Make Grads Glad With Portable Treats

June 15th, 2012 by Jo-El Grossman

Invited to a graduation party this summer? Cupcakes are a great treat to share, and with Wilton products, you can decorate and serve ones that are definitely top of the class!

Once you’ve selected your cupcake recipe, the next step is to play off the theme of the celebration. If there isn’t one, look to the graduate’s school colors or patterns that fit his/her personality. For my youngest cousin’s graduation, her party was black-and-white. So for the baking cups, I selected the new damask ColorCups. I like how bright the patterns stay after baking.

With your baking cups selected, it’s time to fill them! A new must-have tool for any kitchen is the Scoop-It Batter Spoons. These handy spoons fill jumbo, standard and mini baking cups to the right amount, eliminating batter guesswork. Plus, the design makes pouring mess free — perfect for any young helper you might have!

Add Cupcake Batter

After baking and cooling, I always fill my cupcakes with buttercream icing. It’s a nice surprise when someone bites into one, plus the cupcakes seem to stay a little fuller, especially if I make them a day in advance. Keeping with my graduate’s theme, I piped a 1M swirl with white icing on top. Don’t you think a 1M swirl is the easiest way to decorate that looks truly professional?

Filling and Icing Cupcakes

My favorite part of decorating cupcakes is adding accents! Spraying pink Color Mist™ Food Color Spray gave my icing swirls a pop of color, which I then enhanced with pink hearts Edible Accents. These little gems give treats a sophisticated shimmering touch. Now, if you want to stay with a black-and-white theme, use the new pearl or silver Color Mist™ Spray food color spray and add either silver or gold hearts Edible Accents.

Pink Cupcakes

With your cupcakes looking fantastic, how do you get them to the party? Wilton has a wide variety of portable treat boxes, which keep your desserts safe in transport. And, you can leave everything at your hostess’ house without worrying about retrieving a plate after the celebration. For my cupcakes, I used Wilton Stars Silver Foil Cupcake Boxes. My aunt was able to reuse them to give leftovers to my cousin’s friends.

Graduation Cupcake Box

Once at the party, I added Fun Pix to the cupcakes and placed them on the Wilton Graduation Treat Stand. This centerpiece stand looks impressive and saves space on a sweet table.

Graduation Cupcake Stand

My cousin loved the way these cupcakes looked and tasted. So, for your next graduation party — or any summer-themed celebration — try cupcakes for a fantastic portable treat!

Jo-El Grossman Jo-El is the Director of Editorial and Marketing Communications on the Creative Services team. Since her teens, she has loved baking and Wilton products, and now enjoys spending time in the kitchen with her son, Zane. In addition to baking and cooking, Jo-El enjoys reading and writing fiction.

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  1. Judy says:

    with Graduation vast aproaching I’m faced with a delema! My graduate wants cupcakes/with orange and chocolate. Thats not the problem/ the problem is the frosting, she wants it orange with a paw print cut from the zebra fondant. I’m coming up short on just how to cut the paw print from the fondant! please help!!!1

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