9 Star Wars Day Projects: May the 4th Be with You!

May 4th, 2016 by Desiree Smith

If you are one of the millions of fans of a galaxy far, far away, today is your day. Happy Star Wars Day! This unofficial holiday celebrates everything we love about the Force. Today, May the 4th be with you!

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As other reasons to celebrate in intergalactic style come up throughout the year – birthdays, Star Wars viewing parties, celebrating the newest Star Wars film – you have to have the right party set up. That’s where we can help. Here are nine different Star Wars Day projects that range from simple (candy drizzled over popcorn) to complex (super cool Death Star cake). Successful you will be, yes.

1. STAR WARS™ CUPCAKES: Whether you “Rule the Galaxy” or “Join the Resistance”, these are the cupcakes for you. And they’re so easy to do! Baked in Star Wars Baking Cups, they’re topped with black icing and white nonpareils, then a Star Wars FunPix™ completes the treat. Put them on display with a Star Wars Treat Stand.



2. STAR WARS™ BB8 CAKE POPS: No guest can resist these ball droids on a stick. The ideal addition to a Star Wars spread, they’re also a perfect take-home gift — easy to pack up. Adding BB8’s head is easy with these ready-to-use icing decorations.



3. STAR WARS™ SPACE CAKE: What better way to celebrate “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away,” than with a cake epitomizes the beauty of outer space. This fondant-covered cake gets its bold, brilliant color from blue, purple and black Color Mist Food Spray — decorating doesn’t get much easier. The icing color and sparkling stars add to the radiance of the look. Top it all off with a Star Wars Birthday Candle.



4. STAR WARS™ POPCORN: The perfect snack to nibble on at a Star Wars themed party! It combines salty and sweet, and the bright orange color fits the BB8 color theme perfectly.



5. STAR WARS™ BB8 CAKEThe perfect centerpiece to your Star Wars party, this BB8 combines two of everyone’s favorites: cake and crispy rice cereal treat. The cake gets its perfect shape from the 3D Sports Ball Pan Set. Decorator Preferred Rolled Fondant creates the perfect surface and details that make this droid look like he jumped off the theater screen.



6. STAR WARS™ MARSHMALLOW POPS: Whether served alongside our Star Wars Space Cake or offered as a treat on its own, these dressed up marshmallows require no special decorating skill. Just spray the marshmallows with Color Mist Food Color Spray, add a few White-White icing color details, then attach a Stormtrooper or BB8 Icing Decoration and you’re done!



7. STAR WARS™ LIGHTSABER CUPCAKES: Who can resist a lightsaber, especially when they’re on a cupcake made in a Star Wars Baking Cup? Even your youngest Starfighters can help make these pretzel sticks dipped in Candy Melts Candy.



8. STAR WARS™ ALLIANCE COOKIES: No matter the alliance, there’s an easy-to-decorate Star Wars cookie for you. They’re easily decorated with ready-to-use Decorator Icing perfectly tinted using the Color Right Performance Color System and melted Candy Melts candy.



9. STAR WARS™ DEATH STAR CAKE: The 3D Sports Ball Pan Set was used to create the BB8 cake above. Put this pan to use once more to create a Star Wars Death Star Cake! We’re sure everyone will be blown away by the awesomeness of this cake. Rosanna Pansino shows you just how to make it:


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