Recipe Roundup: Strawberries and Treatology Flavors

June 18th, 2015 by Desiree Smith

Strawberries are a summertime staple. They’re delicious on their own, but can also be paired with other flavors in all kinds of recipes.

By having the Treatology Flavor System on hand, there’s no need to squeeze fresh lemon juice or run to the store for basil. The set of eight ultra-concentrated gourmet flavors means an endless variety of recipes. Here’s a roundup of three recipes that feature strawberries and different flavors from the Treatology Flavor System.

Strawberry Champagne Thumbprint Cookies are a great addition to any summer party. Capture the flavor of champagne with the sweetness of strawberry preserves.

Strawberries - Strawberry Champagne Thumbprint Cookies

Make a batch of these Strawberry and Lemon Layered Yogurt Pops and keep them in the freezer for hot summer days.

Strawberries - Strawberry and Lemon Layered Yogurt Pops

Add some basil to the biscuits and strawberries in this Strawberry Basil Shortcakes recipe for a more sophisticated and aromatic dessert.

Strawberries - Strawberry Basil Shortcakes

Remember that the Treatology flavors are super concentrated, so you don’t want to use more drops than the recipe calls for! The Treatology Flavor System  is stronger than standard extracts and emulsions, so it’s easier than ever to infuse delicious flavor with just a few drops.

Do we have your taste buds tingling? Never miss a new Treatology recipe again! We now have a Pinterest board just for Treatology recipes.

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