Multiple Uses for Some of My Favorite Decorating Tools

May 20th, 2010 by Rose Wallace

I love cake decorating and have been making cakes for over 30 years! The one thing I have learned is how to use the Wilton Cake Decorating Tools for more than what they were designed for.

When I first started to decorate, my funds were limited and I made decisions on what to buy according to how many ways I could use the product. Using an item for one way a couple of times a year was not an option. So this sent me on a trail of looking to use products I buy in multiple ways.

Interestingly enough, I found out that most Wilton products have multiple uses and below are some of my favorites. I hope you will enjoy your cake decorating products as much as I have for the past three decades.

1) #789 Cake Icer Tip/16” Bag

This use of the #789 Cake Icer Decorating Tip was the most fun find for me. I discovered that I can ice the sides of Novelty Pans (instead of Stars) and save myself tons of time! In fact, this is something we teach in our Wilton Method classes.

Have you ever tried to write on a Novelty Pan filled with stars? Not easy…why not turn your 789 tip serrated edge down and make a banner across the cake. You now have a surface on which to write your message!

Don’t think I am finished yet, because I have found that thinned down cookie dough, using this bag and tip, can create perfect bar cookies!

Also, you can also fill the bag with your lasagna cheese and make strips of cheese over the noodles. This helps distribute the cheese evenly and no fuss or mess!

2) Disposable Decorating Bag

Just when I think there are no more uses for Disposable Decorating Bags, I found another! Taking Candy Melts® and placing them in a bag, securing with a rubber band, and then putting the bag in the microwave. Melt the Candy Melts, using 50% power at 30 sec. intervals. The secret is to slowly melt until it’s like cooked pudding (never hot – just melted). Cut the end of the bag and fill the candy molds.

Years ago when the family was young, I found that when going camping, filling a bag with peanut butter and another with jelly (bring scissors) works well for putting together sandwiches whenever you want them.

The last idea is super…fill the bag with cheese curls or orange jelly beans, add some green grass (sold at Easter time) secure with a rubber band and you have excellent treats for school or to place in an Easter basket.

3) The Large Coupler

The large coupler for decorating bags can easily be used as a holder for your flower nail when changing tips or bags.

4) Icing Colors

Just out of panic did I discover this…Wilton icing colors make the best Easter egg dye. I was ready to dye the Easter Eggs with the children when I realized that I had not bought the “egg dye”. The kids were upset as we were ready to dye our eggs. Then it hit me – why not use the Wilton colors. Sure enough that was a great idea! I followed the directions, as with any dye, (using vinegar and hot water), and made the most brilliantly colored eggs.

5) Tip/Coupler Dishwasher and Storage Bag

Big name for a small item. I have several of these very handy Tip/Coupler Dishwasher and Storage Bags. When I first purchased one, I thought what a great idea for washing my tips. Well, that is just the “tip” of the iceberg on uses for this neat bag! Listed below are a few more:

  1. Storage for extra couplers
  2. Storage for my Fondant Ribbon Cutter pieces
  3. Storage when I am traveling and want to have a few tips with me
  4. Storage for my tip covers

Having all my items separated in these bags helps with organization!

I am sure in the future there will be many more that I will buy and I can assure you they will all have “Multiple Uses”!

What ‘other’ uses have you found for your Wilton products?

Rose Wallace I am the International Training Manager for the Wilton Training Team and have been working for Wilton for 30+ years. I started as a Mom wanting to decorate a cake for her children. I was getting more and more discouraged with the birthday cakes I had bought. When I saw an ad to sign up for Cake Decorating Classes, I knew this was for me and this lead to an opportunity to become a Wilton Method Instructor. After teaching for 8 years, another opportunity came for me to be a Trainer. I was really happy because at that point I LOVED Wilton and Cake Decorating! Here I am many years later working with a fine group of trainers. I am still amazed at how life has its twist and turns. More amazed at what life has to offer if we grab, hold on and go for the ride!

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  1. Carmelo says:

    I definitely have to try the Candy Melts. I like the idea of writing about alternative uses to equipment we already have.

  2. Rose Wallace says:

    Nice to hear you enjoyed the article. Yes there are many uses for cake decorating equipment.

