Show School Spirit with Team Color Cupcakes

September 4th, 2016 by Desiree Smith

School Spirit
Show your school spirit in the most delicious way possible – cheer the team on with team color cupcakes! We have just about every team color combination out there, and it’s really easy to match your school colors. Just find your colors using our Team Color Icing Guide and follow the number of drops with our Color Right Performance Color System.

Each drop formula is created for two cups’ worth of icing. I love using our 4.5 pound tub of Decorator Icing because it’s delicious and a huge time saver. If I need more icing, it’s easy to recreate the same color again with the drop system without making a whole new batch of icing from scratch.

The Color Swirl Coupler makes it easy to pipe a quick 1M swirl of your team’s colors right on top of the cupcake. Which color combo will you choose?


Untitled design


All of these incredible color options give you endless ways to decorate your cupcakes! Here are some more ideas: check out these three ways we decorated cupcakes for game day:


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  1. Kay Hartley says:

    what is the amount of blue & green drops I would need to match the blue/green/white cupcakes on the blog?

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