Punch. Cut. Decorate!

April 15th, 2011 by Eric Erwin

I am excited to announce a completely new way to decorate cakes, cookies and cupcakes: Punch. Cut. Decorate!β„’ featuring Sugar Sheets Edible Decorating Paper. Please watch my video to learn more about this revolutionary method of treat decorating.

For more information, please visit the Punch. Cut. Decorate! section of Wilton.com.

Eric Erwin Eric Erwin, Chief Marketing Officer, is a 22 year Wilton employee, married to Barbara, and has two twin boys in college.

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  1. daisy says:

    wow how exciting! granted anything new that wilton rolls out in to the market is exciting for me! this will be so much easier now for all kinds of level decorators! love it! cant wait to use them and wilton keep the new wonderful products coming! cant wait for wilton2012 yearbook to come out!!!!

  2. Lesa Vaughn says:

    This looks like it would save a lot of time too. My question, though, is this the same paper that edible images are made of? Or is this a wafer/rice paper? I have problems in the summer using edible images with humidity so I am hoping that is not an issue with this product. Of course, I always get & receive quality with Wilton! I just love Wilton and am so addicted to this website and everything Wilton!

  3. Lesa Vaughn says:

    Ok, I may have found answer to my own question after looking at the tools and techniques. Looks like it is similar to the wafer paper technique. I cannot wait to see the new yearbook. I hope you are featuring this product in there with even more ideas!

  4. When will these products be available for purchase?

  5. Blanca says:

    My Teacher told us about the new products I’m so excited I can’t wait, I’m again taking the classes @ Michael’s like the new techniques, and more coming according to my Teacher will be available in mid of May.

  6. Shelly Hollis says:

    I would love to have this. I have been talking to my mom and am thinking of taking classes to learn how to do cakes. This would help me so much.

  7. Lareina says:

    This looks fantastic! Would LOVE to have one!!

  8. Juanita Toth says:

    I love anything new from Wilton, definitely would love to have this!

  9. Phyllis says:

    Can’t wait to use this product. How exciting anyone at any level will be able to decorate. Would love to have one for “free”.

  10. deb says:

    My wilton teacher had these at class last week, sharing them and a few other new products being introduced soon. I found these exciting and how easy they were. I cant wait for them to hit stores and all the options the sugar sheets come in. Keep up the awesome job wilton.

  11. Sandra says:

    This will make things so simple!

  12. Pat says:

    I have been looking every where for these and they are all out…It looks like and sounds like a lot of fun. I know it is going to help me in my cake decorating…Still looking in Boston Pat……

  13. Traci says:

    can’t wait to try this it looks awesome!!

  14. Joan Cochran says:

    This looks lie fun. My 5 year old grandson and I could really spen a lot of time with thisn one

  15. Amanda Haws says:

    This looks like an awesome decorating tool. My kids are going to love it!!!

  16. Vickie Middleton says:

    The new Punch. Cut. Decorate, is fantastic. It combines both of my hobbies, cake decorating and scrapbooking. You can tell your story right on the cake!

  17. cyndi macfarlane says:

    WOW….this would really come in handy for work when I need last minute cakes.

  18. Yohana says:

    I wonder if this is better than the cricut machine? It looks like an awesome quick product to own as a home cake decorator.

    • Melissa says:

      I’ve heard the ENTIRE current line of Put.Cut.Decorate! accessories is still less expensive than the Cricut Cake machine.

  19. Anita says:

    Can’t wait to get one of these!! They look wonderful and it will enable us have so many more options for decorating our cakes!!

  20. Kathy says:

    Can’t wait to try this new product! Any chance you’ll have patterns available soon for popular kid favorites such as Dora, Max and Ruby, etc.?

  21. Suzie King says:

    This is such a great idea, instead of having to roll out fondant to make those accent pieces on a cake! I do quite a few cakes where I use fondant accents, this is a much simpler alternative!

  22. Jen says:

    Can’t wait to use them!

