What? You Don’t Decorate?

June 1st, 2012 by Gretchen Homan

Okay … it’s confession time. Despite the fact that I’ve been baking since I was a little kid, and I’ve been developing baked good recipes my entire career AND I’ve worked in the Wilton test kitchen for over 9 years, I’m not really a cake decorator.

Sure, I’ve decorated numerous pans in the test kitchen to determine icing amounts that we list on the pan label instructions. I’ve also come up with some great decorating design ideas for public relations projects, for our Bake, Decorate, Celebrate! television show and for bakeware label recipes (none of which I personally decorate). Through the years I’ve also made birthday cakes for my sons using great Wilton shaped baking pans.

Big Bird Cake

I’ve made Big Bird, cowboy, pirate, circus carousel and many other themed cakes. In fact, I went into labor with my youngest son decorating a Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtleTM cake for my oldest’s 4th birthday (we postponed the party and threw the decorated cake in the freezer for 4 weeks).

Why don’t I go all out at home to decorate cakes? Basically, I’m lazy. I’ve never really had all my decorating tools and supplies in one spot – spatulas in the kitchen drawers, icing colors in an old shoebox in my basement pantry, tools in a classic Wilton caddy in another basement closet, turntable on a shelf in the back basement. So, the thought of gathering everything to decorate a cake is overwhelming, and that usually means nothing will get done.

All that has changed! I’m now the proud owner of the new Wilton Decorator Preferred Decorating Caddy. This great update to the classic caddy features versatile storage options with many compartments and divisions for icing colors, couplers, tips, brushes and more – all in one place! The removable lid stacks underneath while you’re decorating, maximizing the counter space where I do all my decorating.

Since I’ve re-organized all my supplies, I’ve made this “Congratulations” cake in honor of Mark finding a full-time job after graduation.

Congratulations Cake

And these balloon cupcakes to celebrate Tim getting an engineering internship. Balloon Cupcakes

Next on the agenda is Jonathan’s birthday celebration. He’s not a huge cake lover, but these Cone Cake Treats should please.

Cone Cake Treats

As you can see, I still chose projects with simple decorations – I’m lazy, remember! But all were doable after a long day at the office.

And on that note, I’ve also invested in Wilton’s new Dishwasher Tip Tray. It holds 10 decorating tips in place for convenient cleaning in the dishwasher. Water and detergent easily flow through the tips for thorough cleaning and drying. That makes cleanup a breeze!

Gretchen Homan Gretchen Homan, Test Kitchen Director at Wilton, has been with the company almost 7 years. She is a home economist who has worked in test kitchens and for PR firms representing food clients since graduating from college, but her baking roots run much deeper. Her earliest recollections are regular Schneckenudel (cinnamon bun), cookie and kuchen baking sessions with her Oma (grandmother) who lived with the family while she was growing up. Now that her two youngest sons are off to college, the fruits of her baking sessions need to be mail-able!

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  1. Cindy5 says:

    I have a question and can’t find a correct place to post. Hoping an answer is here.
    I am getting ready to decorate cupcakes and want to do a ‘rope’ like frosting – what’s the difference between deco tip 1a and 2a. Is one bigger?

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