Make Last-Minute Cake Decorating Easier With Wilton Icing Pouches With Tips

April 29th, 2014 by Katie Konopka

Thumbnail-Wilton Icing Pouches w TipsNeed to add some iced details on the go? Or, maybe you just don’t have time to tint multiple colors of icing for those small colorful cake design details. No matter what the reason, you’ll love the pre-colored, ready-to-use Wilton Icing Pouches.

The star tip is built in while the round tip twists on so you can switch decorating techniques in a flash. Plus, the threaded connection is sized to fit a standard Wilton coupler, so you can use any standard size tip with the pouch to get just the look you want. And, don’t worry that the star tip is still in place, it won’t affect the look of decorations made with other tips. Learn more about the icing pouch in this video.

The easy-to-squeeze pouch feels similar to a decorating bag in your hands, making it easier to add details comfortably. You can decorate the sides of a cake just as simply as you decorate the top of a cupcake. And once you’re done, just toss the bag and plastic tip, saving you storage space in the kitchen and the hassle of cleanup!

With eight colors to choose from — orange, pink, red, green, yellow, blue, black  and white  — you can make vibrant decorated treats quickly. The medium consistency icing is what you use for many decorating technique and the 8-ounce pouch of vanilla-flavored icing is sure to please. So next time you need a little last-minute decorating assistance, reach for a Wilton Icing Pouch!

Katie Konopka

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  1. Linda MacNaughton says:

    Have you published the new yearbook? I always look forward to early July when the new edition usually is out.

  2. Mrs. M says:

    I am excited to use these to decorate my son’s 6th birthday cake to take into his classroom! I would like to make sure though that these are safe for children with tree nut/peanut allergies. Thanks so much!

  3. Hi I live in Saudi Arabia and I am just 11 year old we don’t have any specific shops here for cake decorating stuff. If u have any idea where I will be able to find them plz tell me.
    It would make my day cause I have to make a cake for my sister s birthday

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