Personalize Cupcakes for Dad Using Sugar Sheets

June 16th, 2011 by Yvonne Busdeker

When I found out about Sugar Sheets coming to the market I was very excited because I understood the idea behind it…..scrapbooking! I took this fun opportunity for the family to make some Father’s Day treats. The moment I laid the supplies out on the table for the boys to look through they had a plan to add their artwork to the cupcakes. Our goal was to keep the project simple and sweet and personalized.

I want to preface this post with the fact that I’m NOT a cake decorator, I’m a scrapbooker as are my children. We love art, we love it on everything we do and everywhere we can put it. I’ve very often taken the kids’ artwork over the years and applied it to greeting cards, wrapping paper, and scrapbook paper among other things.

Iced Cupcakes in Grass Baking Cups We began by baking a dozen cupcakes in the Shaped Grass Baking Cups. Once the cupcakes cooled they were all iced.

When I make a large quantity of cards I generally create a design then duplicate it for ease. That same thought was applied to these treats. I selected the Green Stripes Sugar Sheets for the large circle and cut out 12. My youngest, Charlie, then applied the striped circle to the top of each of the iced cupcakes.

Decorating Cupcakes with Sugar Sheets

Next, we cut out a series of starbursts using White Sugar Sheets and the Layered Circles Cutting Insert Set. The starbursts would be layered on top of the Green Striped sheets. Everyone helped with using the punches to cut out all of our shapes. Because the kids were versed with scrapbooking tools they knew exactly what to do. However it was simple enough that even if they weren’t scrapbookers they would have gotten it.

Decorating Cupcakes with Punches

We used pre-cut Alphabet Sugar Sheets to write dad and pappa on a few of the cupcakes. The kids loved using FoodWriters™ to draw on the remaining white starbursts. After each of the starbursts was decorated, we applied icing to the back of them and layered on top of the Green Striped Sugar Sheets.

Decorating Cupcakes with FoodWriters

When all of the cupcakes were completed, we placed 4 each into silver cupcake boxes for presentation. The boys were so proud of their cupcakes. While they were not high-end works of art, they were better because they were fun, simple, and from the hands and hearts of my boys to their dad and pappa aka/grandpa.

Father's Day Cupcakes

Yvonne Busdeker Yvonne is a Product Manager for Party. She is an artist who enjoys expressing her creativity through scrapbooking, card making, general crafting, and graphic design. She loves applying those talents to creating products for the Party team. Outside of work she enjoys time with her family and the outdoors, which fuels her creativity.

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  1. Jenn says:

    What a really good and easy idea, awesome to see the scrapbook creativity come alive in cakes! 🙂

  2. Those came out great! Men can be hard to decorate for and these are perfect!

  3. I have yet to use sugar sheets, but I bet they save a TON of time!

  4. I saw the Sugar Sheets for the first time while at Wilton headquarters recently. I’m so excited to give them a try.
    Your cupcakes are adorable!


    Favor dejarme saber si se encuentra algun punto de compra en la ciudad de Miami, pues me gustaria adquirir algunos articulos de los que he visualizado en su pagina, favor responder al presente mensaje y de antemano de los doy las gracias.

  6. joyce esau says:

    I am really interested in the sugar sheets and was wondering
    if the can used in the Cricut Cake machine. Is so that would be absolutely fantastic. Thank you for any information availabe.

  7. I just purchased some sugar sheets and a punch. I can’t wait to start decorating cute cupcakes with it!

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