Top 10 Party Treats for Halloween

October 19th, 2015 by Desiree Smith

Brains, monsters, devils – oh my! Need some ideas for Halloween party treats? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re hosting a party this year or going to one, these top Halloween treats will be sure to tempt everyone.


10. Candy Corn Brownies: Mix things up this Halloween! Serve candy corn flavor infused brownies swirled to create the iconic orange and black Halloween color combo.

Candy Corn Brownies



9. Brain Cupcakes: These are a personal favorite of mine that I will definitely be making this Halloween! Your little zombies will love tearing into these brain cupcakes. Create the pink matter by piping a zigzag-like motion on top of cupcakes using decorating tip 12.

Brain Cupcakes



8. Pumpkin Brownies: Brownies take a walk on the wild side. Double Trouble Pumpkin Brownies made with rich pumpkin and chocolate flavor, filled with vodka-spiked, vanilla-infused, salty-but-sweet caramel sauce, topped with an airy pumpkin spice whipped mousse.

Double Trouble Pumpkin Brownies



7. Owl Candy Apples: Treat fall party guests to adorable and equally delicious Candy Apples decorated like owls using Candy Melts candy. These cute candy apples are perfect for fall, Thanksgiving or Halloween.

Owl Candy Apples



6. Devil Meringue Cookies: Devilishly clever cookies complete with horns give any Halloween celebration a slightly mischievous edge. The wicked shades of crimson and black are easy to achieve using the Color Right Performance Color System! Never made meringue before? Fear not! I made meringue for the first time and as long as you follow the steps, it’s easy. Watch how to do it here:


5. Candy Corn Mini Doughnuts: Mini doughnuts on a stick take candy corn as inspiration for a Halloween goodie everyone will love. Bake them in the mini doughnut pan, then decorate them with colorful Candy Melts candy!

Candy Corn Mini Donuts


4. Monster Mouthfuls Cupcakes: Mischief-makers find it hard to scream on Halloween when you stuff their faces with treats! The cupcake creatures are colorfully decorated with Wilton Icing Pouches and topped with Large Candy Eyeballs. See just how easy it is to make them here:


3. Candy Corn ShotsSpice up the night with candy corn shots served in containers guests can devour, making cleanup easy and delicious. They’re fun and easy to make with the silicone shot glass mold.

Candy Corn Shot Glasses


2. Acorn Brownie Pops: From a small acorn, great fall celebrations grow! Use your favorite brownies topped with Candy Melts candy and jimmies for a welcome treat throughout the season.

Fall Acorn Brownies


1. Halloween Candy Bark: This delicious Halloween bark won’t just get lots of stares, it’ll give them right back! All your party peeps will love the pretzels, sprinkles jimmies and candy corn treats, but hurry up and grab them before Halloween because the Candy Corn Candy Melts are only available for a limited time!

Candy Corn Bark

 Be sure to share your sweets with us! Post pictures of your Halloween sweet treats using #wiltoncakes and you could be featured on our Instagram page.
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