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September 2nd, 2009 by Eric Erwin

Welcome to the new Wilton blog. Wilton has been helping make celebrations more fun for over 80 years, and my hope for this blog is that it becomes one more way for us to help educate and inspire all levels of decorators.

Picnic Posse Cake I have worked at Wilton for 16 years and you could say that I have the best job in the world because I get to work with the tremendously talented and creative people who bring you all the great products that you seem to love! I strongly believe in our mission that Wilton helps families celebrate, and know the products we make and market bring color, sweetness, and fun to people’s lives.

Not only will we write about a wide range of desserts such as cookies, cupcakes, candy, and brownies, but we will also offer some ‘behind-the-scenes’ information, thoughts on trends, and special sneak peeks (think Wilton Yearbook).

Our posts will be authored by a number of different Wilton employees from areas such as our decorating room, creative department, educational group, and new product development. Since Wilton has such talented employees with a variety of backgrounds, personalities, and perspectives, I really believe that you will find what they write informative and interesting.

I hope you enjoy our blog. Please don’t forget to leave comments – we love to hear your suggestions and feedback.

Eric Erwin Eric Erwin, Chief Marketing Officer, is a 22 year Wilton employee, married to Barbara, and has two twin boys in college.

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  1. cat says:

    How exciting!

  2. Brenda Sturm says:

    Great News!

  3. Kelly says:

    I can’t wait to read more!

  4. Eric Erwin says:

    We certainly hope it will be fun and exciting…..thanks for the notes!

    • Chris Z. from Alabama says:

      Congratulations on this new marketing endeavor. It’s already obvious that a lot of planning and preparation went into this site. I took my 1st Wilton course in 1990 and got hooked on “the sweet life.” Wow, how Wilton has changed over the years!
      Loved the video tips on transporting cakes because it is clear, concise, and basic information which everyone needs to learn right from the start. With so many techniques and topics to cover, I’m looking forward to seeing what the creative and talented people at Wilton have planned in the days ahead.

  5. Seema says:

    Great…will read post…i just finished 3 courses in wilton cake decorating and soon to begin 4th one and then last…i am so happy with your cake decorating techniques and tips.

  6. Wendy says:

    I am very excited about this, I just love the Wilton website!

  7. Rosie says:

    This is great news! I’m a beginner cake decorator and I love getting cake, cupcakes, etc news.

  8. Susan Foster says:

    I’m excited to see this get off the ground

  9. hilal says:

    It is very nice to view Wilton page as an ameteur beginner.I hope we can also watch some videos about cake decorating in this page.

  10. Marie Pagan says:

    This seems like it’s gonna be better than the Wilton website. Here we’re going to actually connect with Wilton professionals!

  11. whatsit says:

    Looking forward to more posts! This is great

  12. Suzanne says:

    I amnew withcake decorating the past 2 years and am so excited to be ableto be in touch with wilton professionals. Thanks Wilton for your support to all us cake decorators.

  13. Jackie B says:

    VERY exciting news!

  14. Ifueko says:

    this is a really wonderful idea. u guys please do keep it up. pls i need help my fondant is always breaking. it doesnt seem to be elastic enough. what do i do?

    • Eric Erwin says:

      We recommend starting by kneading in some vegetable shortening. This often will help the elasticity of fondant. If you are still seeing breakage, a small amount of Gum Tex can be kneaded in. Try not to add too much, as the gum has a very strong flavor – and you don’t want to detract from your cake! Hope this helps!

  15. Amber says:

    I agree with others…this will be an amazing way to connect and get questions answered by the pro’s that spend everyday perfecting what I do only occassionally to add fun and art to my family events. I will read and learn and maybe have my own questions or idea to share. It is so nice to have a friendly place to go for help and inspiration. Thanks Eric!!

  16. Kaitlyn says:

    Hi Eric…nice to see the personal approach from such a big company. You mentioned twin boys…are you married? Does your family entertain and use Wilton products? Do your boys share your love for baking and cooking…assuming you must love it. It would be fun to hear some inside stories from other Wilton staff about their family baking activities. Thanks

  17. Giana says:

    I’m so excited about this. I am really trying to get into cake decorating, I don’t know much but what I do know is self taught. I use your site and products all the time! I would love to take a Wilton class but they are not offered in my area, the closest is an hour away, and as the mother of two young boys I don’t have the time to spend 2 extra hours just to go to and from the class. How would I go about bringing a Wilton class closer to me?

    • Eric Erwin says:

      Time is precious, especially to parents of young children. We wish everyone could have the opportunity to attend our classes. I will have someone from the Educational Marketing group email you about your request.

