, we’ll introduce a “Tall Cakes” project class which will cover stacked cakes, two-plate assembly, combining stacked and two-plate assembly, transporting cakes, and more! We’ll definitely have future announcements about this. Thanks for asking about this important subject!

  13. Charles says:

    Have you considered offering some of your more advanced courses in major Canadian cities every once in a while. I understand you offer such courses at your headquarters in the U.S.A. It is not easy for the average person to get two weeks off to take your complete course, but perhaps a few one day or weekend courses in major Canadian cities could be more manageable. I’m sure they would be well attended.

    I would also like to know about the status of the advanced gumpaste flower course based on the 32 piece kit you sell with the booklet included. Are these courses ever offered at the local level, or are they only offered at your headquarters?

    Thank you!
    p.s., I look forward to taking the 3 new clases as a refresher. They look really exciting.

    • Sandy Folsom says:

      Hi Charles,
      We are currently teaching the Master’s Course and supplemental courses such as Intro To Fondant , Intro To Fondant Modeling, Intro To Gum Paste, using the 32-piece gum paste kit, Intro To Sugar, Intro To Isomalt, Intro To Confections , Intro To Artistic Gelatin at the headquarters in Darien, Il. all of which have been very well attended. We have had students from 93 different countries attend our classes. I have had many, many students from Canada attend our courses. Unfortunately, we do not have any plans to teach any of these courses in Canada. I do know, if you attend any of our classes, you will not be disappointed and it will be a memorable experience. Check our schedule of classes at for the remaining 2010 schedule. As of August 1 you can expect to see the NEW 2011 schedule. Hope to see you soon.

  14. Tracy says:

    since you mentioned the other courses that are offered I feel I can ask this question. If a course is filled and you(wilton) decides to add another session, would it be on the same days(I’m thinking probably not)? I’m asking because I missed out on getting a spot in one of your classes waiting for my job to approve my request days. I finally got the okay on my request days today. when I got home, I went online to register for the class and it was filled(many sad faces).

    • Lee Mann says:

      Please contact me, Tracy, at the email above. Let me know the name and city of the store. We’ll try to work some magic for you. Thanks!

      Lee Mann
      Director of Educational Marketing
      Wilton Brands Inc.
      2240 W. 75th St.
      Woodridge, IL 60517

  15. Tanya says:

    I’m glad that wilton decided to update the classes, but I am a little disappointed that they changed right in the middle of my progress of the old courses. I really would have liked to learn the decorating techniques from course 3 (I got to go through one of the course books) like ruffles, stringwork, cornelli lace, and sotas. I find those to still be useful techniques to know. It wasn’t included in the class I took in its place, flowers an cake design, and I can’t imagine that those will be in gum paste and fondant, since those are buttercream designs. I also wish I would have known that it would be basically identical to the old course 2. I took it because gum paste was incorporated, but only in the very first class. I would have skipped it had I known that. I am not opposed to the change, I just wish there was a way for those of us already invested in the old courses to complete them all.

    • Lee Mann says:

      Thanks, Tanya. That’s a very interesting suggestion. I’ll be meeting next week with some key folks in Instructor Training and in Product Development, so I’ll bring this up to them. There’s certainly some logic and sensibility to the idea.

  16. Tracy says:

    you mentioned a “Tall Cakes”, I can’t wait. Will this be taught at the wilton school, just wanted to be prepared to register for this one if it is at the school. Sorry for asking so many questions, but I’m really interested in signing up for each class I ask about.

    • Lee Mann says:

      Not a problem at all! We love the interest. The “Tall Cakes” project class will be made available to retailers this fall. (It’s not a Wilton School course, although please check their catalog as they have many wonderful educational programs.)

      So, please watch for announcements from your retailer, particularly JoAnn Stores. As noted, it’s up to the retailer to choose to stage this program. We’ll be giving some more detailed instructions to our Wilton Method Instructors soon.

