Pops! Fun to Make, Fun to Eat!

January 21st, 2011 by Steve Rocco

Pops! Pops! Pops! They are popping up everywhere! The “pop”ular trend these days is all about treats on a stick, especially cake balls. Just like the cupcake trend, these edible favorites have been around for a long time. Wilton has been showing cookies, candies, and petite cakes on sticks for years, but now it is highlighted even more due to the growing demand of this phenomenon for treats on a stick!

Pops! Sweets on a Stick! Wilton recently released a new publication, Pops! Sweets on a Stick, with hundreds of ideas for a wide range of pops! There are cereal treats, cake balls, petite cakes, and brownies to name only a few.

When I first began designing these edible projects, I was focused on fun celebrations for kids. I soon discovered that these treats are not just for the kids, but also for the kid at heart. Adults love them too!

Pops can be sophisticated as well! Monograms and other types of personalization can be added for weddings and engagement parties. They are also great for dessert when having friends over for dinner.

Pops! Sweets on a Stick!Name a theme for your party and we have a pop to support it! Cowboys, princesses, baseball, baby, bears, aliens, dolls, dinosaurs, the list can go on forever! Designing all these treats was so much fun. People ask me all the time, “where do you get your inspiration?“ The inspiration for this was endless. All I had to do was wander in party stores, paper goods stores and see what is trendy. Of course you can never go wrong with designing something with a face on it. The fun expressions should make you smile when you look at them, and we have plenty of characters to make you smile!

Pops! Sweets on a Stick! Holidays were a must to have in the Pops! book. We have bunnies for Spring, turkeys for Fall, Santa and his elves for Christmas, and of course Halloween would not be complete without having spooky treats to hand out to the kids!

Of course pops are fun to eat, but making them is equally as fun when using products created especially for the pops line. We have a wide range of pans, sprinkles sets, and dipping candies just to name a few. No need to worry about how to present these creations, Wilton has designed a line of giftable products. Mini treat bags, boxes, and stands help showcase any pop you make!

We are very excited here at Wilton to introduce our Pops! Book…I know you will be excited as well!

Enter our Pops Sweepstake!

Pops Decorating Kit!To help celebrate our new Pops line, FIVE lucky readers of this blog will each win a Pops Decorating Kit, valued at $125.00. Included in the Kit are some of our most popular Pops decorating tools and accessories.

How to win:

  • Visit our online Pops store or our Pops recipe page and tell us in a comment (on this blog post) your favorite. Please do not publish your address or phone number in your comment.
  • Contest begins at 10 AM CST on Friday, January 21 and will close at 11:59 PM CST on Tuesday, January 25, 2011.
  • One entry per day/per person. Winners selected in a random drawing.
  • Previous winners of Pops Decorating Kits not eligible to win.
  • We’re sorry, the contest is open to U.S. residents only.
  • Please read the Official Sweepstake Rules.

The contest is closed. Winners have been notified by email. Thank you for participating!

Steve Rocco Steve is the Senior Director of Cake and Visual Design for Wilton Products. He is responsible for designing all the projects for Wilton's publications and packaging. Steve works with a team of 17 cake decorators who create a 3-d work of edible art from his sketches. Steve has been with Wilton for 24 years and within that time he has been responsible for thousands of project ideas ranging from cookies, candies, and cakes. Steve is also responsible for art directing the photography for all of Wilton's publications, working with a team of photographers and prop stylists to create the mood and sets to showcase all the projects created by Wilton's cake decorators.

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  1. Patty H says:

    I love the star pops cookie pan. They are great for any time of the year and can be decorated in so many different ways and used to celebrate pretty much any occassion!

  2. Gretta J. says:

    I would love to try the vanilla sugar cookies on a stick recipe to make cake pops. I have made cake pops with regular cake mix but never sugar cookie mix. Sounds fun!

    bamagv at aol dot com

  3. denise says:

    They all sound great so I guess I’ll say Carrot Cake Ball Pops.

  4. Melissa says:

    The People Sprinkles and Candy Eyeballs are my favorites! I usually have the hardest time piping on such tiny details… sprinkles are the perfect “cheat”!

  5. Christina says:

    Mmmm!! The Caramel Apple Cake Ball Pops sound so good! So good, in fact, I am trying to think of a reason to make them … NOW!

  6. Christine says:

    Of course the one that is my favorite would be for my boyfriend, he loves red velvet cake, so this would be perfect for him!


  7. I love anything to do with peanut butter, so my favorite would have to be the peanut butter cup cake ball pops! Sounds SO yummy!

  8. shayna says:

    i love the basic cake ball pops – chocolate and chocolate all the way!

  9. pamela says:

    The red velvet pops! Omg I’m already drooling.

  10. Pops decorating stand looks like a must have!

  11. Marie says:

    The Coconut Cream balls would have to be my favourite! Love anything with coconut and these would be perfect little snowballs or tint green for grass and add a few icing dots for eggs and it’s a perfect Easter pop!!

  12. Sara Blake says:

    I definitely want to try the caramel apple cake pops!

  13. Red says:

    I think the Flower Pops Cookie Pan is my favorite – flowers are so much fun to decorate. =)

  14. Katrina says:

    I would like to try the tripple chocolate strawberry cake pops! How fun!!

  15. Robin S says:

    I’d have to go for the red velvet pops… mmmm!!

  16. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Cat Davis, Emilie, Wilton, Jenny Barnett Rohrs, Christy Newell and others. Christy Newell said: RT @WiltonCakes: Pop over to our blog for a chance to win a Pops Decorating Kit! http://s.wilton.com/hGlhXC […]

  17. erica says:

    I would love to make the Basic Pop and then turn it into something cute for Valentine’s day. These are such cute ideas and I love the fact that you make a ton of fabulous products to help make the pops look perfect!


  18. Julie L says:

    Would love to try the pops decorating stand. I always struggle with how to get things decorated just right and that looks like a great way to keep them in place.

  19. Owen's Mom says:

    I love the Star Pops Silicone Mold and would use it to make the Coconut Cream recipe.

  20. HARMONY WELLS says:


  21. Lupe Ortiz says:

    Would love to win one of your pops book. Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks, Lupe.

  22. Heather J says:

    I love the display stand!

  23. Chrissie Braddock says:

    Love to try the caramel apple cake pops

  24. Melissa says:

    I love the chocolate pro melting pot!! It makes the chocolate the perfect consistency to dip pops into!!

  25. Amanda says:

    I would love to try the caramel apple cake balls!

  26. I would love know now how to dip my cake pops in chocolate. I sold cake pops, purchased all the materials and made them, when I went to dip them… they failed miserably!!! So having a kit will be a tremendous help!

    The Chocolate Mint Crunch recipe sounds so delicious! My favorite design idea are the teddy bears 🙂

  27. Nancy Stymacks says:

    I can’t wait to try Almond Crunch Cake Ball Pops recipe.
    Almonds are a favorite in my household-especially during the holidays.

  28. Amanda says:

    I like the Pops decorating stand. It looks like it wouldn’t take too much ‘sprucing up’ to make it a display stand!

