5 Treats with a Sweet Sugar Glaze

April 8th, 2016 by Desiree Smith

A sweet and sticky confectioners’ sugar glaze adds the finishing touch to cinnamon rolls, homemade doughnuts, cookies or cakes. With just 3 ingredients for a basic glaze, it’s easy to mix up in no time! Once you’ve mastered the basic glaze, you can play around with adding other flavors such as lemon.Sugar Glazed Treats

The basic glaze is just confectioners’ sugar, milk and vanilla extract. Change up the flavor and try one of these recipes topped with a melt-in-your-mouth sugar glaze!

1. Cinnamon Sugar Coil Cakes. Imagine the blissful flavor of a cinnamon roll in a snack cake! Cinnamon Sugar Coil Cakes are rolled with a sweet filling inside. Indulge yourself with these delicious cinnamon sugar treats for breakfast or snack.



2. Sweet Meyer Lemon Pound Cake. You’ll want to savor every bite of this delicious classic pound cake bursting with fresh Sweet Meyer Lemon flavor. This timeless dessert recipe, with a signature succulent cake and flowing lemon glaze, is even more delicious served with a dollop of yogurt or a scoop of ice cream, or served simply by the slice any time of day – morning, noon or night!

Sweet Meyer Lemon Pound Cake2


3. Apple Spice Spool Cakes Recipe. Snack cakes with the time-honored flavor of apple spice cake? You bet! Filled with thick apple spice filling, the crowning glory of these sweet Spool Cakes is the apple juice and confectioners’ sugar glaze.



4. Lemon Basil Doughnuts. Meyer lemons are slightly sweeter than regular lemons, and have almost an orange-like note, and these soft, cakey doughnuts capture that true essence. The doughnuts are ensconced in a thin glaze with the faint whisper of fresh, herbal basil. It?s a refreshing combination, perfect with a cup of tea.

Lemon Basil Doughnuts Srgb


5. Peach Hot Rolls. The glaze on top of these fruity peach cinnamon rolls has a few extra ingredients, but they’re so worth it. Fresh Juicy Peach Flavor from Wilton’s Treatology Flavor System accents the caramelized, toasty bread, while the Warm Cinnamon Graham Flavor spices things up. It’s a whole new way to roll!

Peach Hot Rolls

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