My Favorite Decorating Tools of the Trade

May 4th, 2010 by Sandy Folsom

Every professional has their favorite tools of their trade. My three favorite decorating tools are:

Professional Turntable

Professional Turntable The Professional Turntable is the right height for decorating the sides of a cake. The extra strength makes it easy to hold a 16” cake and still spin effortlessly. I can slowly move the turntable toward myself when icing a cake allowing me to smooth ice a cake easily so that it looks picture perfect.

Cake Icer Tip #789

Cake Icer Tip Using a Cake Icer Tip #789 fitted into a 16” featherweight bag allows me to add large strips of icing on the cake without touching the cake which is why a beginner usually gets crumbs in their cake icing. They usually apply the icing too thinly. The cake icer tip allows approximately the right thickness of icing. Be sure the icing is thin consistency, just don’t apply too thinly. Thin the icing with milk, water or corn syrup, so it glides across the surface of the cake.

Large Angled Spatula

Large Angled Spatula Using the Large Angled Spatula allows you to smooth the entire surface of a 4” high cake without leaving spatula marks.

What are your favorites?

Sandy Folsom Sandy is the Director of the The Wilton School. Sandy has been teaching professional cake decorating classes for over 25 years, 18 of those with Wilton. Internationally, she has shared her expertise with well-known professionals and enthusiastic students in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Taiwan. Folsom had the opportunity to work side by side for 10 years with Wesley Wilton, the youngest son of Dewey McKinley Wilton, founder of Wilton Industries. Sandy's students describe her as "patient, fun and a great instructor."

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  1. Kim B says:

    This is great information. As one who has become a “go to” baker in the family and at work, I’m trying to acquire the tools that I need to make tasks as easy as possible. I recently made my first “shaped” cake as a Onesie (r) and it turned out quite well – it was intimidating though trying to figure out what utensils I needed!


    • Sandy Folsom says:

      You are right about the cake levelor. I also like to level my cakes in the pan before removing them because you then are able to use the edge of the pan as the perfect guide to how much you should level off. When you level your cakes you have a nice, flat, even surface to allow for a much more professional look.

    • sandy folsom says:

      how could i forget that important item

  2. Carmelo says:

    Those are exactly my tools as well. Plus the little cardboard thing to put between the cake and the turntable and since I can’t tort a cake with a knife, I had to get a cake leveler.

    P.S. the Wilton class rocks. I just finished course 1 and I start course 2 tomorrow. See my progress on my website.

    • Carmelo says:

      Oh, another must have is disposable bags. Washing bags is very time consuming. I almost never use the normal bags anymore. Except for when I’m icing the cake with the #789 tip.

      Almost done with course II. I’m ready for course III, not sure if it will be the old course or the new course.

  3. CNA Salary says:

    this post is very usefull thx!

  4. Sue says:

    Those make such a difference! I volunteered to make a ‘wedding cake’ for my neighbor who was going to have a small wedding (8 to 10 people). It grew to 50! I was ready to throw in the towel this morning when I started. Then I watched a couple of videos and decided the turntable and offset spatula were just the ticket! Buzzed over to Walmart – 25 miles away… What a difference! It wasn’t that ‘I was in over my head’ as I sobbed to my husband – only that I needed a bit of guidance! Thanks, Wilton!

  5. Lisa Golebiowski says:

    My three favourite wilton tools are the 20″ rolling pin, 11″ spatula an d my Piping Nail 🙂

  6. Sandy Folsom says:

    I am traveling to Portugal to teach a Master’s Course and my piping nail will be traveling with me.

    • John Zangri says:

      Hey Sandy, if you need anyone to carry that piping nail to Portugal I am available. Just wanted to say I am sure you will teach them all great. You taught the Master Course to me last year and I got it. You do a great job. Just wanted to say thanks.

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