Make a Great Impression with Fondant Imprint Mats

July 23rd, 2010 by Susan Matusiak

Imprint a beautiful pattern on your fondant cakes in less time than it takes to decorate a cake! Our Fondant Imprint Mats make it easy.

There are several designs to choose from: Floral Fantasy has a field of daisies, Graceful Vines has swirly vines with flowers, Happy Birthday is imprinted with a birthday message, balloons and confetti and Star Power has several sizes of stars swirling around.

Fondant Imprint Mats

To use a Fondant Imprint Mat, prepare your cake as you would for applying rolled fondant. Can't Contain Our Excitement Cake

Roll out your fondant to about 1/8 inch thick, place the imprint mat imprint facing down on the fondant.

Press firmly with the Wilton Easy-Glide Smoother to imprint the design on the fondant, don’t move the mat. You can also use a rolling pin to imprint the mat on the fondant.

Lift the fondant mat with the fondant attached and center imprinted fondant on cake. Remove the mat and gently smooth the fondant on the cake.

Now you can pipe buttercream icing, royal icing or melted candy onto the fondant design.

Lunar Lullabyes Cake

Another idea is to Pearl Dust™ or paint with the pearl dust (mix clear lemon extract and pearl dust) and a fine brush onto your design on the fondant. Using your brush let the imprinted fondant become your canvas!

You can also cover your cake boards with imprinted fondant. Wrap the boards with foil and brush with piping gel, then roll out your fondant and imprint with the mat and place on the board and gently smooth. Roll the fondant over the edge and trim the edge with a knife.

You can make chocolate plaques with the fondant imprint mats. First decide on the size or shape you want then trace on parchment paper.

Place the pattern on a cookie sheet then place the imprint mat on top of the pattern (imprint side up). Melt candy and pour on mat keeping within the pattern outline. Let it set in the refrigerator.

Remove from refrigerator and carefully release the mat from the chocolate. Now all you need do is place the plaque on your cake and finish the edges with a simple border in buttercream.

Be creative and use the mat for decorating cookies with imprinted fondant or just imprint the cookie dough just before baking. Have fun using all these different imprint mats and all the different mediums you can use to make your decorated cakes and cookies look very professional!

Susan Matusiak Susan is the Senior Cake Decorator with over 20 years of decorating experience in the Decorating Room. She is also an instructor at the Wilton School of Cake Decorating and Confectionery Arts. Susan enjoys her job because each day is new and different — from baking cookies, decorating gingerbread houses or decorating multi-tiered wedding cakes all created for the photos in our publications. There is never a dull moment in the Decorating Room…always a lot of excitement here! Susan is a member of ICES (International Cake Exploration Societe) and the State Representative for Illinois.

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  1. vilma says:

    I love the site. and I have Q? how I cvan to put a family phot on a rectangle cake, i see one on a party and I want to make that. thanks you for the help.

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      The photos on the cakes are done on the computer and a printer using edible ink on frosting sheets. Once printed the sheets can be placed on a buttercream cake or a rolled fondant cake and pipe a border around the picture with buttercream. If you don’t have a printer with the edible ink (it’s a type of food color) you can take your picture to your local grocery store and if they have the printer they can print the picture for you at a small cost. These pictures have become very popular!

  2. janefrances says:

    Infact am very much happy looking at the beautiful decoration but i which to learn but i don,t know how please can you let me know more?

  3. folashade says:

    i l ove wilton products they are smooth and beautiful, i have a shop
    in my country, and i know that many cake decorators love to use wilton products too, how do i get to buy direct from wilton.

  4. folashade says:

    i also bake and decorate but not good at it,can the full film
    or vcd on icing on cake be forwarded to me?

  5. Losgatos says:

    great result ! good ideas I don’t use yet ! so I will try soon ! thanx :))

  6. Cat Davis says:

    I’ve seen these mats a few times at our local Michael’s and keep debating on whether to buy one or not. I can only imagine how beautiful it would make a cake.

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      They make cake decorating easy. You can use them on cookies, with chocolate and just to make a simple cake look stunning.The Star mat is a good start for any occassion, most people love to be the “Star” of the party!

  7. Carmelo says:

    I really like the tip about piping icing or melted candy into the impression. Great idea!

    Another good tip is, after covering a round (cake board) with fondant, use a cookie cutter and cut out a small piece, then get another piece of fondant of a different color and use the same cookie cutter.

    I’ve done it, but I don’t have pictures 🙁

  8. catherine abimbola says:

    i really like everything about your sites.Pls keep it you all

  9. sekky says:

    I will like to learn more about cake decorating and sugar paste and where to get d character bakingpan. Im from Nigerian.thanks for d good job u are doing.

  10. Brunete says:

    A minha netinha vai fazer o seu 1° aninho, gostaria que me desse uma sugestão para o seu bolo de aniversário e sua festa. desde já os meus agradecimentos

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      For a 1st birthday for a boy you can make the #1 pan and decorate with candy or any of the ideas in the 2010 Yearbook page 160. Also does he have a favorite character, like Mickey Mouse or Elmo? The bear is a great idea for a 1st birthday. Most of these cakes can be decorated very easily with icing and candy decorations or simple star decoration.

  11. Deidre says:

    Good Day,

    I LOVE what you do. i had a few classes and love it.i believe this is my passion.Please tell me if there is any companies in Cape Town , SA that sell your products. I have very hard time getting products, especially the imprint mats.

    Keep up the good work.God Bless

  12. Yuni Lie says:

    Hi, I just started to bake recently. I have so many things I do not understand or know.. If I would like to put the fondant the same size as my cupcake ( I mean the top) do I put any cream first? or I just need to put the fondant like that?

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      The fondant does need some type of “glue” to attach, you can add a thin layer of buttercream and than place the fondant. It also keeps the fondant soft on the side facing the cake.

  13. Noha says:

    I have a party on saturday and i prefer to get my cake ready before the party by few days..when can I start baking the cake and decorate it .
    same for cupcakes?

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      You can bake the cake about 3 days ahead and decorate the cake the next day. Keep the finished cake in a cool area. If the cake has a filling that needs refrigeration place it in the refrigerator. We do not recommend to freeze a fondant covered cake. This works also for cupcakes.

  14. Jan says:

    I have trouble using the impression mats on an area that is bigger than the mat. When I try to line up the design, I get a line in the fondant from the edge of the mat. Is there an easy way to impress a large piece of fondant with a small mat?

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      If possible to place the edge of the design near the back of the cake or on the side. Otherwise I would suggest to cut the fondant in 2 pieces and don’t roll all the way to the edge, come in from the edge of the mat about 2 inches or were you can match the design. Roll one piece and then the second and try to trim the 2 edges to match. I know this is a bit more work, but I am not sure of the cake size .

  15. Chanty says:

    How do you get the impression mat to not stick to the fondant? I made a mess trying to remove the mat from the fondant…holes everywhere 🙁

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      If it is very humid in your area and home that may be causing the stickiness or if your fondant is real soft. You can dust the fondant with a bit of cornstarch before you place the mat on the fondant. Than using a rolling pin press on the mat to imprint, you can use a fondant smoother to press on the mat the imprint and you can see where the mat is imprinting onto the fondant through the mat.

  16. Angelica says:

    Where can I find a store that sales impression mat for fondant of DOTS?

  17. Neville says:

    Appreciate the recommendation. Lett me try it out.

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