Top Fun – Edible Candy Melt® Toppers!

October 23rd, 2012 by Lisa Deszcz

Creating edible toppers are a breeze with Candy Melts® candy! The best part about this project is that you are able to completely customize the toppers to fit your occasion. These can be used for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, or any other fun celebrations!

What you will need to complete this project: Candy Hat Cupcakes

  1. Candy Melts® candy (I used Red, White, and Lavender)
  2. Parchment paper
  3. Disposable candy decorating bags
  4. Template cut-outs (Some are hand drawn, and others were made by making a photo copy of the baking cup liner)
  5. Sprinkles (optional)
  6. Your favorite type of iced cupcakes!

Step 1: Creating the template
The templates are easy to create. I hand wrote my letters to customize how the toppers would look. You can also create a template by making an enlarged photo copy of the cupcake liner you are using. Have fun and play around with fonts and sizes. HINT: The thinner the lines on the letters are, the easier they break, so try bolding the font to make it more substantial.

Once you have your templates cut out, tape the paper to the back of parchment paper so that the printing shows through. Place the parchment paper on a cookie sheet for easy transport.


Step 2: Melting Candy Melts® candy
The easiest way to melt Candy Melts® candy is in a Disposable Candy Decorating Bag. Put the desired amount of candy into the bag and loosely twist the top of the bag closed (do not use metal ties). Microwave at half (50%) power or defrost setting for 30 seconds. Knead the bag. Continue to microwave and knead at 15-second intervals until smooth and completely melted. Once the candy is melted, cut a small hole in the tip of the bag. The smaller the hole, the finer the line of candy melts.


Step 3: Tracing your template
Because the printing shows through the parchment, all you have to do is trace the pattern with candy. It is helpful to start with an outline if you will be filling in the shape. For words, you will want to be sure to connect each of the letters so they remain one solid piece.


Step 4 (optional): Add some fun with Sprinkles!
Before the candy has hardened, you can use sprinkles to add excitement to your toppers! Nonpareils and sparking sugar work really well for this. Simply shake the sprinkles onto the candy right after tracing. You can either fully coat the topper or create a sprinkle outline. To create the sprinkle outline, simply shake the nonpareils onto the cookie sheet (not the topper). Then gently shake the cookie sheet left and right until the nonpareils line up around your topper.


Step 5: Refrigerate your toppers
Place the cookie sheet in the fridge for a couple of minutes, until candy is firm.

Step 6: Apply to your cupcake!
Your toppers are done, gently take them off the parchment and place them onto your cupcake.


These adorable toppers are easy to make and are sure to impress your guests! Get creative and explore different shapes colors. Most of all have fun with it — working with Candy Melts® is easy!!


Lisa Deszcz Lisa began her career on the Wilton food team as the Associate Product Manager for Sprinkles. In that role, she brought her boundless creativity and sharp eye for packaging to the development of many fun new items. Now as the Product Manager for Candy, she continues to utilize her talents as she develops exciting new candy molds and kits. In addition to indulging in her crafting side, Lisa enjoys spending time with friends and family.

17 Replies

  1. Michelle says:

    This looks like a great project for the holidays. Great ideas and easy to do. Great job Lisa!

  2. Penelope Ostrander says:

    Love it, looks so easy to personalize the cupcake .

  3. Mary Walsh Mikolajewski says:

    Being retired allows time to Shop Wilton on Line and try some of these candy/cake creations. Picked up clear treat bags with Halloween and Christmas ribbon accents today. Love it, Lisa!

  4. Bonnie Talley says:

    Love All the cupcake idea’s — Way to go!!!
    Can’t wait to try making some! Love Bunches

  5. Danielle Snyder says:

    Wow, these items are great! you make it look sooo easy to be creative. I can’t wait for the holidays to try these great new items!

  6. Jill Mikolajewski says:

    It looks easy! These are great ideas for personalizing cupcakes for a special occasion. Really, really cute!

  7. Marcia Plese says:

    The ideas are endless using this technique. Easy way to make your desserts into something special! Glad to know about this product!

  8. Adrienne Bolstad says:

    Way to go Lisa! I’m very impressed!

  9. Patti Marney says:

    Cupcakes are so relevant. They’re everywhere — from California bakeries to wedding receptions; individually devoured to being displayed in a tiered fashion.

    Just the right size!

    Lisa, your easy to follow directions beginning with creating a template makes “topping them off” an attainable outcome.

    Would love to come see your office. You’re creative like your mentors.

  10. Jennifer Kwasniak says:

    This is what I’ve been doing for years for my cupcake business. I love it!! It’s mostly easy but doing it for so long you learn new tricks to get the little details needed. My customers love it too. Good job on yours. Just an FYI, if you reverse the image and then do the chocolate after its hardened you flip it over and it’s much cleaner looking.

  11. cynthia says:

    Awesome and easy to make…love the idea for decorating the cute!

  12. silvia says:

    son, increíbles las ideas y propuestas. exelente pagina , los felicito . soy argentina de bahía blanca provincia de buenos aires . te envio un cariño grande Silvia

  13. I rarely see people use candy melts in cake decorating so I was glad to see this tutorial. I created a tutorial that takes this technique a few steps further and replicate complicated images by essentially painting with candy melts:

  14. Shayne says:

    These look great! So simple and effective. Do you post to Australia at all? Will definitely be getting some if you do. Cheers, Shayne 🙂

  15. Kim Barrett says:

    Why is the Wilton chocolate so thick after melting? Very difficult to work with. I use it for my business but looking for a better chocolate product that will dip better.

    • Debbie says:

      If you add shortening to the melted chocolate or candies, it is much easier to work with. Dipped items are much smoother and still hardens the same.

  16. […] truco lo explican en el blog de Wilton, pero claro, ya se puede ver en muchos blogs de cocina, repostería y pastelería, pues […]

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