  17. Jane says:

    I was just wondering if it was possible to post a list of supplies for the upcoming “Tall Cakes” class, so we could start purchasing the supplies now if we want. There is a list (like this: for the current classes, and I find it helpful to purchase things ahead of time, as I can afford it, instead of all at once.

    Also, you mention that “particularly JoAnn Stores” will offer this class. Do you think that Michaels will too? That is where I take classes at.

    • Lee Mann says:

      Thanks for the suggestion, Jane. That’s such a good idea that we’re putting together a one-page syllabus, which we’ll then post to the class site. All things considered, we probably should put together these short documents for the other project classes as well. So, I’m very glad you brought this up! Scheduling of these classes is up to each store. We know for sure that JoAnn Stores will be featuring this class this Fall. My suggestion is to talk to your local Wilton Method Instructor to see what her/his store will want on the schedule.

  18. claire says:

    I have just started taking the basic course and have not been able to purchse the course 1 book. Have tried all the local stores and it is not in stock anywhere. This is very disapointing. I have been trying to get it for 3 weeks. Where can I find this book.

    • Lee Mann says:

      Dear Claire:
      I’m very sorry for this aggravation! But, I’m glad you’ve brought this to my attention. I have contacted you via email. If you would please email me with the name and city/state of the store where you were taking the class, we’ll dig deep to uncover the roots of this problem and resolve it. Again, I regret the inconvenience; and, thanks for letting us know!

      • claire says:

        Just wanted to say I have my book and just finished the second class of course 1. Co-workers loved my first cake. Looking forward to more classes.

  19. George says:

    I am currently taking Decorating Basic with my girlfriend and we are enjoying it much.
    I have read that there will a “tall cake” class and you have not answered to weather Michael’s will be offering the class or not. Please let us know if that is going to happen in the fall, as the Joanne’s in my neighborhood doesn’t offer the Wilton classes. Thank you for your time.

    • Lee Mann says:

      Thanks for writing, George. The Tall Cakes program will be available by early August for WMIs to teach classes starting in September. We know that JoAnns is putting this on their schedule. But, as I’ve noted to other bloggers regarding Michaels or other stores, the decision is up to the stores as to when (and if) they’ll conduct this class. The best advice I can give is to keep checking with your local store manager. I’m sure Michaels appreciates your loyalty and enthusiasm!

  20. Nicole says:

    I have taken course 1, and loved the course. I now am looking into buying book 2 (flowers), but I havent been able to find this book or any of the books anywhere. Is there somewhere I could buy this book?

    • Lee Mann says:

      Thanks, Nicole, for your support and interest. Our Lesson Plans should be available from any retailer supporting our Educational Marketing program … Michaels, Hobby Lobby, JoAnns, AC Moore, plus hundreds of Independent shops and regional chain stores. Or, go to, where you can search for retailers who offer Wilton classes. Then, you’ll need to call the store itself to see if they have the Lesson Plan you need.

      • Nicole says:

        Thanks for the advice. I did look into my local retailers that offer wilton classes, and none of them seem to sell the books, or know about how to purchase just books. Would there be anywhere online that I could purchase these two books?

  21. Tracy says:

    In reference to “tall cakes”my local Joann’s and Michaels said they were offering: decorating basics, flowers and cake design, and gum paste and fondant. They didn’t know anything about the tall cakes. Is it possiable that they may be offering the classes very late this fall and the store hasn’t received in promotional materials and their employees don’t know about it yet, or has everyone whom is ivolved with teaching this course would already know.

  22. Tracy says:


  23. Tracy says:

    never mind my question, I noticed George’s question and the answer given.

    Thank you

  24. RICKY MAY says:

    Why are the teachers you get to teach the classes at the Wilton Method Of Cake Decorating are not chefs and why you don’t teach how to do cakes in 3d or wedding cakes?
    Thank You, Ricky May fr:Jackson, TN.