  23. lila baeza says:

    I cant wait to try this awesome tool! Would make my decorating time a whole lot easier!

  24. Barbara fournier says:

    I recently took the Wilton cake decorating workshop at Michael’s store….it was awesome, learning all the techniques of cake decorating. I have been baking and decorating cakes and cupcakes and am loving every step. I would love to win the new punch,cut and decorate product, looks exciting!!!! thank you for inventing new ideas of cake decorating…your the best!!

  25. danielle says:

    Can’t wait to try these!

  26. Sasha says:

    This looks so exciting! Wilton has certainly opened a new door to ways to decorate in exciting ways! I cannot wait to try these tools out!!

  27. Patti says:

    When I logged on to Wilton.com tonight, the first thing to pop up was the new Punch, Cut and Decorate. Oohhhh, something new! The fish cake caught my eye right away. I have a loyal customer who always wants a fish cake for her son’s birthday party. His birthday is May 3rd! I would love to win this and show this off at his party.

  28. Shelby says:

    cant wait for this to come out!

  29. yolanda says:

    love the previews looks like an awsome product.thumbs up to who ever came up with it. i cant wait to get one and come up with great cake designes.

  30. savannah luera says:

    That looks like an awesome product!! Can’t wait to try it!!!

  31. Kim says:

    I looked at these yesterday and I’m so excited about them I had to come back today and look again I can’t wait to try them!!!

  32. Susie Charske says:

    How absolutely fabulous!~ Are they available in Hobby Lobby or Michael’s stores yet?!! Can’t wait to try them!

  33. Michael says:

    Looks like a great new item!!!! My wife would love it!!!!

  34. Jann says:

    This looks like a great new way to decorate cakes. I can’t wait to try it.

  35. Belle Adams says:

    Can’t wait for this to come to our stores, or to be able to order on Wilton.com.

  36. Jennie G says:

    Awesome! I can’t wait to try this out, I love Wilton products.

  37. Traci says:

    wonder how many colors the sugar sheets will be available in?

  38. Jeremy says:

    My wife is so excited about this new product

  39. Margaret Martin says:

    Wow! If I won one of these I’d be able to make cakes like my sister! Just Kidding! Her cakes are the “Cake Boss/ Ace of Cakes” kind of quality! But I’d be able to make ones that are much nicer than the “Plain Janes” I make now.

  40. jermeka says:

    hello I would love to have this. Ths would be a great mothers day gift to myself if i won it. thanks wilton. ya’ll keep coming up with something. to make my cake beautiful.

  41. Belinda says:

    Can’t wait to try it!!!!!

  42. brenda spicer says:

    Oh my word!!! I can’t wait to try the new punch & cut!!! I love WILTON!!

  43. Toni Caudill says:

    I look forward to trying the new Punch. Cut. Decorate. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win! I can’t afford a Cricut. So, I am hoping this will be a more affordable way to achievew similar results. I <3 Wilton!

  44. Theresa Hamann says:

    I can hardly wait to use this. I would love to win this and be able to use this on family get togethers and birthdays. I LOVE wilton decorating ideas

  45. Elaine says:

    I will love to win one of these.

  46. olive goheen says:


  47. Vickie Mahaffey says:

    I love Wilton products. I use them a lot. Would love to use this one.

  48. Heidi Brincka says:

    What a great idea to easily make homemade cake look like a store bought cake. My daughter & I love baking & decorating cakes this would be something we would love to play with!

  49. Sheri Stanic says:

    Wow!! This looks great and I can’t wait to try it. We are making mini cupcakes for my daughter’s Mad Hatter Tea Party bridal shower. This would make it some much easier to decorate the couple of hundred cupcakes I have to make.

  50. Mary says:

    Wow!….this is awesome!!!….My 24 year old daughter is just starting out with her cake decorating hobby, and is having fun learning, I would love to surprise her with this if I won!…. then we could both use it , I used to make all my kids birthday cakes when they were growing up, and I know if I would of had this then, I would of been the queen of the cake makers..hahaha….truly looks like fun wilton!!

