Thanksgiving Pop Place Cards

November 14th, 2011 by Paula Ivancicts

When talking about Thanksgiving food, I always think of pumpkin pies and turkeys. Well this year, I turned that turkey into a dessert creating whimsical treats and table place cards.

I started with the Global Fondant & Gum Paste Mold as I thought the mold had some great shapes to make the look of feathers. I started by adding melted Light Cocoa Candy Melts® into the largest and smallest cavities.

Candy Melts® in Mold

To melt the Candy Melts®, put them in a microwave safe bowl and use the defrost setting at short intervals of time. Stir. Repeat at short intervals. There should still be lumps that you will stir out to make smooth. I refrigerated the mold until firm and unmolded the shapes by pressing them out of the mold.

I brushed the candy feather with Bronze Pearl Dust™. Then I brushed melted Orange Candy Melts® on the edges and sprinkled it with orange colored sugars. I also made a fondant feather by pressing yellow and orange fondant into the corner leaf cavity.

Fondant in Mold

The turkey pops were a mixture of baked banana cake and cream cheese icing. I molded the mixture into a small ball for the head, a larger one for the body, and then chilled them in the refrigerator.

Next, I dipped a 4” lollipop stick in melted Light Cocoa Candy Melts®. The melted candy helps the cake ball stay attached to the stick. I assembled the head and body, then inserted the stick through them and refrigerated again until set.

Next, I added a little vegetable oil to the Light Cocoa Candy Melts® to make them thinner for dipping. I then dipped the cake balls into the candy melts and tapped them to remove the excess candy.

I added two candy eyeballs, an orange triangle for the bill and added a piece of neon orange fondant for the snood and let them set. I used this same technique to make balls and rolled them into Pops. I then sprinkled those with orange colored sugar, sprinkles, and nonpareils.

To finish the turkeys, I brushed some of the melted candy on to the front of the smallest shape and put that under the turkey for their feet.

For the “Eat Ham” pop, I then took the largest light cocoa candy shape and cut the bottom piece straight so that the turkey would sit evenly. I attached that to the back with melted candy.

Eat Ham Turkey Pop

For the “Gobble Gobble” pop, I used an orange candy piece (made the same way as the light cocoa one) and attached a light brown fondant piece (cut down) behind it using melted candy.

Gobble Gobble Turkey Pop

To make the “Emily” pop, I used fondant leaves made from yellow and orange fondant and attached those with melted candy.

Emily's Turkey Pop

I used a large tag punch to make my signs. I punched out the tag, used a marker to write on my cardstock, and then taped it to a toothpick. I could also easily make these into “thankful” tags and write what I’m thankful for this year.

I imagine these will be a big hit; everyone likes to see their name and have a dessert that is all their own! The turkeys and pops will add a colorful, edible decoration to the tables and there will be no complaints about sitting at the “kiddie” table this year!

Check out our website for more helpful cake pop preparation tips and ideas!

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and time to reflect on all that we have to be thankful for!

Paula Ivancicts Paula is a Wilton Customer Service Key Account Rep and a Certified Wilton Method Instructor. She has been with Wilton since 2009. Her love of creating things and using Wilton products started in high school when she began making candy. Outside of Wilton, Paula enjoys family time with her husband and two daughters. She loves baking, decorating, and making candy for family, friends, and coworkers.

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  1. daisy says:

    o wow this is so creative unique and adorable! i love it! thanks for posting! will try to do this! yay!

  2. Patty says:

    Thank you I enjoy your posts

  3. Patty says:

    Thank you I enjoy all your posts

  4. Colleen says:

    My kids saw these and they want me to make them. Can’t wait to try my hand at these creative cake pops!

    • Paula Ivancicts says:

      Hi Colleen!
      Please include your children in the making; they can roll the cake pop balls. You will create some terrific and fun memories!

  5. Lisa says:

    You Wilton people are sooooo clever!!! I never see what other uses there are for all my Wilton products. What a great idea to make the tails feathers with the fondant mold. Love the turkeys! Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

    • Paula Ivancicts says:

      Hi Lisa!
      Thank you for the compliment! Yes, there are many, many creative people here!

      I’m glad you loved my turkeys! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! 🙂

  6. Sharon Barrett says:

    I love this turkey cake pop…can’t wait to see Christmas ideas…

    • Paula Ivancicts says:

      Hi Sharon!
      Thank you so much!

      I’m sure we will have other Christmas idea blogs, but for now, check out our website; there are tons of ideas!

      Happy Holidays!

  7. Cierra says:

    Great idea!!! I loved that you not only posted pics but you actually took the time to share a few tips!!! 🙂

  8. anonymous says:


  9. Paula Ivancicts says:

    Hi Learn PHP!
    Thank you so much for replying and for your kind words! I’m so glad to hear you enjoy my blogs and have shared them. I really enjoy blogging! 🙂

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