How I Taught Myself to Decorate Cupcakes

April 18th, 2016 by Lulette Gehron

I love cupcakes, and if left unsupervised, I could devour a dozen in one sitting! I’ve tried baking cupcakes before, but never got into decorating them other than spreading icing on with a spatula. Having just joined Wilton’s digital team, and being the one with the least decorating experience, I thought that it’s about time to take this skill seriously. So, it was perfect that Wilton has launched the I Taught Myself to Decorate Cupcakes set to aid me with my new baking adventure.

I Taught Myself to Decorate

The starting kit includes a book with step-by-step instructions, as well as the basic tools that I need to get things running: five piping tips, decorating bags, and an angled spatula. In addition, the kit comes with exclusive video tutorials to supplement the book.


At first, I felt nervous and a little intimidated; since this would be my first time using decorating bags and tips. It was a big relief to find the book covers questions that a newbie like me would ask, such as how to mix the icing, filling and holding your decorating bags, etc.

I started out by mixing the Ready-to-Use Decorating Icing with concentrated gels to make several icing colors, and then dabbled with the different decorating techniques. My first few attempts were not perfect – I could imagine my work ending up on a Pinterest cupcake fail board! The star tips 32 and 18 were my favorites, but I struggled with tip 104 for the ruffles and petals. I practiced several more times, and as the book says, it is all about “pressure control for consistency.” It took a LOT of patience, which I’ve recently learned that I don’t have as I wanted to try all the techniques immediately. Good thing the book offers helpful hints, and if you do not get them completely right, there are the video tutorials to watch and learn from.


Once I filled my practice sheet, I was ready to ready to decorate. I flipped through the book that was full of awesome decorating ideas. It took me a while to decide which design I should create first. There were so many project ideas to choose from! I started with the zigzag stroke, then worked my way to making the rosette, the swirl, and decided to mix and match the different designs. It was SO much fun!


I never thought that I would be able to teach myself to decorate cupcakes! The beauty about this kit is that I can do it on my own time, at my own pace, and I can watch the videos over and over until I feel confident with the techniques. I can do one tip a day, or just do all of them in one day. I’m now also inspired to try out the other I Taught Myself sets.

Whenever I tell people where I work, I often get asked if I know how to decorate cakes. I would normally respond reservedly and answer that I don’t. But now, finally, not only can I proudly say that I can decorate cupcakes, but that I even taught myself how to do it!


Lulette Gehron Lulette Gehron is a Social Media Manager at Wilton and is always on the lookout for the latest social media trends. She loves spending time with her husband and their handsome hound, and enjoys crafting and photography.

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  1. Joan Gooder says:

    I think you were very brave to try these fancy tips since you have never used them before! Your results are beautiful! Your description of the process makes it sound like Wilton has done a good job of providing instructions for people who are first-time users. Nobody wants to venture into a new task without support! Good for you, Lulette, and good for Wilton for their user support!

  2. Thet Fabunan says:

    Good Job, Let! You do not look like a newbie with the results that you just did….This new Wilton product will be very helpful indeed to first time cupcake decorators 🙂

    I’m so proud of you!

  3. Claudia says:

    I was wondering where are the online tutorials linked to Craftsy, Creative Bug,Wilton website or Youtube?

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