  29. Jill Bogs says:

    Love all the ideas but looking forward to Valentine treats!

  30. Tanya Cormier says:

    I am dying to try the butter pecan pops and my children would like to try the smores pops.

  31. Shayna says:

    S’mores cake pops look deeeelish! I definitely need to try them 🙂

  32. Jessica Bowden says:

    I’ve had cake pops but never tried to make them…those peanut butter cup cake ball pops sound delish!!!! Guess I need to try and make some 🙂

  33. I love your new Cake Pops book! I made my first pops last week & they came out great! I also love your cake pops holder. That by far is the greatest invention for the cake pop craze. As soon as I wonder if they make a product to help me with baking, Wilton has it available. Way to stay on top of the game!

  34. Cindy says:

    I guess I wanne try all of them! It looks so yummy!!

  35. Giovanna G says:

    I love the cupcake display stand, and the fondant 🙂

  36. Crystal says:

    I would love to try the butter pecan recipe in the star pan. My dad is a HUGE fan of everything butter pecan, and since he has been diagnosed with dementia his sweet tooth is enormous! We always try to have something easy to put together for him, and I think that would be a new favorite. Thanks for sharing the recipes! =)

  37. Tara Grant says:

    I love the S’Mores pops, so easy to make and so delicious!!

  38. Laura says:

    I haven’t made them before so anything would work for me!

  39. Melissa says:

    I loovee the idea of the popcorn pops! They’re totally adorable and the next time I have a party, I so need to do that!

  40. Kevin Berrios says:

    Coconut Cream Cake Ball Pops FTW!

  41. Michelle says:

    My girls and I love to bake sugar cookies together, so obviously the first pop recipe to attract my attention is the Vanilla-Sugar Cookies On-a-Stick recipe! I can’t wait to try them!

  42. heather says:

    These are great!! So nice for Valentine’s Day! Thank you

  43. Amy Howells says:

    I’ve never made cake pops, but I’m always making Chocolate Lollipops for different events. I’m totally in love with the melting pro pot. Melts the chocolate quick and stays warm for as long as you want. I would love to learn how to make cake pops cause I think they will be a great addition to my many talents.

  44. Nancy Williamson says:

    Pops Cookie Cutters are the best! I use them with cookie dough, brownies, and fondant. They are easy to wash and last forever. 🙂

  45. Stephanie Knellinger says:

    The popcorn pops look so cute! I just got into cake decorating recently. I’m still in the middle of the Wilton classes. I’m having so much fun and would love to learn how to make pops! 🙂

  46. karen says:

    I definitely want to try the Creamsicle Cake Ball Pops. Not only is it one of my favorite flavor combinations but my 4 year old loves it too and I bet he would get a HUGE kick out of having it in a pop!

  47. Summer says:

    The pops decorating stand looks like it would be essential for making the best looking pops 🙂

  48. Amy Ruschmeier-Spiess says:

    Your recipe for the S’mores Cake Ball Pops looks sooo delicious!! That would be the first thing I would try with the kit!! My daughters would LOVE it!!!

  49. Tina says:

    Caramel Apple Cake Pops sound delicious..I’ll be trying those!!mmmm!!

  50. kelly boldon says:

    those gold fish bowls are ridiculously cute

  51. Brenda says:

    My favorite recipe is the basic call ball because they can be used for any designs or holidays. I also use the star pop pan a lot, my children love the star designs.

  52. Antoinette says:

    I looked through my book over and over and really had a hard time picking a favorite. But, I’m going to go with all the cute farm animals. I’m already thinking they’d go perfect with a barn cake. 🙂

  53. Alex says:

    I am so going to buy this book! But after looking at the store, I did not know that Wilton sold the candy dip? I always buy the candy melts and melt it and use that for dip. I love the candy melts, but Im going to go on a search for the dip now!

  54. Susan says:

    I love the Christmas molds. My husband has a HUGE family and the best treats are homemade. My girls and I spend a week around Christmas time making candy and cookie pops to put in baskets. Then we give the baskets as gifts. It’s a great way to spend family time and teach the girls that “it’s the thought that counts”

  55. Gina Sandoval says:

    Would love to try the Chocolate Mint Crunch Cake Ball Pops recipe. And there are so many adorable little pops I cant decide on a character!

  56. Jennifer says:

    Love the pirate pops. Making them today for my son’s birthday!

  57. Stephanie says:

    I haven’t tried doing the pops yet, but wouldn’t winning this prize be a great way to start??? I love all the great designs and with Valentine’s Day coming up, this would be a super way to say I Love You!

  58. Rachael says:

    My favorite is the Peanut Butter cake pops! I LOVE anything that has chocolate & peanut butter!!! YUMMY!!! 🙂

  59. Chellsey says:

    I would love to try the sugar cookie pops!! they could be used many things, just decorated different ways!!

  60. Yael says:

    Your pop stands look great!!! Would you consider making them in plastic or metal – so that they are washable?!!!

  61. Czianya says:

    I really like the cake pops gifting supplies, I’ve had to make my own when I make them and these make it so much easier!

  62. Jodi says:

    Pops are new to me! I had no idea they were so popular until I saw this blog and all the comments for the thousands of different recipes for pops. I am excited to try these and I hope I win!! : ) I think the first one I’ll try is the Peanut Butter Ball Pops. Yum!

  63. Maegan Tosh says:

    I just learned about cake pops and have made 2 batches in 2 weeks. My favorite to do is funfetti cake mix, vanilla icing, covered in white chocolate with sprinkles. it’s amazing! I would love to win any of these things.

  64. Gina B. says:

    I love love love the new pops book!
    Ordering one and the hearts pan to make some Valentine treats 🙂

  65. Dana Ketchum says:

    I LOVE the Butter Pecan Cake Pops! I just made them and they turned out great! I have just started making and selling cake pops and they really are a hit!

  66. Meagan Paullin says:

    I love all of the choices of sprinkles and candies designed for these!! I am excited to make these with the kids… Great ideas on the site here.


  67. Patty D. says:

    The Chocolate Mint Crunch recipe looks AMAZING! I didn’t see any clovers, but that would be a delicious St. Patrick’s Day treat!

  68. Jennifer fregoe says:

    I love cake pops best idea ever and the choices are to many!!!

  69. Felicia Bruner says:

    I love the Heart Cookie Treat Pan! Thank you for the giveaway! 🙂


  70. Susan says:

    My favorite recipe is the basic. I can’t wait to get the Pops book!

  71. Kitty says:

    I love the candy eyes, I have such a hard time getting eyes to match when piping them on, ones either too big or lopsided and the candy eyes take all of that away!

  72. Stacey W. says:

    There are so many cute ideas but a couple of my favorites are the Tulips Treats Cookies and the the Popcorn pop treats.

  73. Lauren Colwell says:

    I love the Valentine pops, I want to make those for my daughter’s kindergarten party next month!

  74. Renea says:

    I love the little baby heads. What a cute idea for a baby shower!

  75. Tina Becker says:

    The pops doilies are super cute! 🙂

  76. tammie says:

    I’ve been using Wilton products for over 30 yrs. Love Wilton! Have yet to try the cake pops but have a bday party coming up and you can bet they will be on the menu!

