Present Your Homemade Holiday Treats with the Festive Finish They Deserve

December 3rd, 2010 by Karen Kohout

If you are like me, you are already thinking about the holidays and how to get everything done when your life is already hectic and your schedule is a little overloaded. So, I thought I’d pass along some helpful tips to get ahead of things and make the holidays a little easier.

Bake Ahead and Freeze
Start your holiday baking up to 2 months in advance. Un-iced cookies, bars and nut breads keep well in the freezer and you can have extras to give as a last-minute gift for friends, neighbors or teachers. Keep a supply of our wonderful and convenient gifting kits on hand for wrapping and giving baked goods:  Holiday Gift Boxes

  • Our Mini Loaf Plate Kit is perfect for wrapping breads. The kit includes a plate, clear wrap and a gift tag you can personalize. Includes enough for 8 mini loaves for friends to enjoy with their morning coffee.
  • Our stacked Cookie Gift Box Kit is great for filling with cookies and other treats for gift giving. You can include a few different types of cookies, candies/pretzels or nuts in each of the 3 boxes and the included band keeps them together with a gift card.

Host a Cookie Exchange
You bake and share one kind of cookie with your guests and you receive an assortment of holiday cookies to last throughout the season. Invite friends, serve some coffee or wine and snacks, and have plenty of Wilton cookie exchange boxes on hand. Everyone can go home with a beautiful assortment of tasty holiday cookies and treats ready to set out and give to their family and friends. Some great ideas for giving/exchanging:

  • Our Cookie Plate Kit is perfect for an assortment of cookies. Six cookie plates are included, along with clear bags and tags. You’ll have enough to exchange 6 dozen cookies in a pretty plate that is easy for your guests to take home.
  • Holiday Treat Stand make a great display for your cookies before boxing them up for cookie exchange guests to take home. It has 3 tiers and is also an elegant addition to your holiday dessert buffet for cookies, candies and cupcakes. And, nothing to clean-up and store when you’re done!

Treat Stand & Poinsettia Boxes

  • Holiday bark is one of the easiest things to make for the holidays and fun for the kids to make too. Use our Candy Melts® in cocoa and peppermint to make a 2 layer peppermint bark on a cookie sheet, then break it up and give it in our Cookie Tray Kits. The kit has 4 trays, cello bags and gift tags. Try other variations by adding nuts or sprinkles. It’s delicious, easy and doesn’t have to look so perfect.
  • Our Poinsettia Box gives you a special, gourmet treat shop look at home with its poinsettia top and unique hexagon shape. Your guests will love to take their cookies home in this elegant box.
  • Our printed holiday parchment paper can be used for baking, but it is also perfect for lining your boxes and plates. It gives the look of printed tissue paper and adds a little extra element to your gifts, but the best part is that it’s also food safe (unlike most tissue papers).
  • Have some of our Gingerbread House Kits ready for the kids to decorate. They will have a blast and will stay busy while you exchange cookies and take a little break from the holiday bustle.

That Little Something Special
Have extra little gifts on hand for those last-minute unexpected needs. Show a little love to your teachers, your mailman, paper boy or hairdresser with these easy, make ahead gift ideas:

  • Layer store-bought hot cocoa into our cocoa gifting bags along with mini marshmallows and chocolate and white chocolate chips for a lovely and thoughtful “thank you” gift that is sure to warm their spirits. Pair it with a Copco To-Go Mug and it’s a perfect secret Santa gift for co-workers that they can use year-round (and helps eliminate the need for that paper to-go cup from their local coffee shop every day).

Cocoa Bags & Bark Boxes

  • Our Peppermint Bark Kit – Comes with everything you need in one kit to make 6 adorable gifts. Simply melt and mold a layer of dark cocoa and a layer of peppermint melts into the snowflake cookie cutter. Once it’s set, place it in the included gift bag with ties and tags. So cute! And, your gift recipient can re-use the cookie cutter for their own holiday baking.
  • Since you’ve planned ahead and have cookies in the freezer, pull them out and place a few in our Treat Box Kit. The little matchbox style box has a shiny silver tray and a lid that simply slides into place. Simple, easy and dazzling way to show a little love.

I hope that these ideas inspire you and help make your holiday a little easier. Take time for yourself to enjoy the moment and have a cookie! Happy Holidays from your friends at Wilton!

Karen Kohout Karen is the Director of Seasonal Product Development for Wilton Brands and works with Wilton’s various product teams to develop products for the holidays including Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas and more. She researches trends, develops pattern and graphics for Holiday promotions. “As a busy, working mom with 2 toddlers, I don’t have a lot of time to entertain but love the idea of it. My job allows me to be creative and develop ideas and products that inspire people to entertain or to just have fun with food.” She resides in Chicago with her husband and kids.

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  1. Karina says:

    I loved the poinsettia boxes!

    • Bruna says:

      Happy Birthday Kelly! Thanks for your reminder about the simlpe things. My kids love to make cut out sugar cookies and then decorate them. I must confess, that they are not my favorite because all I can think of is the mess. Your post hit home with me. From now on, I will just enjoy my time with them and not worry about the mess. Again, thanks for the reminder

  2. Bonnie says:

    Where can I purchase more of the cookie cutters found in the peppermint bark kit?

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