Perfect Fill Batter Dispenser – The Easy Way to Fill Your Cupcake Pans

April 11th, 2013 by Traci Chapple

Cupcakes. A perfect treat for any reason. And now, they’re perfectly easy to make! How can cupcakes get easier to make, you ask? Well, the Perfect Fill Batter Dispenser is your answer.

Perfect Fill Batter Dispenser

This handy tool allows you to fill your cupcake pan with the right amount of batter for perfectly even cupcakes, with NO MESS! Here’s how it works:

Attach the tip to a decorating bag just like you would with any other icing tip.

Attaching the Batter Dispenser Tip

Fill the bag with batter. (I use a large cup to help hold up my bag.) The silicone valve at the end of the tip keeps the batter from leaking out of the bag!

Filling the Batter Dispenser Tip

Hold the decorating bag above the cupcake pan. Squeeze the bag, say, “1-2-3!” and stop squeezing. The batter will instantly stop flowing!

Filling the Cupcakes

Repeat until you have all the cupcakes filled.

Batter-Filled Cupcake Pan

Voila!! Perfect cupcakes with NO MESS!

Baked Cupcakes

This is such a convenient way to fill your cupcakes. But don’t stop with just cupcakes. There are so many other ways to use the Perfect Fill Batter Dispenser! Try it with your shaped pans, or even with pancake batter!

To make this even less mess, I use disposable decorating bags so that I only have to clean the tip. Drop it into a dishwasher basket and you don’t even need to mess with hand washing!

To see the Perfect Fill Batter Dispenser in action, please watch our video.

Happy baking!

Traci Chapple Traci is a User Experience Designer. Traci researches decorators' needs to help make the experience even better. By studying how decorators use our tools, she works to improve our current products and introduce new items that can help you get to the fun of decorating faster! Her favorite part of the job is design research and Cakestorming™ (Wilton’s version of a brainstorm). She loves to answer the question of “What COULD it be?” and to push our development teams outside their comfort zones. When she’s not at Wilton, you can find Traci running marathons or practicing yoga.

50 Replies

  1. wow that would help alot

    • Michelle Worman says:

      I purchased this item, I found it difficult to squeeze the batter out, and am wondering it because it is new?
      Just curious if anyone else experienced this.

  2. Mary Walker says:

    Great idea, similair to what I’ve been doing with a bag, but with the tip, it has got to be easier.

  3. Beth says:

    Fabulous! Great Idea, I especially like idea of using it for pancakes!

  4. Debbie says:

    I love it will be very helpful for those big cupcake orders and other projects

  5. Shawn says:

    Wow! This would be great for pancake batter, too!

  6. Holly says:

    Eh, but if you’re doing a big batch the batter wouldn’t all fit into a big bag…you’d have to refill with several batches, could get messy. I’d rather see that tip on a flexible bowl ..kind of like how ihop makes their pancakes, they squeeze a trigger and it comes out the bottom.

  7. Di Fritzsch says:

    Going on the wish list. Finally, a product to perform this task that makes sense!

  8. Laura Steveens says:

    I just use an ice cream scoop. That’s even easier!

    • Conni says:

      I used to use the Ice Cream Scoop but that was even messier lol I Love this new concept and I also have the same batter cone with the Trigger but I guess bottom line is no matter what they come out with there will always be a bit of a mess somewhere lol

    • Keith says:

      I prefer to use the ice cream scoop too. Since I bake mini’s, I found the scoop works very well. Also, I wonder how this product would work if there were chips or nuts in a recipe. I love Wilton’s innovations but I think the scoops are a bit better for my needs.

    • Ice cream scoops are what we use at the bakery. But they are not clean with thin batters such as a deep chocolate or red velvet. We spend half our time cleaning the large commercial pans because of the batter dripping all over the place. After several hundred cupcakes, that gets annoying and slows down production. We once had a contraption that had the ‘trigger’ on the bottom, but sadly it broke. This would be perfect.

    • Frances says:

      That work – I used it also

  9. Joan says:

    I agree,I’ll wait till they come up with that one.

  10. Linda Diehl says:

    I have always used an ice cream scoop – either small for mini’s or larger for regular cupcakes – since about 1964!!!! My Home Ec techer taught this technique. I’ve taught my entire family this technique for many years.

    • Terry says:

      Could you tell me the number on the ice cream scoop you use for regular size muffin/cupcake pan? Also if you have a number for mini’s? There are so many sizes. Thanks so much.

      • Susan says:

        I use a #70 for mini cupcakes and #24 for most standard cupcakes. For recipes that don’t rise as much, I round the 70 for the minis and use a #20 for standard.

  11. Rachel wilt says:

    I love this tip so much easyer to fill uptake for baking and i use it to fill my cakes with jelly or a batter type of filling

  12. apryl orr says:

    to much work, i just use a ladle and it works great

  13. nancy ellis says:

    great idea, however i have been using a pancake dispencer, works like a charm. You can get large ones at a rest. supply store.

  14. Michelle says:

    This seems easy enough, but I think I’ll stick with my ice cream scooper.

    However, I would like to see a better version of the Decorating Bag Sleeve. Something a bit more sturdy.