  77. Kim Getchell says:

    I think I’m going to pick up stuff today to try the creamsicle cake ball pops. Yum-o!

  78. Monica Aguilar says:

    OMG! I love this whole cake pop idea! I have only tried the basic cake pop recipe but they were extremely delicious and a big hit. Even my hard to please relatives were really won over by this concept. This weekend i am going to try out one of the more adventurous recipes. Can’t wait!!!

  79. Lydia Sestito says:

    I’m making cake pops today! I really love the whole concept of any kind of sweet on a stick, its so fun! Right now my favorite is the hearts for upcoming Valentine’s Day but once Spring hits I’m want to try those adorable bumble bees! 🙂

  80. Jennie Hawkins says:

    These pops look like they are fun to make and even better to eat.

  81. Dianna Breeden says:

    I love making the ball pops. In the future I do want to try a turtle shape.

  82. H Williams says:

    the coconut cream pops sound luscious… can’t wait to try them!

  83. Tammy says:

    i am a huge fan of all things wilton i have the entire ultra gold bakeware set. I would love to own the pop gift set i would add it to my review page and make wilton very hqappy about the review i can’t wait

  84. Amy Madvig says:

    I really like how versatile they are and the fact they can still be cake. I like the Ice Cream Cone pops. Perfect for a kids birthday party!

  85. Karen says:

    I like the basic pops recipe. I like to keep the pops cold. The outside is crunchy while the inside is soft and moist. They are awesome!

  86. Brandy says:

    I’ve made basic cake balls… but what I would REALLY love to make are the S’mores cake balls. Guess I’ll have to make a special occasion so I can make them sooner rather than later. I’m thinking a “Yay, the snow finally stop falling, so we’re one step closer to having a campfire and making real S’mores!” party might be in order!

  87. Kristen Paskus says:

    Love the cake pops!!! How awesome is that!

  88. Jessica says:

    I love all Wilton products and I am so excited to start on the pops! My favorites are the baby pops.

  89. Ashley James says:

    The Chocolate Chip Cake Ball Pops sound yummy!! What a cute idea. I can’t wait to make some!

  90. I wanna try the S’mores Cake ball pops! And my kids would love the star pan to make pops in!

  91. Natalia Burgess says:

    I absoluty love cake pops. They make an easy fun snack for my little ones to have after school. My favorite item for cake pops has to be the decorating stand. Its make decorating them so much easier and I can just leave them there and let the kids grap one as they go.

  92. Sue Blando says:

    All things Wilton are fabulous, I have never been disappointed! I’ve taken cake decorating classes and put to use everything I learned and the products are top notch!

  93. Wendy Tiano says:

    Love the idea of the candy dipping. Such a great idea. The pops are all adorable.

  94. Lauren says:

    I love the heart mold! My daughter and I were trying to find something small but fun to make for her friends for Valentine’s day! That heart pop mold is perfect!! Can’t wait to get the mold and start making valentine treats!!

  95. Naomi says:

    I love the flower pots! They’re so cute!

  96. Jessica McGonagle says:

    These are super cute!!! I love these!!!

  97. Judy R says:

    My favorite is the Chocolate Malted Cake Balls. I can’t wait to make them

  98. Tammie Allegro says:

    I really love the dinosaurs. So cute. I really need to get the book. I just got a mold I ordered and I can’t wait to use it.

  99. Andrea says:

    I love everything about pops, my favorite that i have made were little witches and ghosts, they were absolutely adorable!

  100. Anna says:

    I can’t wait to make some valentine pops, and my favorite that I’ve made so far were mini wedding cakes, they were such a hit! I make my own frosting which is way better than any can. They are sooo yummy!

  101. Carole says:

    Sooooo many cute ideas………can’t wait to get the book!

  102. Lisa stebbins says:

    I have the Wilton Pops Book. I love all of them. I bought the mold to make the people. We love the animals. And the basic balls are just fun to dip and sprinkle.

  103. Amanda says:

    I love all the different sprinkles you could use to decorate and also the pops display stand! So many possibilities!!!

  104. Melinda Redman says:

    My favorite are the Valentine pops, I want to make those for my daughter’s pre-K party next month! I am so excited to buy the book. Looks like there are so many wondrful ideas!!

  105. Brittany says:

    I used the monkey pop molds for my son’s 1st birthday. They were so easy to make and they were a really good hit with the kids. They are really cute and I will use them again for another occasion. I will use any Wilton pop molds. I live by wilton products.

  106. Sue says:

    My daughter loves making pops, this kit would be a great surprise for her! She is so talented! She’s always running out of stuff for them!

  107. april says:

    i started this past christmas with the basic ball yummy .! My boys saw what i was doing and joined in! i would love to expand

  108. Amy says:

    I love the pops decorating stand – can’t wait to try it!

  109. Logan says:

    Love the little baby pops and Christmas trees. Haven’t tried the molds yet and look forward to using them.

  110. danielle says:

    I love the popcorn pops! those are adorable! My kids would love thes and now that they are interested in baking and learning more of what mommy loves to do this would be perfect for them to create!

  111. Tanya says:

    I can’t wait to try out some of your recipes! French toast cake pops sound amazing! I think I’ll try the s’mores too!

  112. I like the Silicone Petite Hearts Mold

  113. Anna says:

    I want the cake pop stand so much! It would help out immensely!

  114. Jackie says:

    I cannot wait to try these…I’m going to start with the “basic” pop and then branch out. They look whimsical and just the right size! Desserts should make people smile, and I’m sure these will!

  115. Sabrina L. says:

    everything looks yummy but i would love to try the coconut cream cake ball pops first. coconut cake is my favorite so i’m sure i would love this.

  116. Brandi says:

    I’m excited to make the valentine cookie pops!! Want to make a bouquet for my husband for valentines day 🙂

  117. Amy Osborn says:

    I really think the star pops cookie pan would be great. You could use that for many different occasions. amy

  118. Leslye says:

    My kids love the pops! They are sooo easy.

  119. Monica says:

    No matter what the design, I have fallen in love with the Silicone Molds. They don’t stop at my cake/candy decorating either. I’ve got almost 2 sets of every style I have so that I can have one set for cake/candy/foods, and another set for plaster/craft creations. The kids love being able to eat candy trees while painting their own Plaster of Paris creation of the same!

  120. Melissa says:

    I love the pops that look like popcorn!

  121. Mayra says:

    Love the pops, can’t wait to make some…..

  122. Nissa says:

    So many great options! My favorite one to try is the Peanut Butter cupcake ball pops!

  123. Ann says:

    How could I ever pick a favorite pop??!! I love them all!! I do think that one of my favorites is the mini birthday cake pop. It’s so cute and festive!

  124. Kari says:

    I love the peanut butter pops!!! I am just getting into making Wilton’s pops, and I just can’t stop. My husband knows every week I have to have a new set to try!!

  125. Erin Schillo says:

    Those popcorn pops look adorable!

  126. Kimberly says:

    Pops are such a great idea for a children’s party. I love the dinosaur pops and the fishbowl pops. Both are very adorable!

