Making Fondant Overlays and Inlays using Double Cut-Outs Fondant Cutters

April 19th, 2014 by Valerie Pradhan

I love working with fondant. You can create intricate designs that you just can’t achieve with buttercream. I’ve been playing with two techniques lately — overlays and inlays — and want to show you how easy it is to make great designs using both techniques.

To make fondant overlays, cut multiple layers and shapes of fondant and then adhere the layers together using a damp brush.

To make fondant inlays, cut a piece of fondant and then cut a second shape into it, whether that’s the same shape or a different shape. Then, use that second shape to cut a piece of fondant in contrasting color and place this piece into the opening you cut in the initial piece.

Our new Double Cut-Outs Set make it easy to cut graduated sizes of fondant of one shape or mix and match the shapes. Since each cut-out has both a straight cutting edge and a crinkled cutting edge, you can mix and match the design on the outer edge within one shape or use two sets to combine your shapes.

Valerie Pradhan Valerie is a decorator at Wilton, and has been working in the decorating room for almost two years. She is a graduate of Temple University and The Culinary Institute of America and has since worked in hotels, specialty shops and bakeries all over the US, from California to Florida. What Valerie loves the most about her job is that she gets to make beautiful creations that taste delicious too and that each day there is something new to learn.

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