  25. Ma. Baleska says:

    Sres. Wilton:Yo vivo en la ciudad de Viña del Mar, en mi país Chile,América del Sur. Me dedico a hacer galletas y tortas, lo que he aprendido en forma autodidacta, mirando vuestras revistas y página web. Mucho me gustaría saber si tienen algun representante en mi país que dicte sus cursos y venda vuetros productos. Hay un local en la capital de mi país que los vende, pero al triple del precio. Con alguien que viaja a USA he encargado moldes, boquillas, etc.
    Es muy importante para mi saber si está dentro de vuestros proyectos hacer algo en mi país, o si otorgan franquicias.
    Les saluda cordialmente
    Ma. Baleska Diaz Z.

  26. sue lehman says:

    i have taken all but flowers i even took the tall cakes which i loved as well i have to say i was excited to take these classes but even happier when i went into the classes to see we had a wonderful teacher in huber hieghts ohio her name is amy cotterman and shes amazing in showing us all we need to know and teaching us in the correct manner as well .we love the classes and our super teacher . thanks wilton =)

  27. […] & TricksThree Tier Winter Wedding Cake With Crystals And White DovesHello Kitty tiered cake*Introducing the New Wilton Method Courses .recentcomments a{display:inline !important;padding:0 !important;margin:0 […]

  28. Lee Mann says:

    Lovely innovation; keep the creativity coming! Thanks for sharing this.

  29. alma says:

    I’m counting the weeks for the new course starts Feb 2 .th I’m singed up just finished all the others about a week ago. I’ll really enjoy it!

  30. Pat C. says:

    I am so glad Wilton is offering Course 4. Cake decorating has become a hobby for me. In about 2 weeks I’ll be able to sign up for the course in Feb. Thank you Wilton.

    Now if I can talk you into offering a one/two day course for Tiered/Stacked/Wedding cakes, here on Long Island, N.Y., that would be great! Please consider it.

    • Lee Mann says:

      Thanks, Pat, for your support. I wish you well in your upcoming class experience. And, once you’ve completed that, please consider going on to become a Wilton Method Instructor.

      BTW, we do have a2-session “Tall Cakes” project class, which was published to the Instructors in the fall of 2010. It will cover what you want. Please contact your Instructor to see when this might be scheduled. She/he can find it on the WMI website or contact her/his Class Marketing Supervisor.

  31. stephanie says:

    Do I have to take previous classes to take the gum paste and fondant class? I’m only looking to learn how to make flowers.

    • Lee Mann says:

      Regarding taking Course 4-Advanced Gum Paste Flowers without having had any of the previous courses … that is a choice which ultimately is up to each individual. Generally, we recommend that someone who’s brand new to cake decorating take Course 1-Decorating Basics. And, regarding “C-4” preparation, we strongly suggest they also take Course 3-Gum Paste and Fondant. But, each specific person has their own background, knowledge, and talents they bring to the world of confectionery arts. So, I say go with what you feel comfortable, based on your own situation. Please let me know how it works out. Thanks!

      • Sarah A says:

        I’m with Stephanie – I have a fairly good grip on the basics, it’s just the flowers that scare me 😉
        However, I talked to my local Michael’s and they seem to think that you have to take the courses in order… And they seem to think that is your official policy. Is there anyway you guys could put out memo or something to let the stores know the current thinking?
        Thanks so much!

        • Lee Mann says:

          For the sake of convenience, we’ve numbered the courses in a way that involves a logical progression. Our intention is that this be a recommendation not a requirement. All WMIs have been informed, in several ways, of the nature of this suggested sequence. However, since all classes are local, individual stores may have their own philosophies.

          And, yeah … flowers kind of scare me, too! I didn’t think I could do gum paste flowers, but it worked! My wife was amazed, too … as she’s well aware of my lack of cooking/culinary skills. [She’s the chef; I’m the chief dishwasher.]

  32. Berenice says:

    Is there a Wilton class in Spanish? because my mom wants to take a class but she speaks Spanish.