  127. Eliza Klinger says:

    I like the S’mores Cake Balls Pops recipe. Smores are too yummy and the recipe looks delish and would be fun to make with my daughter. This kit would be fantastic!

  128. jann says:

    this year i made pumpkin rolls and then made pops out of the cake/icing that i cut off of the ends of the rolls. i had added cinnamon to the cream cheese filling. these were sooo yummy.

  129. Stacey says:

    I love all the recipes for different flavored pops! I can’t wait to try the Creamsicle!

  130. Beth Swords says:

    I love them all but my favorite is the peanut butter!!

  131. Jennifer says:

    my favorite is the star they are so fun to decorate and there are so many differnt things that can be done with them and it is a great activity to do with my 4 year old she loves to put the decorations on them

  132. Jennifer says:

    oh so many to choose from, but how cute is the one that looks like popcorn?!!

  133. Jennifer Woodward says:

    So many great ideas. I can’t wait to try some out !

  134. Jennifer says:

    I think the caramel apple cake ball pops sound interesting… but who can argue with peanut butter and chocolate? Always a favorite.

  135. Gina D says:

    i love pops. my fav is the Pops! Sweets on a Stick

  136. Leah says:

    My 5 yr old daughter and I are just so excited to use this book. We love baking and to try something new like these pops – would just be so fantastic… She already has our first creation picked out – the dinosaur ones for her little brothers 3rd birthday – HE LOVES DINOSAURS! And she LOVES her brother!!!

  137. Erin says:

    I’m SO excited to try more of these!!! My favorite…boy, that’s hard – I love them all! I really like the animals and cars (thinking of my kids here). I’ve made cake pops that look like Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast, and now I’m hooked!

  138. Christopher Sorel says:

    All the pops sound good but will be making some Peanut Butter Cup Cake Ball Pops this weeked then some pound cake ones. Kids will have some fun

  139. T. Myers says:

    OMGGGG!! The Birthday Cake pop is AWESOME!! I just love making and eating then. Oh wait, did I say I loved them or the Kids, lol. Well, that’s if they get to them fast. I’m always first, because I’m make them 😉 they are the ultimate treats at children partys.

  140. H Williams says:

    ready to give the pops a try… they look fun and not too difficult. Any tips for a first try?

  141. Diana Shingler says:

    The pop cake stand is my favorite. Such a useful tool. Thank you

  142. Kim ONeill says:

    Such a great idea! Love the Red Velvet pops…..it’s my family’s favorite cake. So cute for Valentine’s! My children love to bake so this will be a big hit as they can do most of it themselves.

  143. April Manning says:

    These are the cutest idea. They are great for kids birthday parties etc. My favorite is so far the basic cake pop. Can’t wait to try more.

  144. I consider myself a Baker, but would love to consider myself a Popper, too, someday! Can’t wait to get started!

  145. Julie Grimberg says:

    I love them all.. my daughter would love the elmo cookie pops

  146. Carla says:

    i love the new pops my daughters 2nd birthday and i’m trying to figure out what to do for her birthday. Last year i made her the spongebob ya’ll had and it was sooo cute. I did good. So this year i have so many options since she’s older and because of the selection. Everything is too cute. But i know i’m gonna make some of the pop and am so glad that ya’ll are caring the candy googly eyes. goo cool.

  147. LeAnn says:

    I want to make the caramel apple cake pops first–there are several recipes that look delicious! Thanks for great ideas.

  148. Mary Lower says:

    The basic cake pops are great. I’m looking forward to trying more!

  149. April Roth says:

    These are so cute! I would have to start with the book!

  150. Heather Howard says:

    I love these. They are so cute. I will be making these for my child’s Valentines party at school.

  151. mather_mishmash says:

    Would love more “pop” supplies…I’ve been put on cake pan restriction…lol

    The “Almond Crunch Cake Ball Pops” recipe is really good…. I also made it using a Banana cake mix and it was delicious.

    Back to playing with my fondant :^)

  152. amber w. says:

    I would like to make Valentine’s Pops.

  153. annette says:

    these are an awesome idea, thinking about making the red velvet pops for a valentine’s party!

  154. Amy Graham says:

    I love the popcorn pops. So cute!

  155. Jennifer Vandenborn says:

    I love making pops for each of my childrens events at school and for my home buisness( home day care) The kids love them and love making them. I try to have every child creat their own unique pop. They have so much pride from their own creations.

  156. Jen says:

    Love the pop decoration stand.

  157. Lindy says:

    I made my first pops for a Christmas party, little decorated Christmas trees, they were a hit! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get the Pops decorating stand, so much better than my upside down paper box, lol.

  158. Tami Vollenweider says:

    I’d would love to try the Coconut Cream Cake Ball Pops! I love anything with Coconut!

  159. Tori says:

    Oh I’m so happy to see this blog…love these little pop ideas…going to have to get that book. 🙂

  160. melissa borgfeld says:

    i love the vanilla-sugar cookie on a stick recipe. so easy to make and taste great.

  161. Nita says:

    My favorite is the candy dip, it is so easy to use!

  162. Christina Fox says:

    I have ordered the book, cant wait to get that in the mail…any day now!
    The Valentine Red Monster Pop is super cute!!! I think I will try making that for Valentines. For anytime pops, I like the Jungle Pals Pix, they really have nice colors and would make nice colorful pops. However, first I will have to get and make the princess pops with the princess pops pix for my little princess! 🙂

  163. Kathleen says:

    Love the little baseball players! And I want to try the vanilla sugar cookies on a stick also 🙂

  164. Christi says:

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    alholm.co at gmail dot com

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    Not only would these be awesome molded into footballs or helmets for a Superbowl party, but they look so easy to make.

    It’s the perfect fit for my blog, since I show college students how to make dishes without access to a kitchen, and all you need are a few Wilton essentials (and a microwave) to create a real conversation-starting treat.

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    bamagv at aol dot com

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  324. Jodie says:

    The basic cake balls recipe is great. It’s also easy to do; if I have extra cake scraps from leveling my cake, I just place it in a ziplock in the freezer. When I have enough, I’ll follow the recipe and be able to make cake balls!

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  340. sandra lewis says:

    This would be wonderful for my valentines from my son to his classmates.

  341. Tara M says:

    I have not used them yet. Just started reading the blog! My Mom used WIlton for everything and those Molds are very cool!!

  342. Emma says:

    I just finished making strawberry cake pops for my co-workers. I would love to add more items to my collection of Wilton. Love making cake pops and have shown friends how to make them and they love it too

  343. Brenda Andrews says:

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  345. Love making pops. Just made some with cookies and frosting.. yum!!

  346. Megan Mohatt says:

    I have to say, I think the popcorn pops in the popcorn bucket is so adorable! I’m also loving all the different combinations of cake that can be used, I would never have been creative enough to put some of those together! Hope I win, I want this!!! 🙂

  347. Bonniesue Rosenwald says:

    I love making pop! Now I will make them better!!!