  15. Diana says:

    I have two different sizes of stainless steel cookie/muffin scoops (or ice cream scoop – basically the same thing). They work great. Companies are always coming out with new products because they want to keep selling them to you. In reality, the attraction is that it is new and it is different. Does this product really make it all that easier? I don’t really think so, plus I think the whole bag idea is messy.

    • As I mentioned above in contrast to saying ‘just use an ice cream scoop’… (I’m a pastry chef, btw, and typically I’d ‘scoff’ at silly products like this that are designed to empty the wallets of home-bakers who get excited over the ‘shine’ rather truly understanding the function-ability of a product.)

      Ice cream scoops are what we use at the bakery. But they are not clean with thin batters such as a deep chocolate or red velvet. We spend half our time cleaning the large commercial pans because of the batter dripping all over the place. After several hundred cupcakes, that gets annoying and slows down production. We once had a contraption that had the ‘trigger’ on the bottom, but sadly it broke. This would be perfect.

  16. Diana says:


    The stainless steel cookie/muffin scoops that I have are a 2″ and a 1-1/2″. I ordered mine from a Commercial kitchen supply store that was open to the general public.

  17. Pam says:

    I put my batter into a large ziplock bag and snip off a corner. works great and hold a full cake mix, but still messy. I think you could use this batter tip in a Ziplock bag just as if it was an icing bag. That could be nice. Will have ot try it.

  18. Janice Faustine says:

    How long do you bake mini cupcakes?

    • PC says:

      If you’re using the Babycakes cupcake maker, usually around 5 minutes.

      I’m disappointed that this needs to be placed in a flimsy bag. That spells trouble for those of us who use the Babycakes, as that only makes 8 at a time. That means at some point, I’ll either be stuck holding a batter filled bag, or trying to find a place to prop it up! Which leads me to wonder….why couldn’t I get the same results from a large sized squeeze bottle? That would be nice, b/c then I could just make a few at a time, instead of being tempted with several dozen little critters!

      • Katie says:

        Squeeze bottle is genius!! Just tried to use the batter dispenser and I couldn’t get it to squeeze out. After making a huge mess, wasting batter and coming on here, I’m off to fill my X-large squeeze bottle. Keep you posted.

        • Katie says:

          Well the squeeze bottle worked. Absolutely no mess. The flow stops between cupcakes. However it takes a long time and the Wilton large candy making squeeze bottle didn’t even fill one mini cupcake pan (24 cupcakes). I think I will stick with a piping bag and tip. It’s faster and the mess isn’t that bad. Too bad the Perfect Fill Dispensing tip was such a disappointment. Oh well. Keep doing your cupcakes however you’ve been doing them. 🙂

  19. looks good, however, if you add anything to the batter; sprinkles, oreos, chopped reeses, etc. it will not fit thru the opening.

  20. Donna says:

    Looks like just what I need. I notice you use a tall glass to help hold the decorating bag while you fill it. For years I have used one of the tall, cylindrical potato chip cans the same way you use the glass. I’m not going to mention brand names, but I used to use the cardboard one, which worked, but wasn’t very practical as it couldn’t be washed. Was I ever glad when another company put their chips in a plastic container. I’ve been using the same one for years!!

    • Kate says:

      I found using a really tall plastic picnic jug works well , mine is tall and thin and an oval shape when looking down on it. The same sort that fits in a fridge door. I use mine so much I’m going to get my husband to take the handle off, I also use the large pastry size bags for less refills.

  21. TOYIN OLAITAN says:

    This is awesome,it will also be Gð for pancake

  22. sandi chotolal says:

    Fantastic idea

  23. Luz Stella Forero says:

    Necesito saber si ustedes venden batidora comercial kitchen Aid referencia KSM7990WH, que precio tiene y que valor tiene el envio para Bucaramanga Colombia.

  24. Tommie O'Sullivan says:

    Well, I’ve discovered the new muffin spoons that Wilton makes. They come as a set in three sizes (mini, regular, jumbo), and they don’t drip. At least when I used them they didn’t drip.

    Also the amount of batter in each cupcake is uniform. I made 44 cupcakes without a single spill for my granddaughter’s birthday.

    Try, ’em, you’ll like ’em.

  25. Maria in NJ says:

    I bought this and was not happy with it at all…I found that the batter took too long to fill the cups…a lot of squeezing…it is much easier to use a ice cream scoop…

  26. Cheryl says:

    I have found an ice-cream disher works the best and is faster. This bag is too tedious to constantly be filling. With a little practice and being careful, a disher will be your best friend.

  27. Christina says:

    This is a neat idea personally I haven’t used it I just use an ice cream scoop its works as long as you fill the scoop the same every time.

  28. Christine Cravatta says:

    Wilton, you come up with a lot of great stuff…but this one thumbs down. It is kind of redundant when you have couplers and big circle tips. I am a Culinary Arts Associate teacher and we use ice cream scoops of various sizes for different size cupcakes. Perfect every time! But thank you for trying to make baking more efficient!

  29. Mercy says:

    Wao, I tried till I decided to use a piping bag the results was good, I’m glad to see i was not lost.

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