Sweet Treats for a Fun Sleepover!

November 9th, 2011 by Shawn Broda

My niece Samantha just turned 7, and part of her gift was something she’s been begging for…a sleepover at Auntie Shawn’s! I knew she’d want to do some sort of decorating project, but we only had an hour or two for fun before bedtime. We’ve done cookies and cupcakes so many times in the last few years that I decided to introduce her to something new – candy making!

I had a variety of Candy Melts® and sprinkles, as well as the Flower Pretzel Mold – everything we needed to make pretzel pops and dipped treats.

First up, pretzel pops. After melting the candy in the microwave, I showed Samantha how to fill the mold, add the pretzel and coat the back. She had fun adding sprinkles, both on the back of the pops and in the mold itself. She said more than once, “I can’t believe I’m really making candy by myself!”

Making Pretzel Pops

Next, while the pops were chilling, we dipped vanilla wafer cookies. They were the perfect size for her little hands, and she had a ball trying to do multiple colors and arrange the sprinkles on top.

The next morning, we carefully wrapped our candy treats in treat bags and containers for various people – her best friend, her brother, and her parents. She even let me keep a few!

Our sleepover was a lot of fun, and she’s been telling everyone that she knows how to make candy. I love that such a quick and easy project gave us both memories to cherish. What’s your favorite project to do with children? I’d love to know how you are making memories with Wilton!

Shawn Broda Shawn is a Senior Class Marketing Manager for the Wilton Educational Marketing Department. She joined Wilton 15 years ago as a Product Development Coordinator, and learning how to decorate the Wilton Way was the best part of her training! In addition to working with customers in North America, Shawn also works with the International Sales team to expand Wilton Method classes around the world. Celebrations provide a common thread between cultures, and she is amazed and inspired by the excitement people have for Wilton products and programs, no matter where they live. Shawn loves cooking, baking and decorating, especially when she can share her creations with others.

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  1. Pat C. says:

    It’s nice that you do that with your niece every year. I did not know of Wilton when my children were growing up but I did bake cakes with them. But they’re never too old. My 27 yr old daughter and I took the Wilton course together. And believe me we laughed and had fun.

  2. Jaya Dornbusch says:

    Hi! I am 12 years old and I LOVE baking!!!! But my favorite thing to do is decorating , specially cupcakes. Wilson has been making it so fun and easy! Thanks for there tips , recipes and other great things, I have been doing it for the past years thanks for always caring and enventing things keep up!

  3. Alex Lawrence says:

    I love Wilton.
    It all began when entered in show. I
    then started using some Wilton items
    like candy melts and stuff but I have
    not worked or used fondant or gum

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