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March 30th, 2012 by Kristie Sarmiento

“Pin it.” “I just pinned that!” “I’ll show you my pin.” Ok, so you’re either in one of two groups. Group 1 is probably thinking about their last pin. And Group 2? Well, Group 2 is where I was a few months ago, thinking… “Pin what?”

Well, Pinterest. To be more specific, it’s www.pinterest.com. What is Pinterest? It’s a social media site that captures images online, as well as the links where you found them. It’s basically the 21st century way of taking a snapshot and pinning it to a board – totally digital.

Organization is a complete breeze – create as many boards as you want. You can add comments to any images that you pin, and then your friends and followers can comment back to you. If they like it, they can repin it to their own boards too!

Kristie's Pinterest Page

When you’re not updating your boards, you can check out everyone else’s pins. View either all pins, pins by category (like Food or Travel), or pins by users that you follow. Which means that I can pin an image of a salted caramel cupcake, and my friend Lisa can see that I love salted caramel cupcakes and secretly make it for my birthday. (Hint, hint.)

Forget bookmarking pages! Bookmarks are so last year. With a bookmark, you have to click on the link to remember what it is you bookmarked. With Pinterest, there’s no need. You always see what you are looking for! Just scroll through your pictures…it’s a visual table of contents.

Actually, it’s more than that. It’s a modern recipe book, a shopping guide, a vacation memoir, a housewarming wish list and a list of 40 things you want to do before you turn 40! It can organize your inspiration and all your aspirations.

So what is my latest board? I call it “Wilton Wonderful.” It’s basically a board of favorite Wilton products, recipes and decoration inspiration that I found on Wilton.com.

Now when I want to bake and decorate for different celebrations, or just for fun, I can just jump on Pinterest and all my Wilton projects are right at my fingertips. Or if there is a great project on the home page, I can pin it to my board and find it again easily next month, even though the Wilton home page has a great new project showing. (And since I know you’re wondering, my favorite recipe is the Chocolate Coconut Macaroons. Check my Wilton Wonderful board. Yup, it’s pinned.)

Wilton's Pinterest Page

Have I pinned down your interest? Follow Wilton on Pinterest. You’ll always find something pin-teresting from Wilton! From cake ideas to techniques and more, we’re the pin-nacle of cake decorating information.

Kristie Sarmiento Kristie is the Associate Product Manager for Party. An artist at heart, she enjoys anything that allows her to express her creativity: sketching, scrapbooking, planning themed kids’ parties, decorating tasty treats and – her personal favorite – making tutus. Part of a very large and close-knit family, she loves to celebrate any occasion, which makes working at Wilton a perfect fit.

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