  348. Tara says:

    Oh.My.Gosh. I am drooling reading the coconut creme recipe! What can possibly be more delish than that? I imagine these in so many different ways – an elegant wedding pop with pristine white coconut on the outside of the pop with a single flower…or perhaps with a coating of pineapple-infused coconut toasted just right making a pseudo-pina colada. I could go on all night! 🙂 🙂

  349. Christine says:

    Love the hearts pops, we are trying to figure out how many to make for wedding favors. Thanks for the great idea.

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  351. Jennifer says:

    I love the new book, but my favorite item right now is the 10-Pc. Fondant/Gum Paste Tool Set. This would really come in handy designing and decorating the many different pops I could make!

    This for the chance to enter such a great contest!

  352. Deb Gates says:

    I really like the 3-D Mini Bear Pan. Even without the Pops Book, my mind is already imagining all the cute little bear pops I could make with this fun little pan.

  353. elaine says:

    almond crunch

  354. Cathy says:

    They were a hit! and so decadent

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    i agree, your new book would be great for someone like me who has been afraid to try these pops. i could have the pictures in front of me. oh god, i would love this book!

  358. Brandy DeHaas says:

    Caramel Apple or peanut butter!!

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    I recently bought the Pops! book and think all of them are cute and recipes sound delicious!! Can’t wait to try them all out!! I hope I win, I love making Cake Pops!!!

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    S’Mores Cake pops

  363. Jenna says:

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    The patriotic cookie cutter set is more versatile than it appears. I used the shooting star cutter and made them into 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc ribbon cake pops for a youth sports banquet…..the kids loved them and regardless of what place their team came in, three reward was just as yummy.

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    I really like it all, but my favorite is the book.
    I peeked in the book and it really does have a pop for almost any occasion.
    The recipes for the pops seem quite delicious! Especially the Almond crunch cake ball.

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    • I taught myself to decorate cakes more than 40 yrs ago, from a Wilton book with the how to section…..have made many wedding and birthday cakes and have my second set of decorator supplies. Now its time for some new ones…I cannot do the decorating like I used to due to arthritis in my hands…..a good idea might be to make the tips and bags more ergonomic for us with limited motion in our hands. I dearly love your books.

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  482. nicole says:

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    I want to make pops now, I din`t know there was a pops magazine. Wonderfull!!! Another use for the melting pot also!!!

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    thanks for the chance to win!
    Jennifer Post

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  514. Rachael says:

    I love the heart and Valentine themed Pops. My husband is in the Navy and we don’t get to see each other very often, so when he is home, I always stick one of them in the lunch I pack him for the day. Not only are they adorable, but they are just the right size for a quick dessert before he has to get back to work!

  515. Judi Adelman says:

    I cannot wait to try them all and then teach them in one of my Kid classes ( that includes big kids as well) The malted cake ball looks like it would taste just like a whopper ( my fave)

  516. Karla says:

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  520. Darcy Mitchell says:

    These are so stinkin cute. I tried to make some last week with the granddaughter. Neededless to say I need to practice AND now there more stuff I think I need. Like the thing that holds them and the melting pot. yep Michaels here I come.

  521. Eliza Klinger says:

    daily entry
    I like the Comfort Grip cutters. There are many fun shapes to make yummy pops!

  522. Jen Schmitt says:

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  530. STACEY GAWELKO says:

    I like the cookie cutters that are the “easy” grip. My son has special needs and this makes it easier for him to help mom cook!! Thank you for making these!!!

  531. Rian Nunez says:

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  532. Markie says:

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  533. Denise says:

    I would have to say the Chocolate Malted Cake Balls as my favorite, they sound delicious.

  534. Michele says:

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  535. Tara says:

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  536. sandy ivy says:

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  537. Tammy Cartwright says:

    I am excited to learn how to do the pops, and my 5 yr old grand daughter is sooo excited also.. I am taking the Wilton Cake classes now, so I am very excited to learn the pops also..

  538. Cassie says:

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  539. Robyn says:

    I love the Red Monster of Love Cake Pop! Its so cute and would be perfect for a Valentine’s Day party!!

  540. wendie boswell says:

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  541. andra says:

    The triple chocolate strawberry pops sound wonderful! I would love to see the pops added as part of the Wilton courses!

  542. Hi just received this book abt two weeks ago.. I was super excited to see new ideas for the pops… I flipped thru the book more then 10 times in one day. I was so thrilled by all the cute figure and ideas I can try myself… my favorite pop of the book was the one with three different color patterns. I wouldnt thought of that one myself with Wilton book help off course. 🙂

  543. gail feinberg says:

    LOVE the red velvet. Ordered the pops book and can’t wait for it to arrive.

  544. Suzy Stewart says:

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    These are a great idea for the birthday parties we are doing coming up, i need a kit!

  547. Erica Best says:

    The Caramel Apple Cake Ball Pops look great .

  548. Meighan says:

    My daughter and I just love these Pops! Her favorite is the Nesting Bluebirds and mine are the Sundaes on sticks. We are going to start making these for family birthdays and hopefully spur on the interest my daughter has in baking:)

  549. DM Bellamy says:

    I soooo want the BOOK!!! I want to try EVERYTHING!!!

  550. Tara Kraatz says:

    I can’t wait to make these for my sisters baby showers. I have Are sisters due 3 weeks apart and want to make them for both shower!

  551. Ronie Davila says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the peanut butter ball pops! Its really hits the spot for any peanut butter lover!

  552. Jennifer says:

    I LOVE robots and can’t wait to make robot pops. I’m thinking a fun but classic and universally liked flavor inside like chocolate chip!

  553. Trish Halvorsen says:

    I love the pops flower pot!! So cute!!

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    I think my favorite pop is the “Here’s looking At You Dude”. Ever since I saw the pops I have been thinking I want to get the pans to make them. Now I know it is a must for my SuperBowl party. I am thinking of making Helmets out of them with both teams logos. Can’t decided whether or not to do cake or Brownies though. Anything would be great! I also browsed through the Pop book and that is on my list for a birthday gift! Definitely!

    PS- I live in a very small town (Pop. 986) and no one has seen anything like this before. I think it will be a huge boost to my parties!

  555. Gitte says:

    They are so lovely. I have planned to make som to my childrens birthdays

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    We are hoping to win this kit– Thank you for creating such a great book!

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    andrea.kruse at gmail dot com

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    Recipe wise – the Triple Chocolate Strawberry Cake Ball Pops look divine.

  590. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Wilton, Leah Arluk. Leah Arluk said: RT @WiltonCakes: We’re celebrating, you get the gift! Win a Pops Decorating Kit! FIVE winners! http://s.wilton.com/dY2Ljx […]

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    All of the pops are gorgeous!
    Love the creativity!
    Pops are like new canvases ready to be painted!

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  632. Tori says:

    I have had great compliments on the Triple Chocolate Strawberry Cake Pops. and I have more to make and a order of the red velvet cake pops to go out by this friday! this would be awesome my kids love it and love to help and it helps bring in some extra money for the family!

  633. bleubunny says:

    Caramel Apple! Love them! My daughter and I enjoy making these for all occassions and also just to enjoy mother daughter time and to get her more involved in cooking.