    • Lee Mann says:

      Many stores do offer Wilton classes in Spanish, as well as a combination of the two languages. It all depends on the local Wilton Method Instructor. We make Spanish Lesson Plans available to the stores. The best idea is to check with your local retailers. Thanks for your interest! (BTW, we’ll soon have French Lesson Plans available, especially in Canada.)

  33. I took all of the first three classes in 2010, and ran out of time to take the 4th time because I was 38 weeks pregnant at that time 🙂 Now I would like to continue on learning the gum paste. Do you recommend that I take the “Gum Paste Flowers” or the “Gum Paste and Fondant”? Thanks!

    • Lee Mann says:

      Hm-m-m … Do I want Rocky Road ice cream … or Chunky Monkey?!?? 🙂 Course 3-Gum Paste and Fondant features cake decoration — flowers, borders, cut-outs and geometric designs as applied to a cake. While Course 4-Advanced Gum Paste Flowers is all about … flowers! There’s no cake required for Course 4. Since you’ve taken the other courses, you could go either way. Although, some would recommend taking Course 3 before Course 4. It just depends on how you feel about your familiarity with Gum Paste … as well as what most interests you at the time of sign-up.

  34. Razia Ganpat says:

    I am really interested in doing the wilton method of cake decorating,the thing is it’s not available in my country.
    I will be visiting the U.S soon (not sure on the exact time)and was wondering if each of the courses
    are given in one or two day classes.Since i would be on vacation.
    I would really like if i could do all three classes.Basic decorating ,Flowers and gum paste and fondant.
    Would you please let me know how long do i have to register in advance. Thank You

  35. Danielle Rawls says:

    I took Course 1 in Raleigh, NC (Capital Blvd) and loved it!! The instructor (Alex) makes class interesting and helps you whenever you need it. I’m taking Course 2 now and am just as impressed.

  36. sharon Bycroft says:

    I have been teaching
    the Wilton Method since 1970. I began teaching at the WMCA, then Gayfers, Michael’s in Monrgomery, AL, I have been teaching at Michael’s in Panama City, FL for the last 9 years. I love the classes and the students.

  37. Thannks for any other informative website. Wheree else may I get that kind of information written in such
    a perfect means? I have a challenge that I amm simply noww workoing on,
    and I’ve beenn at the look out for such information.

  38. marshai marshall says:

    Hi I am a huge fan of Wilton and my biggest dream is to be a cake decorator I haven’t started my classes yet I will be next month but I was wondering will there be a class for airbrushing I will love to be able to airbrush my cakes.

  39. anonymous says:

    I like the old Wilton courses better. The original course 3 included string work. It also included tiered cakes.

  40. anonymous says:

    I changed my mind. I like the new method Wilton courses better. The student guides of the new method Wilton courses have more pages than the student guides of the old method Wilton courses. I think more pages in the student guide is a good sign because it means that there’s more content in the course.

    But I like the the string work of the original Wilton 3 course. I wish that was included in the new courses.

  41. diana c.morra says:

    ineed a pattern for fondant flower gardenia. I have taken all the classes 3 times because I love them.also took tall cakes as well but someone special wants me to make a cake with gardenia flowers.. can you help me find out about them

  42. Elena Sulina says:

    I have been super excited to take the classes. Was looking for them for a while and finally had a chance to sign up for all 3 with my mother-in-law. The first instructor they’ve assigned to me called and switched things around and when I asked why would the the store let me sign up for just two and three she said cause they are stupid and they just want my money.
    So they let me switch. The second instructor that we’ve got seemed nice at the beginning. Until we’ve got a blizzard in NYC. She wanted to do a class via periscope. Are you kidding me??? And when I voiced my concern about it being only one way she said it was ok we’ll just text her our questions. Are you serious?? A week later when we were done with course one she said to expect a text with what we need by Wednesday. It’s a Saturday evening. Somebody just asked so she replied saying that we gotta bake and make icing.
    So I am taking my mother-in-law and going back to that Michael’s for a full refund.
    My advice to you is to find instructors who have professional dignity and at least a minute a week to contact the students is they promise to do so.

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