  51. Patti says:

    I watched the P,C,and D video’s available for us. Great information and enjoyed seeing how these new tools work. I live 3 hrs away from any craft store who would be demonstrating/teaching the use of these tools. Then, if this isn’t enough, today I watched the unveiling of the new Yearbook! Please keep updating new techniques via video’s. Thank you! I am adding these products to my Wish List!

    • soledad jones says:

      I love it !!!! Wilton product.
      I like to be a winner for a punch cut decorate package.
      I will like to a be professional cake designer.

      Thank you

      Soledad Jones

  52. Larry Baxter says:

    I am collecting store coupons too invest in this! With all the cakes I do this will save me a great deal of time.

  53. Selena Hicks says:

    Sounds like a great way to add to my cake decorating arsenal!

  54. abisola says:

    i wish wilton have a shop in nigeria in which one can get punch cut from but then with what i see on it i will to try it on any of my cakes.

    • bose says:

      bisola, u can get the punch -cut- decorate tools from kogsy sugarcraft centre, rikazz plaza, opebi lagos. they supply virtually all wilton products. cheers

      • Kogsy says:

        Thank you Bisola

        we share your excitement in Wilton products we are their authorised distributor in Nigeria we also offer Wilton Method of cake decorating classes.
        if you are in Nigeria, we stock a large range of Wilton products please visit our shop @58 Opebi Road Ikeja 018965790
        we look forward to welcoming you

  55. Jennifer says:

    Love all the ideas and possibilities!

  56. gail says:

    way 2 go . i love adding more wilton supply and deco tool to . my massive collection of witon s love it ; )

  57. Linda Wires says:

    Love the idea, can’t wait to try it, maybe consider a new publication for decorating ideas.

  58. Linda Stone says:

    As a Wilton Method Instructor, I can’t wait to show this to my students–they’re gonna love it!!

  59. Marcy Green says:

    Where can I find these PUnch, Cut Decorate products. I live in Richmond, Virginia. I went to Michaels but didn’t see them. Do you know what stores are carrying these items? Thank you.

    • Becky says:

      I went to my Michaels store in va. Beach today and they had never of this.

      • Marisol says:

        Punch and decorate comes out in mid may.I know because I’m taking the Wilton cake decorating class and I asked the manager of Micheal’s craft store.

    • Kaydi says:

      You?re the one with the brains here. I?m wcaithng for your posts.

    • Erin says:

      Hobby Lobby has them, do you have access to a Hobby Lobby? You can purchase online and use coupons if you don’t have one close. Good luck!

      • Amy says:

        you can get all the punch cut decorate tools and sugar paper from the michaels off of commonwealth pkwy in midlothian, 23112. I just got all mine from there!! πŸ™‚

    • Have you tried a JoAnn Fabrics store? I’m not familiar with Virginia but the stores seem to be a nationwide chain. They carry Wilton products too. I plan on checking them out for the PCD products the next time i get to one. I haven’t been there since April. Just thought i’d give you another place to go, if you can’t find it at Michaels. Good luck!

    • Jackie says:

      The Ben Franklin (now AC Moore) at Patterson/Parham has a great supply.

  60. April says:

    Soooo excited to try this πŸ™‚

  61. Theresa Ballard says:

    Can’t wait

  62. Tanya says:

    I just want to ask if the Punch. Cut. Decorate! sheets are certified kosher.

  63. Deborah Corless says:

    How about designing a “Flip Flops” shaped cake pan in the near future. That would be great!

    • Becky says:

      That’s what I’m waiting for also!!

      • Diane says:

        Until the pan comes out, you can make a flip flop out of a 9x 13 pan. I traced an actual flip flop on to a sheet of paper and used it as a pattern. I used a fruit roll up for the strap. I think the Betty Crocker or Pillsbury website has a recipe.

  64. Belle A. says:

    Will you eventually come up with a complete kit. instead have having to buy pieces?