  3. Anjelica says:

    Rose this is a great article!

    As a wilton instructor myself I’m always trying to find different uses for wilton products. As our customers want value for money!

    The Wilton Trim and Turn Turntable can double as a serving plate. Simply remove the bottom plastic bit 😀

  4. Dawn Lewis says:

    The candy melt tip works great! Especially when you are trying to make something with a lot of detail, like butterfly wings! And another tip, if you want to keep the melts soft in the bag while you’re working, place the bag on a heating pad set on low! Keeps everything nice and hot!

  5. Sarah says:

    I use the disposable bags to fill my deviled eggs. Just put some in the bag and cut a good sized hole and there you go! If I want them to be fancier, I use the #21 star tip.

  6. sue welty says:

    What do you mean by thinned down cookie dough? What type of dough do you use and how do you “thin it down” ?

  7. vijayarani says:

    I am very interest on cake decoration but I am in India how can I get wilton decorating tools and moulds. Is it possible to purchase wilton moulds in India.

  8. Geri Ballif says:

    Dear Rose, Howdee from Texas..What awesome decorating & storage tips! I travel a lot and these tips will most certainly be enjoyed by me and others who ask..”Where did You learn this?”.
    Now my question is, “Will You be coming to Houston to train us any time soon?”

  9. Nilima Narang says:

    Dear Rose,..Iam from India( Delhi) and wish to become a wilton instructor.Is there any possibility that you would be coming to India to train us. I am very impressed by your out of the world talent and really hope to get a chance to learn from you.

    • Prerna Khanna says: also from india and is looking a place to buy wilton colors and wilton fondant… do u know of any place in delhi ( ina market for example ) i wud be really grateful if u cud give me the address or phone no for such a store..waiting for a reply..thanks

  10. Naznin says:

    Tour article is nice..I am from India… Wanna buy some tools which are available with you. Can i get them here?

  11. Michelle says:

    Hello everyone from India

    I am an American living in New Delhi. There is hope for us Delhiites too. I have attended cake decorating courses at CCDS in Delhi. They have over a dozen cake deco courses and a full retail outlet with all the possible tools, tips etc. you could want. They carry a huge list of stuff from all over the world.
    I loved the classes and am taking a break this summer before resuming the sugarpaste courses. Chef N is a wonderful instructor!Their number is 011 46323679.

    • Maria says:

      I’m from Hyderabad,India.I really wish to learn Wilton’s cake decorating courses.Can you guide me where these classes/workshops are held here?Address/number?

  12. Jocelyn says:

    Hi Rose, It was an honour to meet you for the very first time in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia during the ICCA Annual Cake Competition (Oct 1-3 2010). I am one of the competitor. Your kind words of encouragement and advise has boost me up. I sincerely hope to see you again next year Competition and hopefully i can come out with a better cake design. Best regards, jocelyn

  13. jagdish says:

    we ve required cake making accesaries & other equipment pls call or send deatail +919828021821.

    cake world
    b 31 basant bahar gopalpura mod

  14. Dipti says:


    I’m from Bangalore and have been interacting with the CCD guys on and off regarding their products.

    For some reason, since the past week, and I mean from last Thursday no body seems to be answering their calls or responding to mails.

    Can anyone from Delhi let me know if the place is under renovation or is shut or something? and if so, does anyone have an alternate contact? This is an urgent requirement.

    (i know this forum was last update in 2010, still giving it a shot as I know not how to contact CCD)

    Any help will be much appreciated!

  15. Navneet says:

    Need products of Wilton . Specially colors.

  16. Navneet says:

    Need your products

  17. I like your tools but where i collect this………….

  18. Shilpa Jain says:

    I live in Pune.I wish to learn Wilton’s Cake decorating classes. Can u please let me know where these classes r held in Pune ? Thank you.

  19. Nancy Chinnock says:

    I wanted to be in the 1,2 training session in Baltimore and realized it was on Michaels Open House and I didn’t see you had listed another 2 days this month for that .Now I have missed the sign up period .My question is can I still sign up and pay for those two days for next Sat and Sun??? Is the class full??
    Thank you ,
    p.s.I did leave a message with Tiffany Smith hoping I still could get in.

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