  18. Mary Crowe says:

    This sounds so exciting. I have had all classes but not enough practice. Looking forward to this.

  19. jerry lopez says:

    yeeey i loved it cuz you can help us with our problems and or questions reeallly good idea

  20. Dibbers says:

    Exciting new feature – hope it works out well –

  21. Marie J says:

    Can’t wait to see what’s going ot happen on this feature 🙂

  22. Chrysb says:

    I’m making a wedding cake for my cousin’s son in Dec. I have done a lot of decorating at home and now work for Walmart as a decorator. My
    question is…they want “sotas” on it and I have never done this before.
    I’ve done the “cornelli lace” lots. Do you have any tips to make it easy for me.

    • Eric Erwin says:

      According to our Decorating Room, Sotas contrast beautifully with smoothly iced cake surfaces. It’s an impressive, yet quick and easy, technique. You could also try using our whipped topping as it will be much easier on your hands. The consistency is perfect for Sotas. It works great for Stringwork and Cornelli Lace too!

  23. I’d like to see this new feature take off. It will be another source for information and help for all of us bakers. Sometimes a person is just stuck for an answer and just can’t find it. This will be great.


  24. goncrzy1 says:

    I agree with the rest, I think a blog is a great idea and cant wait for it to really take off!

  25. Grandma D says:

    I’m excited to review the posts from this blog. In the meantime, I have a question about regular flour vs cake flour. I’ve always used cake flour per the Wilton recipe instructions, but I’ve been reading that many bake their cakes using all purpose flour. What modifications are necessary to the Wilton recipes if using all purpose flour in place of cake flour? Additionally, does anyone have an outlet for buying cake flour in larger quantities than found at the grocery store? Looking forward to your replies.

    Thank you.

    • Margaret says:

      If you add a little Corn Starch to regular flour, it will act more like cake flour
      in the recipe. As for buying flour, sugar, etc. in large quantities, you can
      buy from a baking outlet. In our state you have to have a license number
      in order to purchase in bulk. I think you have to have a tax number.
      Hope this helps.

    • kth1957 says:

      great question!! i also have looked for some place to purchase cake mix in bulk. aparently it is a secret guarded by stores and bakeries? i hope i am wrong. i have not been able to find a good from scratch recipe. everything i have tried is dry, bland or just not good. i am also looking to a buttercream alternative icing, something light, fluffy, delicious, but without all the crisco and fat!! some tell me that the marshmallow buttercream is toooo sweet…any suggestions on that ??

    • Eric Erwin says:

      Welcome to our blog! According to our Test Kitchen, when substituting 1 cup all-purpose flour for 1 cup cake flour, you should remove 2 tablespoons flour and add in 2 tablespoons cornstarch.

  26. Dibbers says:

    I started to ask another decorator for the frog leg pattern for the frog cake in the 2005 yearbook: On the Tip of His Tongue….
    I had checked out the pattern locator feature first.
    I typed in frog, no luck, and then typed the name of the cake – nothing.
    Before sumbitting my request, I decided to go back to the pattern locator feature and thought what the heck just select 2005 pattern book and see if anything pops up.
    Sure enough – there it was – however, I was looking for a different description and almost missed it.
    That particular pattern is labeled as front legs, back legs…
    …Anyway to cross reference the pattern names ??
    This is the first time I’ve used this feature on your website. Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful to be able to get patterns off of the website !!!
    thank you !!!!

  27. Cathy says:

    I am so excited about this blog starting!

  28. Bekki says:

    Hey I love working with fondant but hate the taste any ideas on how to still get the look with better flavor?

    • Mera says:

      I am wanting to start learning to use Fondant on my decorated cookies. I have always heard that fondant, while being pretty, doesn’t taste good. I’m pretty picky about flavor and that is the only thing holding me back from investing in the time and utensils needed to decorate w/ fondant. Sooooooo, I too, am really interested in the answer to your question???

    • Kay says:

      Have you tried making Marshmallow Fondant? It’s a very simple recipe using marshmallows, water and powdered sugar.

    • Eric Erwin says:

      Fondant tastes a bit like a marshmallow. It has a neutral flavor because you want people to enjoy the flavor of the cake and the buttercream icing you have placed underneath the fondant. Some decorators like to glaze their cakes with strained apricot preserves instead of putting a crumb coating of buttercream icing over the cake prior to applying the fondant. Americans are used to a sweet icing like buttercream so some think fondant lacks flavor.

