Layered Cakes: 3 Delicious New Recipes

May 12th, 2015 by Desiree Smith


Multilayer cakes continue to rise to new heights. The Easy Layers! cake pan set we introduced last year remains a popular item, as it allows you to build a trendy five-layer cake with ease. Change up the shape with the new Easy Layers! loaf pan set. Just one box of cake mix or a single batch of batter can help you make one of these impressive rectangular-shaped cakes.

I had the opportunity to taste test these cakes last year in the Wilton Test Kitchen. These layered cake recipes were truly among my top favorite recipes I sampled last year! They all have such rich flavors and look spectacular as loaf cakes. If I had to choose a favorite, I’d say it’s the Hummingbird cake recipe. I’m a sucker for anything with pineapple and I just loved the light and sweet flavor of this cake.

There are plenty of ways to mix up your flavors and/or colors with the loaf pan set. Which one of these recipes gets your mouth watering?


Dark Chocolate Orange Cake

Dark Chocolate Orange Layered Cake

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake Layered Cake


Hummingbird Cake

Hummingbird Cake Layered Cake

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  1. Gill Cina says:

    Bonjour, I bought the Wilton cake pan set,20cm, no recipes inside. Cannot find a simple recipes for a layer cake.
    Live in rural France.
    Can you send me the missing recipes please.

  2. Eartha young says:

    So glad to have this site

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