Share Holiday Cheer with an Office Cookie Exchange

December 18th, 2009 by Summer Gornik

As everyone at Wilton is well aware, the Customer Service Department likes to celebrate! An annual tradition to start the holiday season in our building is an Office Cookie Exchange. The holidays are extremely busy for all us, and holding a cookie exchange at work is a great way to get a delicious assortment of cookies without taking time out of your already packed schedule.

Customer Service Exchange TableThis year we had participants from all areas of our department. It’s a great way to see the people you don’t work with on a day to day basis. There were 10 participants in this year’s exchange and we each made 60 cookies to divide equally among our group.

Since this is an office event, we made our time away from work as short as possible. Meeting promptly at 9 a.m., our group gathered to exchange cookies, recipes and stories about the cookies we baked. This event was a huge success, as everyone had as much fun baking and decorating the cookies as they did eating them!

To make our experience extra special, the participants shared their experiences when they took their cookies outside the office. From reading this story shared by Gale Ehle, you can see that this office cookie exchange spread holiday cheer much further than our lunchroom:

Customer Service Cookie Exchange“After work I stopped by my parents’ house for a visit. They rarely cook from scratch any more. I picked up dinner for them and also brought them the cookies from the exchange. Since I couldn’t go home empty-handed, we split all the cookies. Dad said that the cookies will last them two weeks (they’re not big eaters). Once they started nibbling on them, you should have seen them. They looked like kids in a candy store, ooohing and ahhhhing over how good they were with little chipmunk cheeks filled with cookie. They ate half (so much for lasting two weeks)! You all made their day. They said to tell you thank you and you all make great cookies!”

Summer Gornik Summer Gornik started with Wilton in April 2008. She enjoys working in the Shared Services Department as a Pricing Specialist and the varying tasks and challenges each day brings. Summer considers traveling, going to the movies and baking among her favorite leisure activities.

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  1. Janine says:

    Hi. I have a question on the Peppermint Ribbon Cookies in the cookie book. How thick are the layers supposed to be? Tried twice to make the recipe and cannot reproduce the picture in the book. What am I doing wrong? Are you supposed to turn the layers sideways? Is the dough supposed to spread out? Can you do a You Tube tutorial? Thanks!

    • Summer Gornik says:


      Here is some additional information from our test kitchen – I hope it helps:

      – Take 1/3 of dough and roll it to 6 x 8 in rectangle.

      – Stack chilled rectangles on top of each other – red, green, untinted and then cut that stack of 3 doughs into 2-inch strips.

      -The 2-inch strips are then cut cross-wise into approximately 1/3- inch pieces which are laid on their side on a cookie sheet.

  2. Sylvia Nelson says:

    How long are Candy Melts good for?

    Bought some and they were in the back of the cabinet.. How do I know if they are still good.

    • Summer Gornik says:

      Candy Melts are freshest if used within 18 months. If you are not sure how long they’ve been in the cabinet and the color or smell is off, I would suggest not using them.

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