Sunflower Cupcake Decorating Project

June 8th, 2018 by Desiree Smith

WiltonSunflowerHeroNow that summer is fast-approaching, the sun is out and we’re looking forward to all the beauty that sunshine brings. At the top of our list are floral desserts – specifically big, bright, beautiful sunflowers! Made using two common decorating tips, these sunflower cupcakes are great for beginning decorators and are a fun way to brighten up your summer celebration!







Step 1: Bake the Cupcakes

The best place to start is the beginning!

Prepare cake batter following recipe instructions. Bake and cool cupcakes in white cupcake liners.

Step 2: Tint the Icing

Prepare buttercream icing following recipe instructions. Combine Lemon Yellow and Golden Yellow icing colors to get yellow color shown. Combine Brown and Black icing colors to get brown color shown.

Tint 1¼ cup icing yellow and 1¼ cup icing brown using color combinations provided.

You’re well on your way to creating your floral treats!

Step 3: Decorate the Cupcakes

Otherwise known as the fun part!

Prepare decorating bag with tip 352 and yellow icing. Pipe row of leaves around outer edge of cupcakes. Repeat for second row on top of and overlapping first row.

Prepare decorating bag with tip 18 and brown icing. Pipe stars to fill centers of cupcakes.

Now you’re ready for summer! Share these gorgeous flower cupcakes with your buds at summer BBQs or picnics, and find us at @wiltoncakes for more baking inspiration.

Desiree Smith Desiree is the Public Relations Manager at Wilton. She spends her days monitoring media opportunities, working with newspaper, magazine and television contacts, collaborating with bloggers and handling a variety of other odds and ends. Desiree has a degree in journalism and experience writing for newspapers and television. Outside of Wilton, she enjoys running and planning outings with friends.

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  1. Danielle Baker says:

    Do you not frost the cupcake with a thin layer of frosting first? I have seen other sites instruct that way but noticed it isn’t mentioned here.

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