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December 28th, 2009 by Eric Erwin

At Wilton, we’re very excited that our customers have made the new Wilton Cookie Exchange book such a big hit. Now that we’ve just celebrated the first Cookie Exchange Week, we’re even more thrilled to hear your stories about the cookie exchanges you attended or hosted. It sounds like everyone is really getting into the holiday spirit thanks to these fun cookie parties and that’s really a great feeling for us.

Cookie Exchange Wrapping TableMy neighbors were the first to share their cookie exchange experience with me. A few weeks ago, I mentioned on the blog that they had never taken part in a cookie exchange and didn’t even know what people did at such an event. Well, last Sunday my neighbors held their first cookie exchange and they were proud enough to send me the pictures!

The creativity was incredible: I am amazed at the cookie trays that were created, the wrapping station for assembling gifts, the thoughtful and beautiful cookies that were created—there is no doubt in my mind that the gifts that were made will be well received and recognized that they ‘came from the heart’, as well as the kitchen!

In my opinion this is what Wilton is really about: helping families celebrate life’s most important moments!

As you can see, they really did it up right. Everyone brought their favorite recipes—from Potato Chip Cookies to Spritz and Meringues. All the ladies pitched in at the cookie baking station too, where they used a Wilton Cookie Press, Sprinkles and Cookie Icings to decorate some very merry spritz cookies.

I love the festive ways they packaged all those cookies too. There were plenty of gift-wrapped cartons as well as colorful Wilton cookie boxes and bags on hand for people to take home their treats. Even the plain cookies look ready to greet the season!

Cookie Exchange PartyAt the end of the celebration, ribbons were awarded for the best tasting and most creative cookies. People took home several great new cookie recipes and dozens of cookies to enjoy with their families during the holidays. Now my neighbors can’t wait for next year’s cookie exchange. I can’t wait either, because they sent a box of those amazing cookies to the office. Talk about great customer feedback! I have to give a special ‘shout out’ to Shelly, Annette, Barbara, Jush, Sandy, Michelle, and Lisa and everyone else who attended this ‘party.’

Even though Cookie Exchange Week is over, there’s still time for you to bake and decorate your own fantastic holiday cookies. I hope my neighbors’ cookie exchange story will inspire you to bake some great memories!

Eric Erwin Eric Erwin, Chief Marketing Officer, is a 22 year Wilton employee, married to Barbara, and has two twin boys in college.

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  1. Ann says:

    I helped organize a cookie exchange at my workplace & we had so much fun (and yummy cookies). I made the Creme de Menthe bars from the Wilton Cookie Exchange book & several people told me that was their favorite from the exchange.

  2. Sandy Whittley says:

    As I mentioned in an earlier message, this was the 25th year of my Christmas cookie exchange, and it was really spectacular. We decorated 163 beautiful Santas for Meals for the Elderly, had some savory goodies and then exchanged our beautiful packages of cookies. Each of us went home with 11 dozen cookies, and they were all delicious. Each year I make up a little “cookbook” of all the recipes, and now we have two 3-ring binders completely full! If I can find a place to post pictures on the Wilton site, I’ll post some.

    Also, my niece is a computer whiz, and she made me a beautiful book in celebration of our 25 years of fun. It included a great story about how we got started, and lots of pictures. We discovered that over the years we have taken a lot more pictures of the cookies than we have the people!!! It ended with the statement, “25 years and still baking!” We’re all looking forward to our 26th!

    Sandy in West Texas

  3. Annette says:

    Eric, Thank you for your support. Our cookie exchange was a great time and everyone that attended already mentioned that they can’t wait until next year. We donated the extra cookies to a neighborhood nursing home’s christmas party. Wilton also helped them celebrate the season.

    Here’s to 2010’s cookie exchange.


  4. sheryn Munro-Smith says:

    The cookie exchange sounds awesome.
    How does one start?
    What do you do?

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