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November 30th, 2009 by Chandra Marshall

Every year around the holidays when bakers start making their spritz cookies, we receive a number of questions regarding the use of the Wilton cookie press. The following are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. I hope these tips will help ensure that your cookie press keeps going as long as you do!

Cookie PressWhy is my cookie press working backwards?
Answer: If you put your batteries in backwards, then the press will run backwards. Please make sure the batteries are placed inside correctly (there are markers to show you) and the lid and press arrows are aligned.

I disassembled my entire cookie press. Why can’t I put it back together?
Answer: The cookie press is meant to be hand washed and once completely broken apart it can’t be put together again. Only remove the barrel from the bottom and leave the top attached.

My cookie dough is stuck; can I use a knife to loosen it?
Answer: Not a good idea! If the dough is stuck to the disc, your dough has too much butter or it’s too thick. Try thinning out your dough a bit and make sure the disc is inserted properly.

Why did my cookie press crack when I only was trying to press the dough through?
Answer: The press wasn’t designed to work with stiff or thick dough. We suggest our spritz cookie recipes for our presses as the presses were thoroughly tested with those recipes. Dough should be room temperature and not refrigerated (too stiff). Dough must also not be too runny or too soft.

Why doesn’t my cookie press work? I’m using fresh batteries.
Answer: The press has an arrow on the lid and an arrow on the press. The two have to line up or the press will not operate.

For more tips on using your Wilton Cookie Press, please read the Cookie Press Frequently Asked Questions page and watch the video below:

Chandra Marshall Chandra is the Team Lead for the consumer team which handles over 50,000 inquiries on baking and cake assembly and cookie making per year. The team consists of 10 people and everyone loves sweets, eating them and baking them! Chandra is an avid baker and has enjoyed baking for over 10 years. Her motto is: “Nothing says home like fresh baked goods in the oven!”

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  1. Aurea R says:

    Nosotras las latinas tambien nos gustaria asi como ustedes entenderles el 100 % como en Ingles asi en espanol gracias atte auea

  2. cathy says:

    You talked about a pumpkin spritz. Do you have the recipe? I didn’t find it in the Wilton recipes.

  3. Sue says:

    looking for the replacement barrel for the cordles cookie press… where can I buy one???

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