Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: 9 Gifts for Moms Who Bake

April 20th, 2016 by Desiree Smith

Are you looking for some Mother’s Day Gift ideas? If you have a mom who loves to bake, make one of these items her new favorite. Or, bundle a few items together for one ultimate baking gift package.

9 Gifts for Moms Who Bake


1. Doughnut Pan. Making your own doughnuts at home is so easy, and it’s fun to experiment with different flavor combinations and decorating ideas. With this pan, mom will be able to try all sorts of new doughnut recipes. Start her off with this basic baked cake doughnuts recipe, and soon she’ll be moving on to fancier flavors such as these Lemon Basil Doughnuts.

6-Cavity Doughnut Pan2. Treatology Flavor Kit. Speaking of fancy flavors, the Treatology Flavor Kit is a must-have for anyone who loves to bake. Doughnuts, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, icing – whatever mom loves to make can be livened up with these gourmet flavor concentrates. With eight flavors to choose from – Crisp Champagne, Sweet Meyer Lemon, Fresh Basil, Warm Cinnamon Graham, Juicy Peach, Salted Caramel, Creamy Vanilla Custard and Toasted Coconut – the possibilities are endless!



3. Silicone Spatula Set. You can never have too many spatulas. The three spatulas in this set are perfect for mixing batter, folding dough and scraping bowls. Bonus: they’re stain and odor resistant as well as dishwasher safe, so mom can use them for everything from brownie batter to spaghetti sauce.

Easy-Flex Spatula Set

4. Copper Cooling Grid. Cool mini cakes, cookies or fluted cakes using this retro round cooling grid in a gorgeous copper color. The 10-inch cooling grid is the perfect size for cooling small cakes, pies or small treats. The trendy copper color looks great on your counter top and the grid allows air to circulate completely.

10-inch Copper Cooling Grid

5. Treat Corer. Make it easy for mom to liven up some of her favorite cupcake recipes, brownies, mini cakes and more. This treat corer makes it quick and easy to fill treats with icing, mousse or fruit.

Treat Corer


6. Ceramic Baking Mug Set. Make individual mug cakes in minutes using this 4-Piece Ceramic Baking Mug Set. These microwavable, oven-safe ceramic mugs are great for quick and easy desserts made in the microwave or baked in the oven. Perfect for when mom is craving just a bit of something sweet for herself – or one for her and one for you!

Ceramic Mug Baking Set

7. The Really BIG Spatula. Make life easier for the mom who loves to bake. When she’s baking in big batches, she’ll need The Really BIG Spatula! It’s over six inches wide and can scoop up as many as 6 cookies at once.

The Really Big Spatula


8. 4-Piece Easy Layers! 8-inch Cake Pan SetMom can bake up a fancy looking cake in no time with just one box of cake mix or a single batch of batter. The non-stick pan set makes it easy to create a 4-layer cake, and there plenty of ways to mix and match flavors, fillings and icing.

8-inch Easy Layers Set


9. Silicone Trivet. No matter what mom is baking, she can use this sweet trivet to serve up treats fresh from the oven. The silicone design helps provide extra grip, plus it’s oven-safe up to 500°F. It makes an excellent hot pad for tables and even works great as a jar opener.

Silicone Trivet


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    I am looking for a replacement cake topper?? or flower holder from 1996 #113-3303. Can ypu help?

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