      You can incorporate flavorings into your fondant. Just knead your flavoring choice into the fondant as you would an icing color. Our Decorating With Fondant page has helpful tips for using fondant, including how to color and flavor fondant.

      Our discussion forum is also a wonderful resource for decorators. We think you’ll enjoy the wide range of topics discussed, including fondant!

  29. charly says:

    it´s a great news

  30. Lynda says:

    I’ll look forward to learning more about cake decorating through the blog!

    We’re throwing a “game night” birthday party for my 10-year old daughter this weekend, and I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas for the cake? I plan to make a rectangular card cake, but I’d love other, more creative ideas if there are any out there. The cake could follow any game theme, except for gambling, of course. Thanks in advance for any ideas!

    • Julie says:

      Could you make a scrabble board cake and have it spell out happy birthday to her. OR perhaps you could make each corner of the cake a different game like trivial persuit, chutes and ladders, trouble or games you know she likes or that you will have maybe twister mat with some fondant characters twisted on the cake in funny positions….

      have fun and good luck!

  31. Dibbers says:

    Question – what is the difference between royal icing and color flow ? When making a placque, should you put some type of barrier between the placque and the cake – ie waxed paper, sugar cubes. The placque doesn’t necessarily need to be kept… I know both mediums dry hard. Do both breakdown when placed on buttercream icing ??

    • Eric Erwin says:

      According to our Test Kitchen, Color Flow and Royal Icing (when thinned) are very similar – you can create plaques and decorations by outlining with the icing then flowing in. Decorations with Color Flow, though, dry harder and dry shinier than royal icing decorations, which have a more matte appearance. Color Flow more than royal can breakdown when placed on buttercream. Hope that helps!

  32. Lina Muñoz says:

    Yo soy latina y me encanta poder aprender mas, mucho me gustaria que pudieran tener la opcion de traduccion en diferentes ideomas, en Estados Unidos existen muchisimas culturas y es muy grato el aprendizaje en compañias como lo es Wilton, yo ya he tomado 4 cursos y me encanta todo lo que tienen, tengo muchisimos materiales y seguire actualizandome, no domino el idioma Ingles pero trato de traducir mis espacios de interes como este.
    Muchisimas felicidades por este nuevo espacio.
    Lina Zapata.

  33. Layona says:

    I’m a nurse, and I bake a lot for my coworkers. I would love to see some Healthcare related items for sale. Something like cookie cutters, candles, or cupcake papers.

  34. Veronica says:

    I love it, Ihave taken the wilton courses 1 -3 twice I just love them,I hope to learn much more on this blog., Thanks

  35. Linda Greer says:

    I live in Ontario, Canada & I have taken 3 Wilton courses(in 2005) & loved them…I have a small home based business called Cake Walk Cakes..I have been asked to make a 3D Harley Davidson motorcycle with a rider…for a gentleman’s 50th Birthday in December…my idea was to make a form with rice krispies but am not really sure how to do that…do I cover with buttercream & then fondant? Has to be large enough to feed 50 people.

    Any suggestions, or pattern ideas that I can follow?

    • Eric Erwin says:

      We do not have the license for Harley Davidson and therefore no pattern is available. According to our decorating room, your idea to sculpt a generic motorcycle using krispie treats would work. After sculpting, ice it with buttercream. Then cover it with fondant. Good luck!

  36. TERESA says:


  37. Peggy says:

    Wow I am excited about this blog, I have taken several of the Wilton classes and find that I love showing off my new techniques to my family. They are so impressed.

  38. Diana says:

    I was wondering if a cupcake decorating class was going to be offered. I have taken the cake decorating class but I would like to learn more about cupcakes. Thanks in advance for your time.

  39. June says:

    I always look forward to receiving your newsletter & browsing around to see what’s new so I am looking forward to your blog very much.

  40. Tammy says:

    How are you all coping with the change in Crisco since they took out the trans fats? Please give recipes.

    • Tina Ennis says:

      I still buy the “house brand” or Store Brand. They usually still contain the trans fat.

    • Eric Erwin says:

      Changes in Wilton’s traditional recipes have been made due to Trans Fat Free Shortening replacing Hydrogenated Shortening. We have a collection of baking and icing recipes on our website. These easy-to-follow recipes take you step-by-step, enabling you to create and serve the best desserts, ever!

  41. Robin Boorman says:

    Why don’t you offer a contest to win a trip to the Wilton Headquarters for a tour and lessons?

  42. mehar says:

    How exciting, now we have a blog! I am proud to be a Wilton student! It has taken me where I am now! still learning from you and still growing! Many many thanks!