  65. Cheryl Blackburn says:

    I cannot wait for punch, cut, decorate to come to the Fenton store! I am so excited I have been taking every Wilton class they offer and to hear that something new is on the horizon is exciting! Can’t wait!!!!!!

  66. Marisol says:

    I can’t wait,I have my coupons ready.

  67. Jennifer says:

    I’m just excited about the ruffled technique they did with the sugar paper for that yellow ruffled rose http://www.wilton.com/technique/Ruffled-Ribbon-Rose-with-Sugar-Sheets … πŸ™‚ Ruffles!!!

  68. Heidi says:

    Exactly what day is this new method coming to stores? I saw my local Hobby store clearing a space in the cake isle for it’s arival!

    • Marisol says:

      I live in Massachusetts and there are a few Micheal’s craft store that have started selling the new product punch cut and decorate?

  69. Joanne says:


  70. Sheryl says:

    I must say I’m curious about how they taste. It does make it look very easy and fast to decorate. I’m looking forward to trying them.

  71. Margaret says:

    I am completly excited about this product!! I am a complete Wilton junkie, I have just about every product on the isle at Micheals of course with the help of the 40% coupons they have each weed. If I don’t win I will buy it for sure!

  72. sweet berry says:

    I saw a few items of P.C.D. in a craft store & Ithought “Wilton done did it again”! I cant wait to get the full line of P.C.D. tools!

  73. Belle A. says:

    Used this yesterday for the first time. Just have one little comment. How about a punch cut lettering kit. Used the premade letters but would like different colors.

  74. We just finished our first cake using the punch outs. It was so easy, fun and looked really great. We will be investing in more accessories for this product. GREAT

  75. Gina LeFurge says:

    OMG, finally something that is so easy to use, with out having to spend “a million” dollars (cricut) I decorate cakes & cupcakes constantly, Class mom, mom’s club & I always going out to search for items to decorate with, now I can finally do them all by myself & it looks like I spent a small fortune @ a expensive bakery. Thank you Wilton, why did it take u so long, LOL. Can’t wait for the next event to decorate, oh wait I have to 1st buy this product. Oh please oh please pick me to win the package.

  76. Angelina says:

    Why doesn’t Wilton Decorating caption their videos. We Deaf and Hard of Hearing are left out of enjoying what you have to present, say and teach….come on, caption!

  77. Yvonne says:

    How can I harden the sugar sheets when making bows?

  78. raquel says:

    need to know where i can find wilton books, about mexican decoratios, cakes,cup-cakes.,etc.

  79. Cake Lady, LLC. says:

    I bought the new Yearbook 2011 and I must admit it was the first time that I have been disappointed in it. Why? Everything was looking so harsh with hard lines since Wilton was showing so many cakes that they used the punch and cut technique. What happened to learning the techniques that require real icing and tips? I understand that Wilton is trying to compete with the Cricket, and I understand that you need new items that help the beginner’s. But most of the book is dedicated to this technique and the Yearbook is only once a year and I really wish I could of seen some real cake decorating to help me with new ideas to use too. Very disappointed!

    • eric says:

      Sorry you are disappointed…We will try and do better next time! We’ve heard the comments regarding too much Gum Paste or too much Fondant in our creative ideas and recognize that buttercream needs to be better highligthed….stay tuned!!! And thanks for the feedback!

  80. Kate says:

    This punch cut decorate has got me really annoyed its not a new thing… I have been doing this for years my secret being out is not a problem but wilton taking the credit is all decoraters have been doing this for many years now your going to see the price of these punches going up in price not fair at all.

  81. Deeann says:

    Love the sugar sheets and cutting tools!!

  82. Slavonka says:

    I love to play with cookies and cakes. This would be soooo useful in my kitchen. Since we don’t have all those beautiful things here in Croatia.

  83. Veronica Juarez says:

    I love this products, I am belive this will help me to make more artistic cakes.

  84. I love cake decorating. This seems like such a great way to make uniformed, professional looking design with fondant or the sugar sheets. I can’t wait to see what the Wilton Cake Decorating book with publish with this new concept.

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