Candy Melts Pom-Poms & Pennants Cake

September 18th, 2017 by Erin Gardner

Pom-Poms and Pennants Cake | Erin Gardner
Show support for your favorite team with this fun and easy Pom-Poms & Pennants Cake! I couldn’t help myself from making my cake in my fav pink and yellow color combo, but you can switch up the colors to match your team’s. Make the pennants on treat sticks to use them as cake toppers, or skip that step and place the pennants directly onto your cake or cupcakes.

Using a cutter is a quick way to easily transform Candy Melts into any shape! In my new book, Erin Bakes Cake, I use this same trick, and many more, to create gorgeous cakes using simple tools. I share the most versatile cake recipes along with filling, frosting, cookie, and candy recipes that can be combined in endless ways. The tips, tricks, and decorating techniques found in the book will help you create your own cake adventure!


Make the Pennants

Melt one color of the Candy Melts in a small heatproof bowl. Pour a puddle of the melted candy onto a small parchment lined tray. Tap the tray against your work surface to smooth the candy and release any air bubbles. Place the pennant cutter into the melted candy and pop it in the fridge until the candy has hardened, about 5 minutes.

pennant cake 4


Carefully remove the cutter from the tray and push out the hardened pennant. Melt the white Candy Melts in a small heatproof bowl and pour the melted candy into a piping bag or paper cone. Fill in the pennant tabs with the melted candy. Gently tap the tray against your work surface to smooth out the piped candy. Pick the pennant up and move it to a clean spot on the paper. Wipe away any excess melted candy.

pennant cake 6


Pipe your message onto your pennant and set it aside to harden, about 5 minutes.

pennant cake 8


Once the candy has hardened, flip the pennant over. Dip the end of a treat stick into the same color of melted Candy Melts. Place the dipped end of the stick on the back of the pennant. Set the pennant aside until the candy has hardened completely before using it on your cake. Repeat the whole process with other colors to make more pennants.

pennant cake 9

Use your finished pennants right away or store them in an airtight container at room temperature for up to four weeks.

Decorate the Cake

Top your freshly iced cake with an assortment of sprinkles in your team’s colors.

Fill a piping bag fitted with a Wilton 2010 tip with buttercream in one of your team’s colors. Hold the bag near the edge of the cake very close to the surface. Apply pressure to the bag and pull it away while you release pressure, creating long strands of buttercream that will drape over the sides of the cake. Repeat a few more times to round out the bottom of your pom pom. Pipe a couple more tufts of buttercream coming up from the first few you piped towards the top of the cake. Repeat, alternating colors, around the top edge of your cake.

pennant cake 13

Fill a piping bag fitted with a large star tip with one of the colored buttercreams. Pipe a simple shell border around the bottom edge of the cake.

Top the cake with your finished pennants and cheer on your team!

pennant cake 16


Enjoyed this project? Find more incredible cake decorating ideas and instructions in my new book, Erin Bakes Cake!

Erin Bakes Cake by Erin Gardner

Erin Gardner Erin Gardner developed her cake decorating skills as a pastry chef in numerous New England kitchens, most notably at Boston’s legendary Locke Ober. After a sugar flower class in NYC, Erin struck out on her own with Wild Orchid Baking Co. Since opening her shop, she’s a won on Food Network’s Sweet Genius, and received nods from both Martha Stewart Weddings and Brides Magazine as one of the top pastry pros in the country. Her cakes have also been featured in Town & Country, The Knot, OK Magazine, Grace Ormonde, American Cake Decorating, Cake Masters and more. In addition to making wedding cakes, she now teaches from her NH cake studio and as a Craftsy instructor. When she’s not playing with sugar, Erin can be found enjoying the gorgeous New Hampshire seacoast with her husband and son.

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