My Top 5 Back to Basics Projects

August 3rd, 2012 by Jessica McGuire

Everyone who knows me knows that I love to create desserts, experiment with recipes, and find any reason to celebrate! Decorating pastries doesn’t come easy for everyone, so I thought I’d share my top 5 back to basics projects using Wilton products. I think any beginner will marvel at the end results of some of these projects, and may decide to take up decorating full time! Hold on, because you’re in for a sweet ride!

Flower Cake

1. Flower Cake – I created this cake for my friend who owns a floral company; it was her 2 year anniversary. I must say that I surprised myself with the results! Can you believe this project takes only 45 minutes to complete? This is how you create the design:

  • Print out a picture of your favorite flower and cut out the shape.
  • Using a toothpick, lightly trace the shape of the flower on a round fondant covered cake.
  • Use a black Edible Color Marker to outline the flower onto the cake.
  • Next, take melted green Candy Melts® Candy to fill in the color using a Round Tip Brush. Now wasn’t that easy?

Football Hoagie

2. Football Hoagie – It’s Game Day! Last winter I hosted a cooking class with close friends and family from Wisconsin and Chicago. The Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers were playing, so you know the kitchen got hot! My Chicago Bears’ fan friend made the hoagie. Follow the steps below to create your game day hoagie!

Use 1-1/2 packages (15 oz. each) of hot roll mix in the First and Ten Football Pan to create the bun by following the box instructions. Once the bread is removed from the oven and cooled, slice horizontally. For extra flavor, spread softened butter on each half and toast the bread until golden brown. Fill the hoagie with your favorite deli ingredients. We used salami, ham, honey roasted turkey, sharp cheddar cheese, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, avocado, red onions, and a homemade spicy mayonnaise!

Doll Cake

3. Wonder Doll – I made this cake with my friend’s 5-year-old niece, Londyn. She loves dolls and wearing dresses so this cake was perfect for her! We started by baking the Wonder Mold Cake using a box chocolate cake mix and followed the pan instructions. Once the cake was removed and cooled from the oven, we placed a Teen Doll Pick in the center of the cake. The entire cake and doll torso was iced with Decorator Icing. We then covered and decorated the cake with rolled Fondant. Londyn was so happy with the results, she refused to eat it!

Flower Pot Cake
4. Flower Pot Mini Cakes – Handmade gifts are the best! This fun dessert was created for my number one lady, my mom! My mom loves all things sweet and beautiful, so what’s a better gift to give than this cute handmade flower pot cake? This dessert takes less than 2 hours and there are only 6 steps to completion!

  • Step 1: Remove the wrapper from a baked and iced cupcake.
  • Step 2: Melt Candy Melts® Candy per bag instructions.  Fill just the bottom cavity of the Dimensions® Multi-Cavity Mini Cupcakes Pan with melted candy. Tap pan on the counter to remove air bubbles. Refrigerate for about 5 minutes or until 1/4-inch shell has formed.
  • Step 3: Pour out excess melted chocolate candy. Smooth top edges with spatula and chill for an additional 10 minutes. Carefully remove shell by inverting on countertop.
  • Step 4: Place cupcake inside your candy shell.
  • Step 5: Sprinkle top with ground sandwich cookie crumbs until filled to rim.
  • Step 6: Decorate your flower pot with gum paste flowers made using Gum Paste, Icing Color, and the Gum Paste Flower Kit.

Need to save time? Decorate your pot with pre-made White Roses, Purple Posies, Daisies, and Leaves!


5. Birthday Dinner Cupcakes! This year for my birthday, I decided to be the gift giver and surprise my friends with a cupcake to say “thanks.” I used a family cream cheese pound cake and icing recipe for the cake which was baked inside Teal Ruffles Baking Cups. I used Violet Icing Color to color the icing and my favorite 1-A tip to pipe the icing on top. The cupcakes were then placed in Clear Favor Box Kits and decorated with Pink Colored Sugar. I made the flowers with Gum Paste, the Gum Paste Flower Kit, Yellow Icing Color.

Need more inspiration? Use our website idea finder to browse hundreds of amazing ideas for cakes, cookies, cupcakes and candy along with easy-to-follow instructions to help you make them look great.

Jessica McGuire Jessica McGuire is an Assistant Culinary Specialist. Before coming to Wilton, she worked in corporate test kitchens as well as some Chicago bakeries as a cake decorator. In her free time, Jessica likes to travel, make cupcakes with her niece, and visit new restaurants.

18 Replies

  1. Lee Mann says:

    These all are really pretty and clever; but, I especially like the Flower Pot Mini Cakes! I’m sure my wife and I can do that one! Great, simple idea! Thanks!

  2. senzenina says:

    wooooooow. tha doll cake make my day

  3. Linda Lyman says:

    I’ve been baking doll cakes for years using a pyrex mixing bowl as the mold. I buy a cheap doll and just stick it in to the waist, then the little girl can have it to play with afterward instead of just using a pick.

    • Jessica McGuire says:

      Yes doll cakes are very popular for little girls! Our doll picks are food safe and the mini doll picks can be used as decorations in cupcakes.

  4. penny says:

    they all looked beuatiful .i am learning to make roses from buttercream frosting but my frosting seems to break .. the petals look like there tearing or somethin.. not smooth petals.. what am i doin wrong?

    • Jessica McGuire says:

      Thank you for the compliment! Your icing many need more fat (butter or shortening) added. Start by adding a teaspoon of fat at a time to see if that helps.

  5. Paul Allen says:

    Jessica, I can’t make any of the aforementioned pastries and or cakes. However, I will continue to utilize your services because the end product is always tasty and done with so much class, and professionalism. Thanks, for all the baked goods that you have bestowed on me! I have eaten them with great pleasure.

  6. Olga Mendoza Trillo says:

    Hola Jessica, me fascina tu trabajo y es seguro que los voy preparar. Disfruto mucho con esto.

  7. Marlene says:

    They are all beautiful Jessica but I want the family cream cheese pound cake recipe. I need some really special cup cake recipes.

  8. Ligia says:

    Congratulations,you are very talented, you make great decorations,I going to star my first decoration class in one of the Michael’s Store in NJ,I hope I can do good in decoration,I am very excited .you have me inspire me to do it thanks again.

  9. Telease says:

    Hello Jessica,

    Do you teach classes at Wilton? I’m located on in the South Suburbs of Chicago. Your creations are beautiful.

  10. Debbie says:

    I have a question. I am wanting to make cake decorations, such as a truck, car, ect with candy melts. I want to trim them with buttercream icing. Will it stick to the candy melted objects or will it crack and fall off?
    Thanks for your help,

  11. Zandra says:

    How can I know how many slices can I have in a rounded pan.
    I’m making a 100 guest wedding cake, I want to use several sizes, but I ‘m not sure of the sizes

  12. Cookie says:

    Do you have any large doll picks that are Afro American? My goddaughters birthday is coming up and I need a large one for the wonder mold. Thank you.

  13. Angela Williams says:

    I am wondering how you made your doll African-American? I would like to do the same for my granddaughter. If you would be so kind as to tell me what product(s) you used for that? Thank you!

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