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  655. Red Velvet cake pops for sure! I tried my hand at them for Christmas, and made Rudolph pops to give to friends this year. YUMMY! I got so many compliments, I might have to try them again…and this time, maybe they’ll stay round! I have a picture on my blog.

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  665. Mather-mishmash says:

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  666. Tina Mullins says:

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    MUST I pick just one? Quite a daunting task, you place upon us! But I do so hope I can reap the rewards!!

    I am going to stick to my original thoughts about the Coconut cream. It is incredible yumminess at it’s core! Your varieties for adornments are infinite! After dipped in the white chocolate, you can: drizzle it with some almond-infused chocolate; toast up some coconut and alas, perfection!; mix up a batch of chewy raspberry candy and pop it in the center of your pop; drizzle on some pineapple infused white chocolate and pop a sliver of a banana chip on top and you have an instant pina colada on a stick! And…and….Really, I should stop! I shouldn’t be thinking about eating sugar after five…but now visions of cake and cookie pops are dancing in my head!

  688. Kimberly says:

    I am so excited to try some of your ideas for the cake pops – the balloons, gumball machine and the tea set soo cute! Instead of the fondant I plan to make modeling chocolate from the Wilton melts for a better flavor!

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    There are so many cool ideas, its hard to choose a fav. I love the little fish bowls, or the halloween candles and the balloon bouquet. cant wait to try them myself.

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  700. Karen says:

    The balloons since I’m allergic to the real thing-LOL
    Would be sooo cool to win!

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  706. Tina McArthur says:

    Love the Triple Chocolate Strawberry Recipe. This would be an awesome recipe to try for Valentines day.

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    LOVE THE BOOK!!! =)

  708. Meagan Paullin says:

    I love the Pops Display Stand! I put so much love and time into making a treat special, I want the presentation to be fun too! 🙂


  709. Angela Murphy says:

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  711. Jennifer Miller says:

    I’m so excited to see all the cake pop craze and ideas and accessories that can go along with them! I have made red velvet cake balls with vanilla candy melts and they were such a big hit! Can’t wait to try my hand and some more creative ideas listed here. The reason I am so excited about these is because they travel well! Thanks cake pop creators!

  712. Rebecca says:

    I would love to try to french toast pops! That sounds delicious and I really like that you used butterscotch in the recipe. How unique?!

  713. Amanda Ward says:

    I have never tried the pops but they look like such fun. I’m always looking for new ideas for my daughter to enjoy. Thanks for sharing.

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    Never made cake ball pops before. Peanut Butter Cake Ball Pops sound amazing. I think they’ll be my first. Yum!

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    I Love all of it but really love the recipe for the red velvet cake pops. A good twist to on old classic. Love all the tools too though. YAY WILTON!

  717. Chris says:

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  718. Corinne says:

    Lovin’ the comfort grip butterfly pops cutter for my one and only baby girl’s first birthday in March!!! Think Spring!

  719. Chocolate Cake Pops, simple but timeless… YUMMY!!!!

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  725. BJ says:

    My daughter and I love making the cookie pops together…. can’t wait to start making some brownie pops. My fav new thing to try is going to be the silicone cake and brownie molds. 🙂

  726. Terra says:

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  727. Samantha says:

    I have never tried making the cake pops before, but i do love getting creative in the kitchen. They look like they would b lots of fun to make with the kids… especially to for holidays when you are trying to think of something fast, fun, and easy to make classrooms full of kids!!!!! The coconut cream, and caramel apple sound absolutely delicious!

  728. Tara says:

    I love cakepops and bownie pops…would love to win the kit and try my hand at making the decorative ones for all the holidays..they are yummy, yummy…the best dessert!

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  730. Mandi says:

    Love the Pops Book and the Peanut Butter Cups Ball sound awesome.

  731. Amy says:

    please Wilton keep up the good work…you come up with the most fabulous dessert ideas and party favors….I hope to win this kit so I can make all these great ideas…I love, love the cake pop liner ideas for all the the flower pops…they are so sweet!

  732. Linda Gero says:

    can’t wait to try the Creamsicle Cake Ball Pops… creamsicles where always my husbands favorite & as his birthday is April 9th putting it on the list to serve!!! Thanks!

  733. Gail says:

    I’ve been making cake pops for several years now and I am so excited that Wilton has a wonderful and creative book that is all about the POP! I love love love the front cover of the little mini birthday cake pop, that is my favorite! I also love the recipe for the S’mores cake pops. That sounds like a big gooey mess with yummy sticky marshmallow. A fun project to get your kids involved with. I also liked and drooled slightly, over the French Toast cake pop! What a great idea! Loved all the recipes!! Thanks Wilton, you’ve scored again!!

  734. tawny says:

    Love the smores cake pop idea! I’m absolutely looking forward to some summer time cookouts and picnics I can bring these to. There’s a perfect flavor for everything!

  735. Debbie says:

    Those coconut creme ones sound heavenly. I would use coconut flavored pudding instead of vanilla, maybe a touch of almond flavoring and most definitely toasted coconut would be on them! OMG, wish I wasn’t in a diet contest at work right now!

  736. Caramel Apple Cake Ball Pops!!

  737. Aimee Walker says:

    I cant wait to use the star pops pan. So versatile!

  738. Amanda says:

    I made the Chocolate Peanut Butter Pops earlier today. They are already gone! Needless to say, they are a hit at my house! Thanks so much for the recipe!

  739. TINA MARIE says:

    YUMMO smores.. Cant wait to make them….Every Wilton product so far is spot on….!!!

  740. Sheri Lazare says:

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  741. Jennifer says:

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  742. Lisa says:

    I can’t wait to try all of the Pop! possibilities!!

  743. Christine says:

    I think the Carrot Cake Ball Pops are interesting! Our family usually makes traditional carrot cakes and cupcakes from scratch. I would never have thought about preparing Carrot Cakes as Pops!

  744. Katie McGowan says:

    I like the sports pops. I have a niece and nephew who play basketball and I make them basketball pops for their teammates at the end of the season. This year I am going to try and write the numbers on the pops. Also, I like to get the kids involved and they just love it!

  745. Kelly Smith says:

    The Butter Pecan pops sound delish! My favorite that I have made are the red velvet pops

  746. Anna Eden says:

    Oh, I love them all, this would be great for an upcoming bridal shower – I’d like to try the red velvet. Hope I win would love all the supplies.

  747. Jessica AK LeBlanc says:

    Tried the Coconut Cream cake balls, they are amazing, my favorite so far. Maybe next time with chocolate chips!!

  748. Laura Kubik says:

    These are so easy and fun to make. It’s hard to stop because the possibilities for these pops are so versatile. I have been making these special pops with the little ones at our church, they love eating them just as much as making them. No matter what the theme may be, there is a pop for that. Wilton rocks, and makes even me, the novice, get profession results, easy peasy, lemon squeezy, that’s what the pops are!

  749. Laura Mares says:

    Just made an adorable Valentine Cookie Bouquet using the Wilton Heart Cookie Pop pan! The heart cavities provide the perfect cookie thickness for the cookie sticks and I didn’t have to worry about the stick going through the cookie! Great product!

