Now it’s Easy to Stencil Cupcakes, Cookies and Cakes With Wilton Stick-N-Stay Adhesive Stencils

April 15th, 2014 by Angie Thayer

Gold Leaf Motif Cupcakes using Stick-N-Stay Adhesive StencilsAt Wilton, we believe that stencils provide a great sweet treat decorating option, and we challenged ourselves to find a way to make stenciling easier. Traditional cake decorating stencils tend to shift and move when icing or color is applied and the process can be cumbersome. We began development for a low-tack, food-safe adhesive — one that would keep the stencil in place without damaging the iced surface of the treat. The result — Wilton Stick-N-Stay Adhesive Stencils.

With a food-safe, non-transferable adhesive on the back, the stencil stays in place through multiple uses. The flexible material shapes to the decorating surface, so edges and outlines are clean and well defined. These new features make it easier to stencil on almost any decorating area of any size, like the side of a cake or on top of a cupcake.

Stick-N-Stay adhesive stencils also make it easier to create many different effects in decorating. You can brush on Pearl Dust edible accents for a shimmery design, or spray with Color Mist food color spray for an airbrushed look. For more dimensional designs, apply thinned royal icing, tinted buttercream for a slightly raised or bas-relief effect. The possibilities are endless! Watch while Angie Thayer shows you three of the techniques in the Stick-N-Stay Adhesive Stencil video (below).

And finally, we even made cleanup easier. The Stick-N-Stay adhesive stencils are washable, so you just need to rinse and let dry between uses. To protect the adhesive side of the stencil, return stencils to the backing sheet for storage.

Three sets are available in this new release: hearts, nature and scrolls. Each set contains four 2.5 in. (6,35 cm) dia. round stencils perfectly sized for cupcakes and cookies and two linear designs for borders that measure approx. 5 in x 0.75 in. (12,7 cm x 1,9 cm).

We’re so excited about the new Stick-N-Stay adhesive stencils. Use them to easily add intricate designs to fondant, Candy Melts candy and treats topped with Color Flow or royal icing. We can’t wait to see the beautiful creations made with our new stencils and to hear about your experience.

Angie Thayer Angie is a registered dietitian and has been the Food and Regulatory Specialist for Wilton Brands for the past 4 years. She wears many hats in this role – regulatory, PR, customer service and inventory to name a few. While wearing her PR hat, you may have seen her on local Chicago news stations where she is the guest chef. In Angie’s words, “I never have the same day twice and I wouldn’t change a thing. I love the people and the atmosphere at Wilton – who couldn’t when it’s always about celebrating.” In her spare time, Angie enjoys traveling to Europe, Mexico and around the US with her husband.

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  1. Channi Chadha says:

    Would like to know more about latest products & their usage techniques in delhi, india.
    Used Wilton products . Very impressive!! The food colours, moulds for sugar icing & wiltons icing kit are fantastic. Looking for edible paper & printing inks delhi.

  2. Linda franklin says:

    I’m looking for stencils to make volleyball and basketball cookies

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