Weekday dessert: fast, tasty, gorgeous!

September 28th, 2009 by Giulia Taraszkiewicz

Why do weekday desserts have to be boring? Even if time is tight, I like to reward my family with a small treat, and I want it to look fabulous!

pudding dessert with posiesStep  1 – Start by making chocolate pudding. Just follow the instructions of instant or other chocolate pudding mix. Make sure the pudding is cool and firm before you start decorating. I prepare it before dinner so it’s ready by the time we have had our meal.

Step 2 – Arm yourself with your handy and sweet white Ready-To-Decorate Icing. It comes with 4 different tips. I used the leaf tip for the icing border; then I switched to the star tip to make the icing ruffles in the center of the pudding.

Step 3 – Take your Pre-Made Icing Pink Posies and position them on the center icing.

That’s it.   Yes, that’s it!   So EASY, ready in a jiffy and incredibly beautiful!

decorating with icing
The Inside Scoop: when our specialty food Product Manager started working on these pre-made icing flowers, a lot of people in the building couldn’t wait to see them in the market place. Early prototypes were phenomenal, and the final product is something that we are all really proud of. They come in different shapes, colors and sizes. The pre-made red icing roses are my favorite, so realistic and tri-dimensional.

Giulia Taraszkiewicz Giulia is the Associate Product Manager for Gingerbread. Born a crafter, Giulia moved from Italy to the U.S. where she enthusiastically joined Wilton. She LOVES baking, decorating, crafting, cooking, family and friend gatherings, shopping, and pretty things.

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  1. Géraldine LeBlanc says:

    Just love looking and reading all your helpful ideas. Can’t wait to try all this new fondant and I am looking forward to Halloween and especially Christmas preparations as I used to be called the gingerbread lady. Thank you for sharing:)

  2. Milinda says:

    I like that idea, however, I was looking at some of the premade flowers at the store from Wilton, and I was not impressed at all. The ones on this page look nice, but the ones at the store looked very sloppy. A machine just cannot duplicate handmade flowers.

  3. Namrata rao says:

    Just Gr8888—-.I envy all those who can access all ur products easily.Wish I was there or s’where close by.Anyway I’m happy 2 learn n acquire new skills from all the ideas Wilton publishes.

  4. silifat says:

    it real wonderful

  5. Dibbers says:

    The dessert looks great…are the pre-made flowers made out of royal icing ??

  6. Parfume says:

    I do recall checking out a little something concerning this last month stating that this has not been the way it is, simply can not seem to find the website.

  7. rutubes.net says:

    ???? ??????? ?????????? ???????? ???????

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