3 Unique Wedding Cake Ideas

June 9th, 2016 by Desiree Smith

Looking for truly unique, jaw-dropping wedding cake ideas? I’ve scoured the internets in search of just what you’re looking for, and I have to say I am pretty impressed with these designs. Epic drip cakes, stunning marbled fondant cakes and realistic geode wedding cakes. These are the wedding cake ideas that you’ve been searching for, the ones that are going to keep your wedding hashtag ruling Twitter and Instagram long after your big day.


We’re absolutely in love with drip cakes. Made famous by Australian high school-teacher-turned-cake-decorator Katherin Sabbath, the neon ganache drip cake is making its way into the wedding world.  Her signature drip cake often accompanies a haphazard pile of treats, like random candies, meringue cookies and even piles of fruit!  In fact you might have already seen the Piqued Interest design style featured in our 2016 Baking & Decorating Trends list.

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Dewi Kurniadi of Sweet Bloom Cakes nailed the trend’s transition into the wedding world, too. We like the play on the trend she gave the metallic gold wedding cake with contrasting neon candy drips. And, we’re equally impressed with the styling of that epic naked cake overflowing with caramel candy drips and fresh flowers.

If you like either of these but aren’t quite ready to tie the knot, check out our Piqued Interest Cake, The Ultimate Birthday Cake and Bold & Bright Candy Explosion Cake.

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I am obsessed with the clean, crisp look of  look of Carrara marble. This show-stopping cake by Alisha Henderson of Sweet Bakes kicks the sophisticated look of traditional marble up a notch with beautiful bands of rich copper and a stunning cascade of real flowers.  


Just below, Cat Campbell of Cake Whisperer gives this trend a playful spin with varying shades of purple, blue and green. The geometric diamond pattern and asymmetrical floral arrangement give it the perfect finishing touch.

THE INSIDE SCOOP: It’s actually really easy to create this marbled effect. You can marbleize using white fondant with icing color or blend together white fondant with our pre-tinted Fondant Multi Packs. Check out our tutorial on How to Marbleize Fondant and our very own pink and purple Marbled Fondant Wedding Cake.

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2016 is the year of the geode wedding cake and we think it rocks! Rachael Teufel of Intricate Icings Cake Designs (who started out with a few Wilton Cake Decorating Classes!) kicked off this rocking revolution. She created the amethyst geode cake below. The geode is made from a combination of granulated sugar and rock candy and multicolored modeling chocolate. It’s 100% edible!

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Another knockout geode cake, by Rachel Morris of Three Tiers for Cakes, combines the stunning look of white and gray marbled cake with a river of vibrant geodes running from the top tier to the bottom.


If you had to pick, which one of these trending wedding cakes is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Bertha Colon says:

    Beautiful cakes..

    The wedding is incomplete without the wedding cake. The cake and the color it had, represented the bride’s purity. Last month my friend got married in Sydney. She appoints an experienced Sydney wedding stylist by visiting at this site http://www.georgeandsmee.com. George and Smee hosted the wedding as well as they have arranged a beautiful cake and they have chosen the style that was best for her wedding. The beautiful couple cuts the cake through the bottom layer to symbolize the continuity of their relationship.

  2. Rhonda Rusjan says:

    The geode cakes are amazing!

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