  750. The Catered Pallet says:

    They all sound yummy to me, how could i choose?? But if i had to the carrot cake pop sounds delicious…

  751. sandy says:

    Made the bumble bee cake pops they were great and everyone loved them. yummmmmy

  752. candy says:

    i love making the red velvet cake balla but my favorite would be the chocolate malted cake balls. i like to make them in just simple balls with different colors,thats just the way i like them,and my familys always ask for them just like that.yet simple but very nice and tasteful.i would love to have this kit.

  753. crystal allen says:

    The Creamsicle cake pops would be my fave! My kids would love these and so would I!

  754. Chrystal Willmoth says:

    I LOVE the decorations that are available for the fun details on the pops, have pre-made decorations help add the fun of decorating with the kids.

  755. Lizzi Lavolpicella says:

    I’d love to win this kit so much! The book seems pretty neat. Something me and my nephews would enjoying making together.

    Caramel apple cake pops would rock my socks! So many cake pop designs for every party!

  756. MaryJane says:

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  757. EliNicole says:

    I love love love the brownie pops! Its such a great idea for those who arent too fond of cake but want brownies instead!

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    I’m addicted to the cake pops! I love them all and everyone around me just can’t wait for me to make more! I want to be more creative and try decorating them the way y’all have in the book! 😉

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  760. Kimberly says:

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  762. Melissa Estrada says:

    Oh, I love them all! I sure hope I win though so I can make the baby ones for my baby shower! I’m having my first baby in August and I’m so excited. 🙂

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  764. Raquel Reyes says:

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    I LOVE the S’mores cake pop recipe! It’s deifinitely one I’m going to have to try – and I’ve never really considered pops before. I love the idea of rolling them in the graham crumbs!
    However, I did check out the store, too and I must admit, I am going to have to buy the ABC 123 cookie cutters. My little girl is just about 3 and she loves her letters and numbers (but doesn’t know them yet). 😀 <-me and my Wilton!

  768. Kim Taylor says:

    I love the new pops! The baseball team is my favorite. Perfect for my sons team.

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  770. Cookie Mamma says:

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  771. April says:

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  772. April M. says:

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    Hi!! I’m so excited to begin with the pops!! I’m already in the cupcakes and I love to do all kind of decorations on it but now I have another challenge with the pops!! I have a 5 year old daughter and in every celebration like valentine’s day, easter, b-day, christmas, halloween, thanksgiving, etc. I bake cupcakes for her to share with her friends at kindergarden!! I think that pops will be a hit for them!! I’ve my hopes up for winning!!

  778. Sue says:

    I love using the molds, so much easier to shape, really helpful with valentine hearts

  779. Floyd says:

    My customers love pops, so easy to make

  780. Sondra says:

    I am such a cupcake fanatic … wanted to branch into fondant, but tasted it for the first time and I found it too sweet (and I am addicted to sugar) … saw these Pops and thought it would be a fantastic spin on my love of making cupcakes for every occasion … I am planning to try making them this weekend for the first time … I need/want all the accessories that are now available … but the first thing I noticed when surfing your Pops store was the Pops display tray … simple, but theses creations will need a place other than a styrofoam block to be displayed … you have thought of everything!! The contest win would be amazing to get me started on this new adventure … hoping to master them and create something unique for my daughter’s 4th birthday in May!!!

  781. Justine says:

    The coconut cream looks amazing! Definitely have to try them!

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  789. I think the pirate heads with the little bandanas and eye patches would be fun to make for a birthday party.

  790. I haven’t tried them yet, but peanut butter cup cake ball pops sound yummy!

  791. Judi Adelman says:

    I love all the ways you can display them what a fun way for a kids party Love the stand and the boxes…

  792. Stephanie says:

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  795. Doreen Chambers says:

    I like the pops decorating stand and the pops display stand. My imagination has gone wild since the book came out. Making more pops tomorrow.

  796. Elaine Raver says:

    The carmel apple pops are amazing, I also really ove the cookie dough recipe! I have only just started to work with pops bt they are fun and fairly simple and perfect for so many occasions! I cant wait until i have another event to try a new recipe and design!

  797. Taryn says:

    Almond Crunch, Chocolate Chip, Creamsicle…they all sound delicious! I love the flavor combinations. yum!

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    After looking at some of the options on the Pops page, I’d love to experiment with a s’mores variety, and a rainbow cake set. How fun would that be?

  799. Nancy says:

    I am very excited to try to make my first pops! I think Pops! Sweets on a Stick book looks like a whole lot of fun waiting to happen. These could be so much more fun than decorating cupcakes!

  800. Susan Hunter says:

    Just recieved my POPS book and was talking about all the cute ideas and recipes at the local small town cafe, when suddenly a POPS togetherness party was planned! About 4-6 of us are getting together at my house to try your basics and then “party-on” with our own experiments. Come on join us! It should be great fun!!!

  801. Ragnhild says:

    poppety poppety pop, they look so fun and cute, nice to see and sweet to eat 🙂

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  803. Tara says:

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  804. Angela says:

    I like the star pops pan – but I’ve made those before. They were the fairy princess wands for the kids to take home that mateched our fairy princess wand cake for my daughters Abby Cadabby party.


  805. tati says:

    I like the Decorating things, esp. the special rolling pin and the gum/paste tool kit!

  806. Judy R says:

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  807. Brooke says:

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  808. Sally Miner says:

    I love the ideas in the Pops book. I have another cookbook of cake pops that are cute but nearly as cute as the ones in THIS book. I can’t wait for a chance to make these up for my staff.

  809. simplydab says:

    LOVED creamsicles as a kid – I’ll have to try this one. http://www.wilton.com/recipe/Creamsicle-Cake-Ball-Pops

  810. Jackie Dryden says:

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  811. Suzanne says:

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  812. Summer says:

    I would really love to win this and try my hand at “pop”-ing. Out of all that you have, I think the pop stand to help with decorating would be what I would need most for these fun projects!

  813. Andrea says:

    I made Pops for the first time last night & my kids LOVED them. What a great little treat! The designs and flavors are endless. I cant wait to go buy the Pops book. Look out cupcakes theres a new treat in town!

  814. erica says:

    I think the POPS book would be absolutely wonderful to have. I always like doing different things for different holidays for friends and family. POPS would be perfect and a great way to show everyone that I care.


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  819. Valerie Arnold says:

    I love the Blossom Brownie Pops 6-Cavity Silicone Mold. I think a brownie boquet would make great gifts for teachers, grandmas, and bake sales. I think all the Wilton Pops are adorable and would help to make baking fun as well as giving baked gifts a totally different spin.

  820. Gretta says:

    The 10 piece Fondant/Gum Paste tool set would be a great addition to my cake pops supplies because it gives me all the tools I need and a convenient carry case to hold them.

    bamagv at aol dot com

  821. Barbara says:

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  822. anne says:

    i used the new candy eyeballs last night on my cake pops- they are FANTASTIC!! keep bringing on the great new sprinkles!!

