Keep Your Spring (Icing) Flowers Blooming All Year Long!

April 17th, 2013 by Traci Chapple

It’s spring! Do you know what spring brings? Flowers! There are so many beautiful flowers you can create for your cakes; they are such a wonderful addition and are appropriate for just about any occasion. You can make them in just about any medium as well: buttercream icing, royal icing, gum paste, fondant, or even modeling chocolate!

You can learn how to create many of the beautiful Wilton Method flowers in the Wilton Method of Cake Decorating classes at your local stores. But how do you get your gorgeous flowers from the class back to your home? I’ve personally seen many students use empty egg cartons, but that solution is not ideal.

Wilton’s Form-N-Save Flower Storage Set is just the answer for your flower drying, storing, and transporting needs. These trays are designed with cake decorators in mind! They are specifically shaped to hold all sorts of flowers in many shapes and sizes.

 Form-N-Save Flower Storage Set

The “wave” tray is my favorite; it’s perfect for drying royal icing flowers to give them even more dimension! The other two trays offer a multitude of different sizes and shapes to help protect those flowers you worked so hard to create.

These trays are also great for long term storage and they stack on top of each other for workplace organization. They protect your flowers from dust and some UV exposure, so your flowers will stay beautiful longer! After you use your flowers on your sweet treats, these trays have a smooth finish for easy hand washing.

It’s never been easier to keep your edible flowers! My personal favorite is the primrose, and it dries perfectly on the wave tray.

 Form-N-Save Flower Storage Set Flowers

What’s your favorite edible flower?

Traci Chapple Traci is a User Experience Designer. Traci researches decorators' needs to help make the experience even better. By studying how decorators use our tools, she works to improve our current products and introduce new items that can help you get to the fun of decorating faster! Her favorite part of the job is design research and Cakestorming™ (Wilton’s version of a brainstorm). She loves to answer the question of “What COULD it be?” and to push our development teams outside their comfort zones. When she’s not at Wilton, you can find Traci running marathons or practicing yoga.

9 Replies

  1. Amber Faigl says:

    I love this idea!!!! Are they airtight? In our Wilton class we were told NOT to store our flowers in airtight containers.

  2. Joanne says:

    Yes very air tight, dry fondant flowers in with lid on in Arizona heat, fondant was back to fresh. Live and learn. I love them, though.

  3. Lyn says:

    Got this as a WMI and I love the ideal! Would love to try out the new Fondant container I saw on here but it is a little high in price at $99.99. Hopefully down the line I can try it and let my 3 & 4 classes know how it works out.

    Thanks Wilton for the new products!


  4. Cathie says:

    This product is on backorder. Why show a product not available for purchase?

    One interesting comment on the product page is the three don’t snap together. That would be a good feature to add.

  5. basketpam says:

    This has been needed for a LONG time.

  6. Aunt Maggie says:

    Once again, Wilton has made an expensive, useless product. Zip-lock, Rubbermaid, etc., makes same products at lower prices, and by adding your own “wave trays” you have the same thing at a much lower price and much more room! I am very disappointed with Wilton’s new line of products! They really do not seem to be in line with today’s at home baker’s needs and budgets.

  7. Beckie says:

    I am trying to make roses out of royal icing. I have made it from scratch and used the meringue powder. The icing comes out tasting good BUT it either comes out too stiff that I cannot get it through the decorator tip or too thin to hold a shape. Help?!

  8. Marilyn says:

    How do you store royal icing flowers

    • Desiree Smith says:

      Hi Marilyn,

      First make sure your flowers are completely dry, then store them in a container or even a plastic bag. Try and store individual colors in separate containers or bags. They will keep for several months.

      Thank you,


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