Protect Your Tools in Transport and Storage with the Wilton Tool Organizer

April 19th, 2012 by Traci Chapple

It seems like the longer I work for Wilton, the more I like to decorate cakes! I had to start somewhere, so last year I took the Wilton Method Decorating Basics Course (Course 1) to learn the basics of cake decorating. I found myself transporting and storing my tools in plastic bags and cardboard boxes. I asked myself, do other decorators have this same problem?

As a designer, my brain is constantly looking for ways to improve anything I do. This was no exception.

I began visiting other Wilton cake decorating classes to see what challenges other decorators have. I went to several retail stores, The Wilton School of Cake Decorating & Confectionery Art in Darien, IL, and into decorators’ homes to see how decorators Tool Organizer are trying to solve the problem of “mess.” Across the board, decorators have a “dirty” pile of tools, and a “clean” pile of tools.

Out of this the Wilton Tool Organizer was born. If you’re a cake decorating student, the organizer functions as small tool caddy with a divider to keep your “dirty” tools away from your “clean” ones! EVERYTHING from your Wilton Course One kit fits inside, so it’s super easy to grab this organizer and your cake to head to class.

If you’re a seasoned cake decorator, we think you’ll appreciate these other great features and uses:

  • Store your spatulasicing smoother and icing combs to prevent nicks and bending
  • Store small rolling pins and brushes
  • Organizer fits perfectly in the Decorator Preferred Carry-All Tote for easy storage or transport
  • Snap lock keeps lid secure in transportation
  • Organizer is 14 in. x 5.25 in.
  • Store icing decorating bags in one side, spatulas in the other side
  • Transport tools for on site cake set-up
  • Transport sprinkles, a cake server, and birthday candles to take with your cake to a party

The Wilton Tool Organizer will help simplify your life! By organizing your space and keeping your tools at your fingertips, this case will get you decorating faster and having more fun while you’re doing it!

Watch the roundtable video below to see two of our cake decorating experts, Sarah & Catherine, and me demonstrate the benefits of the Wilton Tool Organizer for both experienced decorators and students.

Traci Chapple Traci is a User Experience Designer. Traci researches decorators' needs to help make the experience even better. By studying how decorators use our tools, she works to improve our current products and introduce new items that can help you get to the fun of decorating faster! Her favorite part of the job is design research and Cakestorming™ (Wilton’s version of a brainstorm). She loves to answer the question of “What COULD it be?” and to push our development teams outside their comfort zones. When she’s not at Wilton, you can find Traci running marathons or practicing yoga.

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  1. Tiffany says:

    Hi, i am a wilton method instructor and have been for over 3yrs now. I love all the new tools you have released and just received my order this week. But I am having a difficulty locking the organizer.. even when there is nothing in it. Just doesn’t want to click shut. I have also had some students with the same issue. Am I doing something wrong? is there a trick?Thank you

  2. Monique Bonhomme says:

    I would like to purchase a Tool Organizer but cannot find it on-line. Could you help me?

    Thank you.

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