  43. Dibbers says:

    I find myself going into a thread thinking that I have not viewed it yet…but to find out I have seen the pictures many times before (I know – personal problem..memory)..
    I wish the system would add something to the website to show that I have viewed that thread already – flag it somehow.
    I can always click on it to view the topic again at a later date if I choose to.

  44. Linda says:

    I am making a cake for my grandson. A surfing cake. I need ideas for this. Having a hard time finding anything to do with surfing. HELP

    • Kay says:

      Can I suggest carving the cake? You can print out a picture of a surfboard, enlarged to your desired size. Then just put it on top of the cake as a pattern and just slice away. I do this for cookies if I can’t find a cutter for the design I want. And I’ve done it for a Hello Kitty face cake too.

  45. Luana says:

    I would like to see more cake decorating ideas without fondant. Using fondant, makes cakes more beautiful but I like the traditional icing and I think it tastes better too. It seems there is too much fondant cakes in the yearbooks these past few years.

  46. Kay says:

    I’ve taken several classes, all courses and a couple of projects, and I love it all. It helps that my instructor is one of the sweetest person I’ve ever met and doesn’t hold back in sharing her knowledge. Because of her, I’ve been a fan of Wilton and I can’t wait to see more of your blog.

  47. Monic says:

    I am glad that there is a blog on wilton cake decorating. I just finished three classes and cant wait to do the fourth. Its nice to know that I can come to a place and read great comments and receive good ideas.

  48. Vanisia says:

    Sure glad to see a Wilton blog. For all my cake, cookie and candy supplies Wilton is my favorite store. I have learned a great deal of my Decorating experience from the Wilton methodology, and I am indeed grateful for all of the benefits even yet to come. I will be waiting faithfully for whatever Wilton has to offer those of us in the baking and decorating aspect of food service. By the way,
    Wilton recipes are an added bonus, thanks for adding them to your blog, again, I’ll be an avid reader. Fondly, vanisia

  49. Marttha Grace Ambrosio says:

    I am really enthusiastic about this blog. I love Wilton products, books and ideas. Excited to be a part of this…

  50. Dibbers says:

    I thought the professional Wilton people were going to interact with this blog as well…. not too many questions answered by the staff.
    just curious.

    • Eric says:


      I believe your comment if fair–clearly the response to our first blog posting has been tremendous. We are still trying to work out some protocols internally on how we respond to the many questions that are being posted–this includes the questions from our International customers as well–some questions that are not english! As a point of reference we have the Wilton Discussion Forum, which we do respond to in a much more time sensitive manner, for immediate questions…The Forum can be a fantastic place to allow for the community of beginner food crafters or the experienced food crafter, to ask questions and get expert advice. Many in this community are Wilton Method Instructors, as well as our product development staff, our decorating staff, and our creative staff, and long time Wilton consumers whom you can ask specific questions regarding technique, products, or instruction….The Forum allows for the many thousands upon thousands memebers of our community to speak up and help each other out of ‘tight cake decorating jams’ or to share their knowledge about the activity with other interested consumers.

      Our primary objective for the Piece of Cake Blog is to provide a look into what we are doing to increase the interest in ‘Food Crafting’ and to provide some insights into how we are thinking about helping families celebrate the many occasions that happen in our lives. As I like to say, “every party needs a cake!” And the hope is that we can high light trends, new products, and share those thoughts with our many consumers.

      This summer we were fortunate to host nearly 200 ICES memebers at our headquarters here in Woodridge IL. It was wonderful. It was obvious to us that there is a great interest in what we are doing, so we thought creating a blog for the many other consumers, many who share the enthusiasm and interest as the wonderful ICES members, would allow others to get a ‘peak under the tent’ here at Wilton.

      Thanks for the comments–we will try to do better. In the meantime, check out the Wilton Discussion Forum. I think you will like it!

      Eric Erwin
      EVP Marketing/Product Development
      Wilton Brands

  51. Melinda McDaniel says:

    I became aware of Wilton in the late 60’s. I have used your products and took classes in the 80s. I really love it. I have not done any decorating in years but I still try to keep up. I know I will really enjoy the blog. One of these days I hope to make it to your tent sale.

    I do have a passion for this hobby. I have always wanted to attend the Wilton school at your headquarters and work there. That still isn’t possible but who knows what turn events may take.

    Good luck with your blog. I can’t wait to read!


  52. Chris Z. from Alabama says:

    Hopefully as this website progresses there will be additional categories so when someone has a specific question or comment, those interested in that topic will more readily be able to respond.

