Take a Step Out of the Ordinary With a 3-D Cake for Dad

June 15th, 2011 by Jenn Paul

Celebrations are always surrounded by one thing in the Wilton world – the cake. We make them for weddings, baby showers and birthdays. This month, the focus is on Father’s Day.

Athletic Shoe Cake Our fathers deserve special treatment on their day. They are the ones who change the oil in your car, give you money on the side, and in my case treat me to coffee every Tuesday. So this cake has to be a good one!

This cake was designed to be an athletic shoe. I began with two 9 x 13 sheet cakes. I carved one cake into a sole, and then stacked the rest of the pieces on top. Unfortunately, I had it stacked too high with cookie sticks to act as dowel rods. The sticks worked great, but the cake was too heavy.

Carving an Athletic Shoe Cake

I then iced the cake and let it sit overnight to set hoping that it would not topple over, but it did. Luckily, I was able to fix it by taking one layer off of the top.

I then proceeded to cut pieces of the shoe in fondant using blue, gray, and white fondant. I first covered the entire shoe in white, and measured it out to wrap around from the back of the shoe.

Carving Athletic ShoelacesI then cut a 2-inch border of gray to create the bottom of the shoe. I used water to adhere the white and gray fondant pieces together. The next step was to add the blue fondant to the front of the shoe and attach the pieces to make shoelaces and eyelets.

I made the shoelaces by rolling out a long line of dough, approximately 2 inches in diameter and made it as thin as I could so it would fit through the eyelets. I made the eyelets by cutting a half circle and then used a knife to cut small circles on the sides of the half circle. I wasn’t too concerned about the size of the small circles because I could use my finger to stretch the circles to help the laces fit through.

This was my first 3-D cake. It took a lot of effort, but in the end it was worth it. Everyone was thrilled with the design!

Athletic Shoe Cake

What Father’s Day cake do you have planned for your special father? If you need more inspiration, be sure to check out our Father’s Day section!

Jenn Paul Jenn's love of baking began when she used to admire how her Grandma Anne worked so easily in the kitchen making donuts and cakes for all of her family. Once she started at Wilton, her fascination of cake design took off and she ended up taking all three of the Wilton Method courses. Since then, she has been creating all types of cakes for her family and friends. Jenn enjoys working out, volunteering, and spending a lot of time with her family, friends, and her new dog Sabra. Jenn is a Bilingual Customer Service Representative.

17 Replies

  1. That was very creative! Great job!

  2. Chandra says:

    Awesome job Jenn!!

  3. Tracy Nappier says:

    I like how you did the laces…very clever, thanks for the great idea!

  4. wanda says:

    Sorry had to look and look to figure what shape the cake is,had to bring it close up,to much trouble for that shape cake ,do not like at all and I am to critical of myself after I see some decorated cakes

  5. Tiffany says:

    First thing I thought of was that you had cut the sheep pan the way you wanted it. I think I will make this same cake with the sheep pan. Thanks for the idea.

    • Jenn Paul says:

      Hi Tiffany,
      Thanks for your comment! The Sheep pan would have worked PERFECTLY for this because it was hard trying to picture how exactly to make the shoe stand up and stay. Next time I make a shoe, I will use that advice. Thank you for your hint!

  6. weng says:

    thumbs down… sorry 🙁

  7. Billi says:

    REALLY? this belongs on cake wrecks.

  8. Virginia says:

    I don’t like the under-cake. I like the idea using the lamb pan for this though. As for the design team, great idea for the man who works out and runs. What would you think of changing those strips on the side of the shoe to band aides?

    • Jenn Paul says:

      Hi Virginia,
      When my cousin first saw this, she said it looked like a worn out shoe. Band aids for that effect would definitely be cute for my next time around. Thanks for your comment to me!

  9. doli says:

    it dosen’t look all that good,but well done.

  10. Faye says:

    Exellent work! Looks awesome!

  11. Paula says:

    Great job on your first 3D cake!!! You are very creative and took the necessary steps to create a 3D cake!

    I learn from every cake project as to what works and what doesn’t; it sounds like you do the same thing! For example, most people would have given up when the cake was too high or too heavy, but you came up with great solutions and your structure worked out well!!! 🙂

  12. John says:


    Nice job for a 1st run at a 3-d cake. Much nicer than my first few attempts- they are quite challenging. I love the way you made it look like a well worn in shoe – illicits the thought of a comfort cake- we all love our favorite gym shoes, just like our favorite jeans!

  13. Shannon Sterling says:

    Thumbs up!! That cake is cute and creative, maybe some people just need to brush up on their artistic side before making negative coments. I’d serve this cake.

  14. Nicole Spizzirri says:

    Look at the sheer artistry of this cake! Am I looking at a shoe from a shoe, because this is fantastic! Cake decorators move aside!

  15. Kellsie says:

    Dude, right on there borethr.

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