  823. Cindy says:

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  824. Amber says:

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  826. Jenny says:

    I love POPS I am in a small town and no bakery so I decided to try this myself for a halloween party, need less to say they were a HIT. I have been asked and asked to make them for parties for others but I have been so limited this would be a Wonderful opportunity for me. I Love wilton and have already started my 4yr old twins in the WILTON world They love to help BAKE!!!! Thank you Wilton for all the ideas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  827. Owen's Mom says:

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  832. The candy eye balls are my FAVORITE! Love those and the kids are always looking for fun ways to make eyes. But the recipe book is really the essential item here. It looks very colorful and full of fabulous examples for the kids to follow.

  833. Jennifer C. says:

    My favorite recipe is the Almond Crunch Cake Ball…only because I love almonds.

  834. Jaclyn S. says:

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  837. Lisa says:

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  840. Holly says:

    I think the Just Smile daisy pops with the smiley face are awesome!!! They can be made for a special treat for school or just to say thanks, thinking of you, or anything. I can change the colors for boys or girls. I am adding these to my collection.

  841. Faither says:

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  844. Faith says:

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    I love being the favorite Aunt to my nieces and nephew…I plan to have a sleep over for Valentine’s weekend and hopefully with this gift set and make some of these delicious cakepops with them…they would absolutely love the cakepops..pick me…pick me!!!

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    All the recipes sound great! I can’t wait to try them all (except the peanut butter – I don’t like that). I think all the decorations are great, but my favorite is the little candy eyes.

  853. Mary says:

    I am a grandmother of 3 and these would be the best interactive activity to do with my grandchildren…they love cake bites…so making the cakepops would be awesome…I love all the new quins and sprinkes and wrappers for the cake pops….they would LOVE to make the little creature cakepops! Wilton comes up with the greatest ideas and the best selection of items to make all these delicious cakepops, cookie pops and brownie pops…..can’t wait to get some of this stuff…please pock me and make me the most popular Grandmother ever!!

  854. Leanne says:

    I want to make those awesome brownie pops…they are so yummy!! Wilton you come up with the most delicious ideas for party favors…I would be so excited to win this set….my Birthday was just a few weeks ago and this would be the greatest Birthday gift ever!!!

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    I would love to try this!

  859. I want to try the chocolate malted cake ball pops! Looks yummy

  860. Doreen Chambers says:

    I plan on keeping some smiley face pops around, so I can give them to people who need some quick cheering up.

  861. I think the baby pops will be a fun at a baby shower. So creative

  862. Colby says:

    These look so fun and so cute! I am always looking for new ideas to do every month for my 4-year-old’s snack day at preschool. These look like they would be a hit not only with the kids but with the teachers, too. I’m already getting ideas and cannot wait to try them out on my family “guinea pigs”. 🙂

  863. Maria Gonzalez says:

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    Omg the Vickie cream pops are my fav!!! I have tried towhees coconut and unsweetened and I found a mix of the two is perfect! Thank you Wilton for the recipes and also for something to do with the leftover cake after I even it out. Although reading the Wilton site I have learned so many yechniques my cakes have been coming out fabulous!! Wilton should have a show to showcase the wide variety of themes and great ideas!!

  875. Ron Amundson says:

    You want a favorite out of all those… egads, thats near impossible to pick 1 out of all the others. That being said… peanut butter cup cake ball pops struck me eye first tonight.

  876. Hannah says:

    I love the wilton melter! I love making cake pops.. so many different types to make and a melter would def help! 😛

  877. Emma says:

    My boys and I love making cake pops. They like any flavor as long as they get to put sprinkles on them…and some in their mouth while mom looks away

  878. Christine Brown says:

    The caramel apple pops sound delicious!

  879. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Emily Roemmich, Wilton, Wilton, Maybelline, Shirley Martintutolo and others. Shirley Martintutolo said: RT @WiltonCakes: Last chance! Enter to win a Pops Decorating Kit. FIVE winners. Ends today. http://s.wilton.com/e9XEOq […]

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    I’ve been making cake pops for a while now and I’m very excited about the Wilton cake pop decorating sets. Its nice not to have to buy extra candy that you may not need! Whoo hoo 😀

  887. FoodieJudi says:

    I just got hired for a Southern theme baby shower and what do you think they want RED VELVET The red velvet pops would make for a great party favor decorated in pink and using doilies for ruffles

  888. Leah Rosenbaum says:

    chocolate malted cake ball pops sound delicious,.

  889. Missi says:

    I’ve made a few cookie suckers before, but I am looking forward to start making cake pops. I’ve always had left over cake from leveling my cakes off, now I know what to do with the left over pieces… CAKE POPS!

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  891. Lora Frisbie says:

    I LOVE the red velvet cake Pop recipe. I made these as a treat for the teachers at my school. They didn’t even make it to lunch break. Thank you for the great idea- I love spoiling such hard working and fantastic people. Your recipes and ideas make it easy!

  892. Erica says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on the pops book! I can only image the hours I can put into just reading it! The melter would be the next addition….

  893. Have not had them yet but i do LOVE to bake and would really like to win so i have the tools to make these, they look awesome and would go over well at the parties i cook for.

  894. Amber Joy says:

    I’ve made a few cake pops and my kids love them. My soon-to-be 5 yr old wanted me to make cake pops for her birthday next month. She would be gaga over the book and the chocolate mint crunch cake balls sound so good that I’m gonna have to make those just to make. I would love to have each and every one of the cake products you have!

  895. Sandra says:

    This would be awesome to try. thanks for the chanse.

  896. Kimberly says:

    All of the cake pop recipes look great! I will be trying the S’mores one this weekend!

  897. Donna Armstrong says:

    Yum. The smores sound delicious

  898. Megan says:

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  901. Mika Adams says:

    I love the cake balls that look like cupcakes and the cake…and the fishbowl is an awesome idea! I’m going to have to try these in red velvet with cream cheese…and then maybe oreo balls, too! This is an awesome idea!

  902. Darcy says:

    I love the “Top to Bottom Fun Cookies”!!! I am currently pregnant and these will be a must have for my baby shower!!!

  903. Jennifer Wallace says:

    I like the heart mold where there are small hearts in a line. I could see lots of Valentine’s Day treats in my mind with that one.

  904. Rachel says:

    I would love to try the different cake ball pops! Especially the creamsicle ones. My 4 year old son and 8 year old nephew love trying new things out for me 🙂

  905. Maria says:

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  906. Tiffany Brown says:

    I really like the basic cake ball pops, I love the tried and true 😀 But their are some others I would love to try LOL

  907. Deanna Miura says:

    This are a really good product! I’ve just got to master this thing first! Thanks for sharing.

  908. Elidet says:

    so hard to pick just one but the creamsicle cake ball pops recipe is my favorite! reminds me of 50/50 bars from my youth!!!

    i love wilton!

  909. April A. says:

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  910. Shannon Ruiz says:

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  911. Rebekah Altman says:

    I really like the cake balls that look like cupcakes. I like them all and enjoy making them

  912. Alicia Gill says:

    I love making these, especially for wedding showers. The treat boxes that you can buy for them do come in handy. My favorite recipe is just for the basic treat pops because you can start with something simple and make it extraordinary!

  913. Erin Schenke says:

    Red Velvet all the way!!!