    Categories which would be helpful:

    • Joanne says:

      Hi I belonged to Wilton discussion group awhile back. Things have changed. I am looking to see if you have a page where you can sale items such as fountain , plates and pillars which I no longer use. Please let ,e know. Thanks joanne

  53. Karen Montcalm says:

    As a retired Family Studies teacher I love the stimulus of your blog. I have been making wedding cakes as my wedding gift to family and friends for a few years now and I have been thrilled to pick up ideas for your company. I’m not in an area where I have the opportunity to take Wilton classes so I look forward to more tips and techniques.

  54. TERESA says:


  55. Donna V. says:

    This “cake blog” is great news. When the news about this blog gets out their willl be many people writing in with questions, suggestions and experiences. I think this is fantastic and something that I will be reading frequently. Thanks

  56. payal jain says:

    I m a big fan of Wilton…but m really curious to know when will Wilton come to India…i reside in Delhi (capital of India)…and i cant find any cake decorating classes like urs here…and one more thing …want you to share some eggless recipes too…

  57. Mary says:

    Will there be video showing how to perform certain skills? (correct way to ice a cake, etc.) I also have questions regarding keeping cake fresh when baking ahead of time…when to bake, when to ice, etc.

  58. diane says:

    so when do we start blogging

  59. ann says:

    I have had so much fun in the Wilton classes over the past year. For me I have found that it is much easier to be creative in this way than in water color or any other type of art. If I had a chance to work in the “Cake Boss” factory it would be a dream come true. But seriously my instructor is one of the best teachers in my area if not the best. Cake decorating has been a great mood lifter for me!!!!!

  60. Hello! Congratulations on your new blog!

    I have been writing about your 4-tiered cupcake stand on my blog over the past 9 months, so many people have responded that they bought it after seeing my stand decorated for my children’s parties! I think this would make for a great blog post for your readers!

    I just posted 14 photos of the cupcake stand that my readers have sent into me! Check it out here: http://tomkatstudio.blogspot.com/2009/09/cupcake-monday-do-you-have-cupcake.html

    Everyone loves this stand! 🙂 Including ME!


  61. maria fuentes says:

    god bless your heart

    Soy latina y realmente estoy entusiasmada con los cursos del metodo Wilton, muchas gracias por darnos la oportunidad de
    aprender el maravilloso mundo de la decoracion de pasteles.

  62. Dibbers says:

    I would like to know a professional way to clean the white Wilton scalloped plates that have yellowed. This discussion has been brought up before in the forums, but I would like to know Wilton’s thoughts.
    Putting them out in the sun has not worked for me.

    • Eric Erwin says:

      I checked with our product management team to answer your question. Separator plates will yellow when exposed to ultraviolet light (such as sunlight or overhead store lighting). It’s a process that permanently alters the plastic and it cannot be undone. To maintain the color of the plates, they should be stored in a relatively dark place or where they will not come in direct exposure to light. They should be stored flat, with no heavy weight placed on them. We also suggest hand washing the plates as the heat of the dishwasher dry cycle will bake the plates, weakening the plastic material and possibly discoloring it. As a reminder, separator plates should always be used with cake boards, and cake should never be cut directly on the plate. Plastic, while very durable, will wear over time. Plates should always be inspected before they are used to check for signs of wear. Hope this helps.

  63. Dianne Pape says:

    I could use some help with a cake I’m trying to make for a baby shower. I used the Wilton Lemon Cake recipe and baked it in a 12″ round pan at 350 for 35 minutes. I did use the heat core that is recommended for even heat distribution in this larger pan and the cake tester came out without any trace of unbaked batter.

    The flavor is terrific but the cake layers are moist and really dense – almost like a pound cake. I was anticipating a lighter texture.

    Since I live in Denver, I’m wondering if I need to make some altitude adjustment – if so, what would that be? Or is this recipe intended to be a bit more dense?

  64. Vannessa Ledbetter says:

    I would like to submit a product idea that uses 100% wilton products. What is the proper proceedure for this?

    • Eric says:

      Our product submission policy is listed under ‘terms and conditions’ within in this site under the heading ‘submissions.’ It really is an easy process; however, please make sure you read this prior to sending product ideas into Wilton.

  65. lorena says:


  66. Tina says:

    I am looking for a diabetic cake and icing rec. the sugar free box mix available at my local grocery store left a bad memory. the cake had no flavor, and the icing,( after about 1 hour ) turned into rubber. not so good for a 2 yr. old birthday party. any suggestions, or ideas.

  67. Hello, after reading this amazing piece
    of writing i am as well glad to share my knowledge here
    with colleagues.

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